July 18, 2002
it wahs

I had no idea what to title this...

Here's an old article I found in my bookmarks.
An enjoyable read. I like this part...

(referring to working with William Hurt)
"He's a real serious, tense guy, you know? So I went up to him, asked him, 'Hey, Bill, what kind of movie do you think we're in?' And he said, 'Well, Keanu, if your name is Marlon and my name is Harlan, I guess we're in a comedy."


I also have to mention this article, originally noted by zel at keanublog.
With a tagline like

Keanu Reeves's band, Dogstar, isn't very good--but since he's in it, who cares?

...I immediately went to the -"Dear Mizz Dunlap. Forgive me for not wasting the time to make the obvious joke about your name and allow me to simply say 'fuck off and die'"- place.
And yet, I read further.
It's so refreshing to have a music columnist acting all fangirly and focusing on the the movie star bass player....not. Of course, in the reading, I can't believe that she begins by saying how she's an admirer.
I'd hate to see how she portrays someone that doesn't make her all creamy.
God, some people just don't get it, do they? No wonder he hates interviews.

[Keanu speaking:]"...And Bret's wah-wah pedal is just a nightmare. It works, it doesn't work, it works, it doesn't work." Suddenly, he segues into a display of poetic gibberish that only his nonexistent twin might understand: "It wah. It just wah-wahs. It wahs, we wah over the wah that we wah." Then, as if some Ritalin had just taken effect, he's back to normal. "But those have been good tests--kind of fun, kind of wacky. We've had some really great shows and met a lot of great people. We're halfway through the tour, and all systems are go."

Every time I read that I can't help but smile.
I understood it.
It's whimsy, idiot. Can't imagine that he might be amusing himself in answering the groundbreaking question, "How's the tour going?" for probably the 23rd time that week. You're lucky you didn't get a buttload of "yes" "no" and "fine" responses.
And as much as I hate the phrase "don't get me started", Don't EVEN get me started on her digs on Bret and Robert, or I'm going to have to lock myself in my office bathroom and scream.
I don't want to go back in there today, it smells pidgeony.

I see that this was her second to last article written for Westword.
Perhaps she was fired before the Bacon Brothers came to town so she didn't embarass herself further.

Geez, I'm all riled up now.
I'd better go read this article.
It always makes me feel better.

media spot | from inside the mind of krix at July 18, 2002 03:07 PM .

Krix, that's the fun of it...
We "Get" it. We totally get his "Twin Gibberish". He's simply miles ahead on the I.Q. chart than this twit. Cause you know dahling, it's just wah, wahs.

Posted by: Rhonda on July 18, 2002 04:24 PM

You wah correct, my wah.

Posted by: krix on July 18, 2002 04:29 PM

Oh. My. GOD! I'd never read that lovely article you mentioned at the end. It's perfection -- I just want to email it out to every one of my so-called friends who've had terrible things to say about that wacky wah-wah of a guy. Reeves is indeed the red pill!

Posted by: Lori on July 18, 2002 04:34 PM

The Salon article is great, huh? It's one of my faves.
I recommend copying it into a document and saving it, I hear Salon is on it's way to being iffy.

Posted by: krix on July 18, 2002 04:49 PM

Good plan; I saved it. Now I can send it out as an attachment to all those so-called friends I mentioned earlier!

Posted by: Lori on July 18, 2002 08:39 PM

I've had the rare opportunity to hear his 'gibberish' up close, and it actually quite endearing. And when he's excited about something, there's no stopping him!

Posted by: anne on July 19, 2002 05:02 AM

I totally get Keanu and I love the way he messes with interviewers heads. He's such a TOP dude...

Posted by: Keanuette on July 19, 2002 10:10 AM

just makin' a coupla changes to my links...sorry...

Posted by: Keanuette on July 19, 2002 10:11 AM

Oh yeah, The Bacon Brothers Rock!!

Posted by: Keanuette on July 19, 2002 10:22 AM

Media also has a lot of straight news, so picking a favorite was hard. I think what I like best about this post was the series of "it wahs" in-jokes that followed for the next few days.

Posted by: krix on December 30, 2002 11:02 PM


Good to re-read that again.

wah wah!

Posted by: Keanuette on January 1, 2003 05:35 AM
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