October 12, 2002
Get thee to the DMB-Miho ROCKS!

Miho has posted a short report for the Bangkok show over at the Dogstar Message Board.
Try this link and scroll down.
Traffic is crazy on the board though, so you might have a little trouble getting in but keep trying.
Sounds like a good night.

By the way, here's the schedule for the next 3 shows in Japan-

10/13/02 - 7pm - Osaka, Japan - Osaka On Air
10/14/02 - 7pm - Okayama, Japan - Tivoli Park
10/15/02 - 7pm - Tokyo, Japan - Ebisu Garden Hall

------Edited to add Miho's post since the board seems to be inaccesable to some of you.

"Hi.Thanks for your wishes.

Dog guys arrived at Osaka tonight and Akemi and me came back to Japan. Now 2:15 so till 2:30 I will post my short report in Bangkok.

I said I would not post at all till 20th,but I can not help posting the report here...

From 10th to 12th in Thailand it was so sunny.We don't have rain at all. Bangkok show was supported by many sponsors so it was a biiig event. We arrived at the venue at 2:00 to check inside.It was so big venue and 2 screens were both side.And staffs checked lighting and display manuplating,I think those video was produced by TV Channel V but the shooting was so great.I wonder where to get the Dogstar program by Cannel V.You must see it!!And its sound effective was so great.We enjoyed Dogstar guys music so much.

Akemi and another friend and me made a line from at 3:00 o'clock. Two 19 years old girls already was here.They were so nice and gracious.We can't speak in Thainese but only in English a little,so we talk about ourselves in English. I know many friends in Thailand so I was so glad to see nice girls.(That is another Dogstar show surprise,as you already know!!)After introducing myself,a girl said to me "I think you are in Thai land and I wonder why you don't speak in Thainese".It's great for me.If possible,I would like to be familiar with the people in Thailand.In my right side 2 boys were there.And when I asked them if they like Keanu,one of them said "I love Keanu" and he became bashful and say nothing.I said "Me,too!" as a follow but it did not work(^o^).

It was the show time!
People in Thailnad respect their king very much,so the majesting songs flows before entertainment shows like as movies and concerts to pray kings health and the peace of the kingdom. It was so interesting for me.
And after 2 minutes They appeard.The girls cried "Keeenuuu".And their eyes were focused to our bass player.And they begun playing.

Their song list is here.(I think.)

Slipping Down
Your World
I Confess
A Dream Time
Blown Away
(at encore)Accoustic - Wish you were here.
(at encore) Accoustic - (sorry I don't know what song he played next)
(at encore) America
(at encore) Blessed
(at encore) Denial - (new version,I think)

At first the people seemed not to listen to their music(It's natural,because they don't know their songs at all.But graduately as I know ,the people around me responded to their songs.I think it's genuinely great.I think they will like Dogstar's music.Especially Flowers,Blessed,Denial,Your world.

Bret's guitar technique was so great that at first their interests were focused to our bass player but the people in front of Bret become rocking.And our drummer's technique also was amazing and sensitive!
And Bass sound was so sweet and gentle totally.
Thailand people enjoyed their music so much.And Our bass player introduced Dogstar members to help them understanding."Lead Guitar(or Vocal?) is Bret and the drummer is Rob and me Keanu Reeves,We are DOGSTAR!! Koppun Krap(correct spelling is unknown."Thanks" in Thailand)" after Bret's accoustic.I think it was so effective,so it made the people response change.I was moved by their shouting to require encore "Dogstar! Dogstar!"... I think "Yes! They learned Dogstar music!!"

Really it was great show.I hope tomorrow show will be more excellent!
We will make it together!!

I'm sorry but my report is full rough sentences.I will go to sleep... Good night!


dogstar rocks | from inside the mind of krix at October 12, 2002 03:49 PM .

I haven't been able to get to the board in two days. Any chance you can post it here?

Posted by: luvske on October 12, 2002 04:07 PM

starblvds boards have been down for days. it sucks. thanks for the updates though.

Posted by: kat on October 12, 2002 05:05 PM

Thanks krix!

Posted by: Keanuette on October 13, 2002 01:48 AM

they're baaaack!

Posted by: Lori on October 14, 2002 08:07 AM
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