December 08, 2002
Oh CRAP! What Time is it in Rio de Janeiro?

Happy Birthday!

I KNEW there was something I was forgetting to do today....

Go wish Fair Beatrice *mwuah!* a happy birthday! There's still time!

And while you're there, read her blog. She has the most fascinating life of anyone I know, and she writes about it so charmingly. I swear they'll make a movie of it someday.

They'd just better not cast Keanu as Victor.
I'm not fond of this Victor character *wink*.

tribe | from inside the mind of krix at December 08, 2002 05:14 PM .

I was very surprised when I had seen KEANU's photo of today on your homepage because letters was being written on his stomach, "Happy Birthday". I think that you probably edited this photo and wrote these letters but I was really surprised at this. The reason that I was surprised is that Dec. 8 was also my birthday. What a coincedence!! Anyway, I was very happy when I saw it. Thank you for a nice photo!!

I hope that you can understand my poor English.

Posted by: Naomi on December 9, 2002 06:04 AM

Your english is fine Naomi :) It's surely better than my japanese.
Hope you had a happy birthday and I'm glad to make you smile!

Posted by: krix on December 9, 2002 09:23 AM

Hey krix, could you post a link of that pic of keanu sans the writing?? i'd really appreciate it so i could add it to my collection.

Posted by: Neo's Kitty on December 9, 2002 11:41 AM

krix, i got your card today. Thank you! sending mine al out this week. love that pick and agree, we need it with the writing. =)

Posted by: kat on December 9, 2002 12:38 PM

The original can be found at Chris Buck's site. in the specials section

Or here's a direct link

Mr. Buck is an amazing photographer. This is one of my favorite pictures of Keanu.

Posted by: krix on December 9, 2002 12:54 PM

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

You made my day, certainly! And thank Keanu, too! What a piece of art!!!


My name on Keanu's belly.... *sigh*....

Posted by: Bea on December 9, 2002 01:14 PM

Oh, and, by the way, Rio is + five hours.

Posted by: Bea on December 9, 2002 01:14 PM

Bea! Check your email!

Posted by: krix on December 9, 2002 01:16 PM

Gosh, but Keanu has big hands.

Posted by: Kelly on December 9, 2002 03:32 PM

Happy birthday Bea!

Posted by: Keanuette on December 10, 2002 11:21 AM
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