November 25, 2003
Constantinian foreplay

Constantine News from SciFi Wire via Club-Keanu:

Reeves Offers Constantine Hints

Keanu Reeves—who stars in Constantine, based on the DC/Vertigo comic series Hellblazer—told SCI FI Wire that his character is conflicted about his God-given mission on Earth. Constantine is entering its seventh week of principal photography in Los Angeles under director Francis Lawrence.

Reeves' character, supernatural detective John Constantine, is "a guy who's angry and ambivalent," Reeves said. "There's a line in it: 'God has a plan for all of us. Some people like it, and some people don't.' That's kind of my Constantinian take on it. Some people like it. John Constantine doesn't like it, but he likes it." ["huh?" -krix]

Reeves acknowledged that the character and the story are dark, but not so dark as to preclude delivering a piece of commercial entertainment. "Well, we're hoping to make a PG-13 film," he said. "I'm playing a character who is damned, and he's trying to escape hell. He goes to Gabriel [Tilda Swinton] and says, 'Come on, I'm taking demons out of little girls. Who's that for?' Gabriel says, 'Well, you don't believe.' I go, 'I believe, for Christ's sake!' He says, 'No, you don't. You know you don't have faith.' After that [encounter with Gabriel], you see my character with scratches on his back, and he's drinking some whiskey, and he's just made love with a demon. So we're trying to deliver a PG-13 film. My feet are on the floor by the bed, and she's under the covers." Warner Brothers will release Constantine, which also stars Rachel Weisz and Shia LeBeouf, in 2004.

A whole 'nuther kind of demon ride, eh? Rwowwrrr....

And via the Straight to Hell forums, Comics Continuum reports...

DC Comics will be publishing adaptations of the upcoming Catwoman and Constantine films from Warner Bros., DC's Dan DiDio told The Continuum.

"It would seem kind of silly not to," said DiDio, DC's VP -- publishing, at Wizard World Texas on Sunday.

DiDio said the creative teams and formats have not been finalized yet. It's possible that instead of simply a film-to-comic translation, the books will contain features and other materials, similar to DC's ongoing Smallville comic.

DC has comics based on all three of its current television shows, Smallville on The WB, Justice League on Cartoon Network and Teen Titans on Cartoon Network and Kids' WB!.

Neither Catwoman nor Constantine has a release date yet. Both films are currently in production and will likely be summer releases. DiDio said the adaptations would come out just before the movies.

As always, John and Ade are the voices of reason.

Also, AleXXei shares this:

Lauren Shuler Donner talks (Yahoo News)

(...) " Fans also have been vocal about "Constantine," whose comicbook premise of a chain-smoking, hard-drinking con artist and occultist with real magical knowledge is about as far removed from superheroes as you can get. Aficionados' foremost concern is the recasting of the comics' very English John Constantine as an American."

But Shuler Donner, who believes fans will be happy with Reeves, says the character's bad attitude and irreverence has survived intact. "It's extremely close in spirit. John Constantine is a really unique character because he walks the line between good and bad, between hell and heaven. He doesn't care if he's liked."

constantine | from inside the mind of krix at November 25, 2003 10:57 AM .

Aw.... That wasn't such a *bad* uproar!
I found the comment of 'the guy who had been snubbed by a girl' because she didn't want to see his "batman"-collection oddly touching :-)

*huh?* :-D

Hahaha, I think he meant that he likes the fact that he doesn't like it. As in: Constantine is fond of the 'I don't like it' aspect in his own character. He likes being a rebel.
Either way, it wahs! ;-D

Posted by: Julie! on November 25, 2003 11:35 AM

Shuler Donner is very clever! Real KFans will of course be "happy with Reeves" but what about those people like me who've been Hellblazer fans for a long time in addition to being a KFan? I know KR can easily pull of chain-smoking, hard-drinking and a lot more ;-), but what about the story? Why didn't WB make a clean break and use a different name for the character...? Oh well, this won't be the end of it, I'm sure, especially not with the upcoming comic-based on a movie-based on a comic-stuff!

Posted by: Niobe on November 25, 2003 12:46 PM

There is a forum for those of us going straight to Hell? Is there an archive? Maps to the homes of Dead and Damned actresses? I think I'm only qualified to date the Damned, but I'd like to date a Damned Damsel who sparkles a bit and can get a good table at Spago on Oscar night so that we can shoot spit balls at Dennis Hopper.

Posted by: V. on November 25, 2003 01:15 PM
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