January 15, 2004
matrix music news

'Matrix' suite soon available for concert programmes:

Don Davis and his orchestrator Erik Lundborg are currently working on a concert suite based on the three critically acclaimed scores for the Matrix films. The suite will be approximately twenty minutes and in three movements using material from each and one of the films: The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. The suite is being re-orchestrated for a standard orchestra, which means that the brass section will be different from the original scores, the percussion will be reduced a bit, and there will only be one piano.

The first movement of the suite, featuring music from the first film, will be performed in concert by the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra in Sweden in three film music concerts from 18th-20th March 2004. More information about this event when the complete programme is ready.

red pill | from inside the mind of krix at January 15, 2004 03:59 PM .

Cool News! Cheers!

Posted by: Keanuette on January 15, 2004 04:23 PM

I have been dreaming of this, but had no idea it was possible! I absolutely adore Don Davis' Matrix music (all 3 films) and have been listening to it daily (I'm not kidding, I jog to it) since May. I have yet to grow tired of it.

I wonder if he'll include a choral part!!! wowsa!

This is such wonderful news!!! *ok, I'll calm down now*

Posted by: bakednudel on January 15, 2004 05:44 PM

OOOOH! I hope the music goes on sale...I really wanna learn the violin parts (it'd be even more awesome to play in an orchestra playing it)...
I at least wanna hear it once done though.. that'll be AWESOME...

(I love the scores for the films and listen to them frequently as well:D)

Posted by: stacey717 on January 15, 2004 06:47 PM

...and I'll be getting me the piano sheet music, if it's ever gonna go on sale! Any chance of putting together a cyberKeanuvision Symphony Orchestra?

Posted by: Niobe on January 16, 2004 01:22 AM

Count me in for the chorus! I think I already know those Upanishads words...

Posted by: bakednudel on January 16, 2004 02:47 AM

Ohmygosh! If you guys do a CD, I'm buying! :D

Posted by: Zen on January 16, 2004 04:59 AM
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