June 04, 2003
Holding back the facial hair snark is HARD!

Thanks to POTD click for larger image

Keanu hung with Anthrax last week at a concert. Thanks to Margarete and POTD for the news and picture.

I want a cigarette SO BAD.

I'm frantically trying to swing this LA trip. I totally can't afford this, but I really need to get out of town. Time off is secured, it's down to who's going with me and where we will stay. Thank god for bloggers and their couches.


it wahs | from inside the mind of krix at June 04, 2003 11:57 AM .

That bear is just tooooooooo mad...LOL

Re: swinging the trip, you're not the only one, but alas, I feel I am doomed...:(

Posted by: Keanuette on June 4, 2003 12:36 PM

When are you going? I'll be in L.A. the 1-8 of July...

Posted by: The Avocado Couch on June 4, 2003 01:48 PM

This weekend!
Gah! I have socks to buy!

Posted by: krix on June 4, 2003 01:56 PM

I wish a flight ticket from Vienna to L.A. (and some pocketmoney...) would fall from the sky right onto my head so I could take a spontaneous trip to the Becky show(s) this weekend... >_ I hope that at least I`ll be able to read some reviews... (and pics please!!!)

To Krix: Youre just SO KEEEEEWL! Its only a week ago since Ive discovered your page...I love keanuvision and now, the first thing I do when I get home is to check if you posted something new.

Posted by: Sakura on June 4, 2003 03:40 PM

Can I say out loud that I'm not a fan of the 3 day notice gig posting?? I was fine with the Saturday gig (Musicians Institute), no problem, but the Troubadour AND the Viper Room to boot! Crikey!!! My scratch off lottery ticket back up plan isn't quite working the way I want it too (i.e. I haven't won any $$$ yet!!) :( Anyways, enough of my yakking, have a great time Krix!!! :) Are you going to all 3 shows you lucky sod, I mean lucky duck?? ;)

Posted by: Natasha on June 4, 2003 09:08 PM

Hey krix, I live in L.A. and none of my friends want to go see becky perform. Wanna meet up at one of the shows?

Posted by: Tulasi on June 4, 2003 09:39 PM

Oh. I smoke so us meeting for a show probably wouldn't be a good idea. ;-)

Posted by: Tulasi on June 4, 2003 09:53 PM

just damn...wasn't it about this time last year that we were at the Viper for another version of Dogstar splintered? wish i could be there with you, chick!

Posted by: lori on June 4, 2003 09:53 PM

by the way, krix, I love your blog. I came across it when I had to do a couple of articles for a French film magazine about Reloaded and the Newsweek magazine article and this fansites were the only sources of info.

I especially love the Sims stuff. Keep it coming! :-)

Posted by: Tulasi on June 4, 2003 09:59 PM

Sakura, Hee! you're adorable.

Natasha, I know. I'm fortunate to live to close. At least they are bunching them in one weekend for the people that are making trips.

Thank you, Tulasi :) You should go to the shows! There will be a TON of people from the beckyband eGroup. I can't promise to hook up, but keep an eye out for my DOGSTAR license plates.

Posted by: krix on June 5, 2003 08:56 AM

You MUST let me know when you are coming to L.A.!

Posted by: :: jozjozjoz :: on June 5, 2003 11:47 AM
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