August 11, 2003
official whatsis for 'Something's Gotta Give'


December 12
Romantic Comedy

Academy AwardŽ winners Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton and Frances McDormand star with Keanu Reeves and Amanda Peet in a sophisticated romantic comedy from writer/director Nancy Meyers (What Women Want, The Parent Trap), which proves that in matters of the heart, you can expect the unexpected.

Harry Sanborn (Jack Nicholson) is a perennial playboy with a libido much younger than his years. During what was to have been a romantic weekend with his latest infatuation, Marin (Amanda Peet), at her mother's Hamptons beach house, Harry develops chest pains. He winds up being nursed by Marin's reluctant mother, Erica Barry (Diane Keaton) -- a successful, divorced New York playwright. In the process, Harry develops more heart pangs -- the romantic kind -- for Erica, an age appropriate woman whom he finds beguiling.

However, some habits die hard. When Harry hesitates, his charming thirty-something doctor (Keanu Reeves) steps in and starts to pursue Erica. And Harry, who has always had the world on a string, finds his life unraveling.

Written, Produced and Directed By
Nancy Meyers

Produced by
Bruce A. Block

Director of Photography
Michael Ballhaus, ASC

Jack Nicholson
Diane Keaton
Keanu Reeves
Frances McDormand
Amanda Peet
Jon Favreau

Hopefully we'll have an official site link soon.

cinema | from inside the mind of krix at August 11, 2003 08:58 PM .

I know, it's pretty much what we already know...

Posted by: krix on August 11, 2003 09:13 PM

...really looking forward to "meeting" the charming thirty-something doctor tho in our part of the world, we'll have to wait til the end of Jan, 2004, too bad...

Posted by: Niobe on August 12, 2003 04:42 AM

Hmm, I wonder who gets the girl in the end ?

Posted by: lucia on August 12, 2003 07:08 AM

Intriguing question as to who gets Diane in the end...since Keanu and Jack were both in Paris... my guess is since it's a Nancy Meyer flick Keanu will get her so Meyers will be showing that an older woman can still get a young stud...

On the other hand she may surprise me and make Jack's character "see the light" and let Jack and Diane end up together. I guess we'll find out in December.

Of course since it's Diane really making the choice, IMO it's a no-brainer.

Posted by: Chianti on August 12, 2003 07:21 AM

I predict she'll end up with neither. She plays a successful divorcee - she's not going to take on an aging playboy (especially because he slept with her daughter) and Diane has always seemed to play sensible characters, so I doubt she'd STAY with a younger man. I think that would be quite a stretch for her (based on her previous roles). I do expect to see quite a bit of flirting and wooing from both men. :) Mind you, I know NOTHING ;-) but based on Diane's past history, I can't see her doing anything sexier or flirtier than she's already done.

Posted by: MC at RD on August 12, 2003 09:23 AM

I've been trying to find the 'official site'...

Sony is a bit cheap when it comes to that sort of thing...

Posted by: Keanuette on August 12, 2003 10:13 AM

One story reported that The Doctor and the mother kissed, and Keanu extended it and ended up chasing her through the house... I can hear Diane's screaming now! (remember the lobster scene from Annie Hall?) I hope they keep that part in and it doesn't end up on the cutting room floor. Btw, I'm old. LOL

She had a pretty hot kissing scene and ended up with Sam Shephard in Baby Boom, but they didn't show them getting married or imply that they would - as I recall she chose to stay in the small town and run her own baby food business and told the big conglomerate to shove it.

Posted by: Chianti on August 12, 2003 12:02 PM

I wouldn't be surprised if Diane's character chose the doctor. From what I have read, Nancy Myers' motivation in doing this movie comes from being burned when her ex went for the cute young thing.

She might want to show the opposite.

As far as Keanu improvising the scene, its kind of nice that he felt comfortable enough to do that. He is in with some pretty heavy duty company. Been in the "biz" a long time and all that, but still.....

Krix, it's 111 here, how are you surviving Vegas?

Posted by: Tyler on August 12, 2003 07:41 PM

By laying around naked with the headphones on, thinking about a cool breeze...

Posted by: krix on August 12, 2003 07:48 PM

Gee if I were to do that, I would probably just get even hotter -- and bothered to boot.

Posted by: Tyler on August 12, 2003 08:03 PM
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