September 15, 2003
international superstar

Thanks kaz for this article from the Sydney Telegraph and for another clipping that was this article about the Sydney premiere of Revolutions.

Looks like you Aussies can expect some Reeves in your future again. Which is good, I was suprised to hear that with all the Reloaded premieres they went to last May that Sydney was passed over after spending so much time there.

Meanwhile on the other side of the globe...

MONZA, Italy (AP) -- Dennis Hopper was on a bike again, though the scene was far tamer than during his "Easy Rider" movie days from the 1960s.
Still, the actor and his latest biker gang drew a crowd when they arrived in Monza for the Italian Grand Prix.

Hopper and a cast of fellow movie stars -- including Keanu Reeves, Lawrence Fishburne and Jeremy Irons -- biked from Germany to Monza courtesy of the BMW-Williams team.

The motorcycles they used were, naturally, BMWs.

Although word is the Keanu didn't make it , due to Constantine scheduling. Here's a German article with a picture of Laurence and Gina, though (thanks Anja!).

Too bad for Keanu if he didn't make it. I got to ride up the coast from Santa Cruz to the Cow Palace in San Francisco on the back of a BMW once. They're nice. The seat was heated if I recall.

I know I have a bunch of catching up to do this morning....more later after I've had some coffee and motrin.

media spot | from inside the mind of krix at September 15, 2003 08:41 AM .

I wondered whether he went or not...thanks!

Posted by: Jen on September 15, 2003 10:30 AM

It almost makes me want to fly over to Sydney for the Premiere - I'll watch the Cup on TV like the rest of the Plebs!
It will be nice to have him back in Oz - even if it's only a flying visit.

Posted by: Sue on September 15, 2003 11:49 PM
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