June 07, 2002
Music Biz

So, I called Roi yesterday to see if he'd heard about Dee Dee yet. He hadn't. After exchanging "well, that sucks" and similar pleasantries, he tells me he went into the studio without me! Not that I would have been anything other than a spectator, still...I would've liked to have been there.
Anyway, the plan is to flesh out about 9 tracks (I have no idea which ones).
Then I'm going to look at getting him on MP3.com or something. I know that's not the only game in town, I'll have to do some research.

There's an interesting article about the music business and the internet here (via boingboing.net).
The music business is changing. In a good way for everyday cats that would just like to be heard. For the corporate fat cats?....not so much.
I think it's great that music can be shared so easily these days. I'm not talking about downloading music so you don't have to buy it, I'm talking about the fact that it's so easy for musicians that would never get a record contract, being able to inexpensively produce their own work and share it with a wider audience. Computers have made home studios a reality. The finished products are quality, too. Not like setting up a couple mics and a boom box in the garage and making a "demo tape" (although that's fun), but with the right person behind the boards you can get a sound as finished as anything you can pick up at the local Tower store.
Roi's a great songwriter. And he's spent all the years I've known him without the ambition to try and do something with it, because really, it just wasn't possible. Studio time was/is expensive. Luckily, a friend in our circle, Dave Z. (whom I have known since the first grade) has built a home studio and is doing this for Roi.

It's all very exciting. Maybe it'll be done by the 20th and I can slip a copy to Bret. Roi would work as a very cheap opening act. Guaranteed.

off topic | from inside the mind of krix at June 07, 2002 12:07 PM .

Sounds like alot of fun Krix. Go for it!

Posted by: Rhonda on June 7, 2002 01:24 PM

Hey, slip a copy to me while yer at it!

Posted by: Lori on June 7, 2002 02:05 PM
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