July 22, 2002
It's a little owl, and its eyes wiggle!

Winston is the pookiest!

Once I fleshed out my collection of Keanu flicks and started tracking down some of the earlier ones, I was not prepared for the squealfest that was induced by Winston in The Night Before.

The dancing alone was enough to make me revert to hopping up and down on the bed, and his giggle when he's talking about the magnet?
The cockles of my heart doth boil over.

He made me wish I'd went to my senior prom (instead of taking mushrooms and going to the drive-in, always the freak rebel....).
Of course, the boys as cute and charming as Winston didn't exist at Bonanza High. Or, if they did, they weren't falling over themselves to date the weird tall girl with glasses and two-toned hair.

So, have you seen this movie? Did you love it?
Go discuss over at the Backlot.

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