November 14, 2002
My ego knows no bounds

It's all kd's fault for reminding me just how easy it is to register a domain.

I'm now the proud owner of

It doesn't go anywhere yet (although I'm trying to get it to forward to this here blog). But it was available and I couldn't pass up the opportunity. It's nice and short, something attractive in a domain. is for the speaker manufacturer and is taken and "under construction".
I really don't have plans to do anything with it. But it's nice to have, just in case I get a letter from Erwin's office, Keanu retires or becomes a $cientologist or something.
And of course, if he should ever make me an offer of a position as personal jester/sex-kitten, I really couldn't maintain a public website about him, right?
Not that ANY of those things will happen.

As of right now, I just have it to have.
And it feels good.

it wahs , off topic , the site | from inside the mind of krix at November 14, 2002 12:40 PM .

thats cool,dear...your very own org...

Do they eat much?

Posted by: kaz on November 14, 2002 03:16 PM

ohhhhh, it's perfect. i ♥ URLs.

Posted by: kd on November 14, 2002 08:31 PM

I have to not think about it, though. I just got it for safe keeping.

Posted by: krix on November 14, 2002 08:35 PM

so cool! I like it a lot! :)

Posted by: Eve on November 14, 2002 09:44 PM

your own org. that is so fitting.

krix gives me orgs.

Posted by: hoopty on November 14, 2002 09:49 PM

yaay! Congrats! How cool that you managed to get your name!

Posted by: skits on November 15, 2002 07:48 AM

and it's working! i put in and it came straight to the blog! woo!

(yes, i'm easily amused)

Posted by: kd on November 15, 2002 06:17 PM
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