May 22, 2004

H!A!P!P!Y!  B!I!R!T!H!D!A!Y! If you're Julie! CLICK HERE!

If ever someone was a ray of sunshine on this weird and wonderful world wide web, it's Julie!.
From her overwhelming kindness to her zany hilarilty she's an extraordinary girl(she's really cute as well *wink*) and even though we've never met face to face, I'm so very lucky to call her my good friend.

Happy Birthday Julie!, I hope the day is as special and wonderful as you deserve.

tribe | from inside the mind of krix at May 22, 2004 12:00 AM .

Happy Birthday Julie!

from me (and Germany), too! Have a wonderful day, have a great party and may all your wishes come true, stay healthy and young and beautifull and enjoy this new year in your life!

With love...

Posted by: creezy on May 21, 2004 11:09 PM

LOL @ the Wee Neos wishing Julie! a Happy Birthday! That is the bestest.

Happy 30th Birthday Julie!

Posted by: sta-cie on May 21, 2004 11:24 PM

Hartelijk gefeliciteerd, Julie! and many Happy Returns!!!

Posted by: Niobe on May 22, 2004 12:07 AM

Happy Birthday, Julie. :)

Posted by: skits on May 22, 2004 02:55 AM

Is she up yet? Has she seen it? Has she, has she, has she? Does she like it? She doesn’t have to like it.
But does she? *anxious smile*

*paces, bites nails*
*pounds head with palm*

I'm so stupid! In all the excitement and running around, I forgot to put my own birthday message on the new site. Stupid, stupid, STUPID!!!! I was so concerned that everyone else be on time, I forgot about me!

In keeping with the "better late than never" motto, here it is:

Dear Julie!,
Happy birthday my wonderful, wonderful friend and future blog-mate. You truly are the bestest, cutest, funnest, smartest, coolest, rawkingest *?*, fabulousest, magnificentest, terrificest babe of all. :-D

I really LOVE you sweetie *heart* and I wish you all of the best and then more of it and with maple syrup on top.
Hope your day truly is an EXCELLENT Julie! day.


P.S. I’m posting this everywhere!

Posted by: Zen on May 22, 2004 03:36 AM

Just want to say happy birthday to Julie again!!! Hope you have a great day girl. :)

Posted by: Kat on May 22, 2004 05:39 AM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! man my computer got messed upabout 4 days ago otherwise I would've madeyou a SWEEEEET DR. MERCER wall which is what I had planned!OH WELL happy birthday and hope you run into Keanu today!;) NOW make sure to send him our way afterwards! ;0) LOL


Posted by: neosjourney/Alba on May 22, 2004 05:42 AM

I got your message too late to put it up, but I sent it to Julie! via email so she'll get it for sure.
Sorry about that.
Thanks for sending it in. :)

Posted by: Zen on May 22, 2004 05:55 AM

Wow...I thought Wee Neo was an only child..! Love this pic, though!

Happy Birthday Again Julie!!!!! we luv ya!!

Posted by: Nudel on May 22, 2004 06:28 AM

Happy birthday! Hope you like the dinner I--er Keanu--planned for you...

Posted by: Tabitha on May 22, 2004 06:49 AM

HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY JULIE! As you celebrate your wonderful day, I am celebrating 8 blissful years with my fiancee.. on this wonderful day as well..

You RAWK!!

hugs and God bless your friend

Posted by: Janice on May 22, 2004 07:43 AM

happy birthday to Julie!

Posted by: wanda on May 22, 2004 08:00 AM

Happy Birthday!!!

Blow out the candle and make a good wish!!

Eat extra cake for me!! Your the Bestest!!!!


Posted by: jeannie kingsbury on May 22, 2004 08:01 AM

LOL@Zen! You're such a sweetheart!

*squeals with excitement* Julie! "Embrace the Madness" girl, go ahead and embrace it! What help do you need from me? hehe

Julie! when I think of you and the fact it's your birthday, I:

*bounce, bounce, bounce*

...but, I'll just send an, a little later as I have to go to work...insted LOL!

Posted by: shelz on May 22, 2004 09:08 AM

Oh, and nice with the WeeNeos...they're so cute!

Posted by: shelz on May 22, 2004 09:11 AM


Have a wonderful day and many happy returns.

Luv Jen xox

Posted by: Keanuette on May 22, 2004 09:14 AM

Happy birthday Julie!!! Have an amazing day!!! *hugz & Smooches*

Posted by: Catz on May 22, 2004 10:55 AM

Hi Julie!

Van Harte Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!
Hoop dat je een geweldige dag hebt (gehad)


Posted by: saskia on May 22, 2004 11:50 AM



I don't know what to say!!!! :-D

You guys are SO fecking sweet!!!

OH! That was better then an orgasm, LOL!

Thank you so, so much :-) That made me happier then chocolate :-)

I'm all emotional now!

I have to go out now (movie starts at ten) but I'm going to come back when I'm all drunk and then re-read, while sobbing to myself about how lucky I am to know all you guys :-)

I might start singing drunken tunes, too, so beware ;-)

Thank you all of you, and especially *my* Zenny! Woo-hooooooo! :-D
I'm so happy!!!!

And my sis Annabelle says 'hi! at the Neo's' :-D


Posted by: Julie! on May 22, 2004 12:04 PM

Hee Julie!...!!!

Nogmaals gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag. Nog bijna drie uur om feest te vieren en heel erg jarig te zijn, dus nog veel plezier! ;-)
En nu ga ik... een fles wijn openmaken en drinken op je gezondheid! Cheers! Enne... Hieperdepiep Hoera!!!

Posted by: Maddi on May 22, 2004 12:24 PM


Posted by: vika on May 22, 2004 02:23 PM

Happy birthday, Julie! May your birthday wishes (whatever they may be) come true. :D

Posted by: Jonna on May 22, 2004 02:51 PM

*Julie blows out candles and makes a wish*
"I wish I could have Keanu..."

May all your dreams come true!;-)

Posted by: shelz on May 22, 2004 03:35 PM

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you dear Julie. Happy Birthday to you. Hip Hooray, Hip horay, Hip Hooray. Have a wonderful 30th Birthday, May the sun shine down on you, may all of your dearest wishes come true. With luv xxxxx

Posted by: rhyanhan on May 22, 2004 03:58 PM

Happy B-day, Julie...

Posted by: Rogan on May 23, 2004 03:00 AM

Aw Rogan, that sounded so sad for some reason! ;-) *hugs* *smooch* :-)

OK, I'm going to post this here, because it's the 'common hanging ground', and ehm.... Apperently *our* site doesn't have a comment-section yet, LOL! -Note to Zen: we must fix that soon ;-)

Yesterday I only had 45 minutes/an hour to check everything in between b-day dinner & the movie, but I just re-read everything 'in rest', and I'm SO happy inside! I feel like a huge pink blob of cotton candy (with a hang-over) or something!

I really, really want to thank everyone who helped at this, not just Zen & Krix and the people who posted it on blogs, made walls, everything, but everyone who wrote all these sweet, funny, kind, loving messages for me as well :-)
Gawd! I wish I could just surgically remove my lips or something, and then send them around the world, to give EACH and every one of you a huge big kiss! :-D
-And yes, I KNOW that this would be creepy if I would actually do that ;-)

Really, that meant the world to me :-) I'm SO glad to know you all :-)

And now I'm all sorts of nervous about what we are going to have to come up with the next time someone of the KBP has a b-day, LOL! Talk about pressure :-) Hm, maybe we should just make a deal to take it easy from now on, otherwise we'll all be stuck in an endless loop of 'giving bigger b-day wishes all the time', LOL! I really don't see how this can be topped, it's just the best prezzie EVER :-)

Oh & Krix, I totally noticed the little tattoo! :-D Bwahahahahaha! Brilliant 'finishing touch'! :-D


Posted by: Julie! on May 23, 2004 03:07 PM

Na...I don't think you can top that one Julie ;-)

...and the lips thing? Yeah...creepy, but cute LOL!

Posted by: shelz on May 23, 2004 07:50 PM

Happy (belated) Birthday, Julie!! I hope it was a good time. What drunken tunes did you sing? Wish we could have heard them.

Posted by: Tawny on May 24, 2004 05:56 AM

It's my birthday too!! Jenn

Posted by: Jenn on May 24, 2004 09:53 AM

Oh! I keep on going back to look at the Zenny/Julie! dollies, LOL!

Thanx Tawny! :-) I don't remember the songs, LOL! I sung all sorts of un-understandable mumblings to myself just before I went to sleep, just happy hummings of the 'la-la-laaaaaa' kind ;-)
And I THINK me and C. sung in the rain in the middle of the night, too, at some point, when she walked (dragged) me home, because all of a sudden I didn't like the confinement of a cab, but I'm not sure about that one either, LOL!
It's all a bit hazy :-)

Hm, now that I think about it, she must hate me for letting her walk in the rain like that, because of my sudden cab-hatred, LOL!
I must call her and tell her that I love her for that asap! :-)

Happy birthday to you too, Jenn! *smooch*

Posted by: Julie! on May 24, 2004 06:07 PM

oh, julie! i felt that kiss, believe me. it made me warmth near the heart.
And donīt be afraid off endless bigger whishies, iīm sure they are made just for special guys. \m/

Posted by: vika on May 25, 2004 05:14 AM
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