January 01, 2002
New Year's Day

I'm alive!
And none worse for wear. Had a nice time last night, the fireworks display was impressive and I still have a fondness for K cider.
I woke up groggily this morning and turned on the computer, hoping it didn't suck.
I still need a new video card or something but I'm getting used to the brightness.
I'll spend half the day today finding good things about the new monitor, convincing myself to keep it.
Lobby and Dojo are homeless now, however. They can't live on my pillow like they did last night can they? That would be weird. Last night was special circumstances. And thankfully, I have the day off, because I don't want ot explain the tiny Keanu face imprinted in my cheek this morning.
Yeah, I have to find a place for them.
In other news~ A Keanu quote made it in to Metroactive's memorable quote's of the year.

"I mean really wonderful. In teaching. Personal epiphanies. About life. About different perspectives--help with different perspectives that you have. You know what I mean? Relationships to nature. Relationships with the self. With other people. With events."

--Actor Keanu Reeves, 36, on the "wonderful experiences" he's had with drugs

A dubious honor, but I thought I'd mention it.

Time for the first caffiene of 2002.....

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