February 09, 2002
Shave Hoopty

Here's the deal:

I want to help you shave hoopty!

Hoopty is letting his hair grow until BlogCon 2002, which is going to be here in Las Vegas this August.
He's going to let some lucky person shave him for charity (yeah, some of you KNOW I'm all up in this...hee!)
Click that banner for all the details.
Anyway, here's what I've decided to do:
There have been some price changes at the keanuvision online store. Everything has gone up by 50 cents (technically 51, but whatever) EXCEPT the hooded sweatshirt and the ash gray t-shirt, they have actually gone down.(because...well, no one was buying them....) And from now until August, for every single item bought at the keanuvision store, I'm going to give a dollar to Hoopty's cause, which is a charity that helps kids with cancer get through chemotherapy treatments. If I get really drunk, I'll give up my hair, too........maybe......it's for the kids and all.

So that's a great idea, right? I'm sure you all don't mind throwing down an extra fifty cents to help these kids and to give me have a shot at fufilling my fantasy of shaving a strange man in public??
I didn't think so, but just in case...it gets better.
Anyone that buys anything after Valentine' day* and sends me a picture of them in their keanuvision shirt, drinking out of their mug or using their mousepad gets a FREE COPY OF QUATTRO FORMAGGI**

Plus some Bill and Ted's trading cards. Quite the bonus, eh? DAMN SKIPPY!

It's a win win win win situation. For You- For the kids- For me, if I get to shear the boy- for him, likewise....heh heh...EVERYONE

So think about it.
And if you don't want anything from the store, you can always go to ShaveHoopty.net and just make a donation.
Feel the love? I thought so.

Rock on.

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