July 10, 2002
Reloaded and Dogstar updates

CNN reports that the release date for Reloaded has been moved up a day.

I'm still waiting on my invite, Warner Bros......

Also, new dates have been given for the Japan Dogstar shows.
Check out this link for info. (in japanese)
(Thanks to Miho for this, she has the dates and info in english on her site)

red pill | from inside the mind of krix at July 10, 2002 02:02 PM .

A day?! argh!

Ok. It's better than hearing that they've moved it BACK, eh? I'll take what I can get. I'm way too excited about this movie. LOL

Posted by: skits on July 10, 2002 02:55 PM

Excited doesn't even begin to describe it.

Posted by: krix on July 10, 2002 04:14 PM

So who do we talk to in order to get The Matrix re-released in February? MAN OH MAN, just think about it, Neo and Trinity on the big screen again! WOO HOOO!!

Posted by: Lori on July 10, 2002 05:01 PM

Dude. That is such a good idea.
Maybe hit the boards at matrixfans, and matrixonline?
There's always the official matrix forum, but man, what a freakshow.

Posted by: krix on July 10, 2002 05:04 PM
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