September 27, 2004
it's monday


the site | from inside the mind of krix at September 27, 2004 10:30 AM .

yeah. that pretty much sums it up.

Posted by: Tyler on September 27, 2004 12:05 PM


Posted by: Chianti on September 27, 2004 12:32 PM

hiccup! yup.

Posted by: wanda on September 27, 2004 12:49 PM

DITTO! OH KRIX You made your mark I am soooooooo happy!!!!! That Keanuvision will rock on for us throughout the year to come!! Very very cool..

Rock on my friend..

hugs and God bless

Posted by: Janice on September 27, 2004 02:00 PM


thanks, krix!

Posted by: Nudel on September 27, 2004 02:46 PM

hey krix! wassup!?

although today is indeed monday, i have phathomed up an awesome plan of groovy proportions. Now if i may propose to ask: can you all give me some advice on whether or not my plan is capable of fruition.

I am currently in college in Tennessee. I came up with this idea that PERHAPS Becky could come perform here. I'm already a member of the Student Activities Council, which organizes entertainment events. So, it's only a matter of small initiatives.

So how do yo think my efforts will be received?

Thanks a heap ladies and stay groovy!!

P.S. i hope Krix won't be angry w/ men for posting this, but if you are, I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE!

Posted by: renee452 on September 27, 2004 04:28 PM

I'm angry w/ men for all kinds of reasons, but your comment isn't one of them.

Since there really isn't a topic for this entry, I'll let off-topic-ness slide.

I think that if becky tours once they get a CD out that they might be open to playing a date like you're looking for. I know Dogstar played some college venues on the Happy Ending tour.

But, without a disc to promote and a label (even a small one) to finance and organize a tour, I don't know how easy it would be to get them out of LA. But, who could happen. You might try and get in touch with the Ridgefest people to see how they booked them.

Posted by: krix on September 27, 2004 04:47 PM

Hey rene452 perhaps you should email their site. It has an email address for comments and inquires....perhaps they will atleast respond with a yes or no. That may cut through all the red tape bs who knows. Just a thought good luck.

I would love to see him (I mean them) anywhere!

Posted by: chabella on September 27, 2004 04:53 PM

thanks ladies!

i really appreciate your advice. i may go ahead and take the initiative and contact them now to avoid and schedule complications.

thanks again!!

Posted by: renee452 on September 27, 2004 06:42 PM

Renee452 - where are you going to college? I have already emailed the offices of Riverbend in Chattanooga and told them that they NEED Becky to perform! :-)

Posted by: LoveTheLefty on September 27, 2004 08:25 PM

thank God itīs Monday...I think otherwise we would have gone on forever and a day about how he was looking sexy and ravishing in every thinkable or maybe even for some non-thinkable condition....*smiles*
Thank you krix for telling me about CD and POTK*:-)*

Posted by: susan on September 28, 2004 06:13 AM

but now that it's tuesday we can wax on and on about how he is soooo ...he is totally hot!
Grace is poured upon his lips...
is he tempest in a teacup...?
time for high tea!!!
a tower of lapislazuli
on a newly paved hi-way...her fingers couldn't resist the brushing by his lips as well..

Posted by: wanda on September 28, 2004 03:03 PM

Shux, I'm a day late for Monday but I'm certain this gorgeous pic is good for everyday of the week.

Posted by: audy on September 28, 2004 05:32 PM

hey LovetheLefty:
Im at UTM which is only a hop and skip from Murray State where Dogstar did a show a while ago so...its not too far fetched, huh?

Posted by: renee452 on September 29, 2004 08:32 PM
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