July 10, 2002
Going Commando

Norton Commando, that is.

800 x 600
1024 x 768

This one is dedicated to Rhonda, even though she's actually a Harley Girl.

doodles | from inside the mind of krix at July 10, 2002 08:44 AM .

Thanks sweetie, just love it.
You know the Norton is considered to be one of the best made cycles? Its English, and thought of as a classic early bike. The man does recognize class. Course, we knew that.

Posted by: Rhonda on July 10, 2002 09:26 AM

Motorcycle? Oh, there was a MOTORCYCLE in that pic?! Sweet, krix, thanks! The pentultimate dangerboy. **sigh**

Posted by: Lori on July 10, 2002 10:11 AM

I'd love the chance to ride on the back of a Norton again. It doesn't even have to be his.

Posted by: krix on July 10, 2002 04:17 PM

I like 'em, too!

Posted by: Craig on July 10, 2002 09:10 PM

Great Wallpaper...*ouch*

Posted by: Keanuette on July 10, 2002 10:47 PM

Oh dear....I think I'm perspiring...
Great job ;)

Posted by: KK on July 11, 2002 08:20 AM

Hey KK ~ long time...:)

Posted by: Keanuette on July 11, 2002 12:48 PM

*waves* Lurve the wallpaper!

Posted by: Beeb on July 11, 2002 04:28 PM

;) Hey Nettie....always loved this pic. Phew!

Posted by: KK on July 12, 2002 05:40 AM
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