June 03, 2002
Sightseeing in The Matrix

deja Vu!

"Smilin' Jack Ruby" over at CHUD.com got to go down to Sydney, hang out with Garth from Dark Horizons and visit the set of Reloaded/Revolutions.

The rat bastard, he isn't spilling anything about the new movies.

He did do something I would do, however. He visited locations around town that we saw in The Matrix and took pictures.
The bridge where the "bug extraction" was set under, the fountain in the agent training/woman in the red dress scene....
He even got to climb the "Deja Vu" staircase! Augh! Some people have all the fun.
Oh well, I get free beer and lemur love, so I really can't bitch.

Anyway, Go check out his report and the pictures over at CHUD.

Check out the part about the inside joke about Columbia's screening room at the bottom.

red pill | from inside the mind of krix at June 03, 2002 12:17 PM .
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