April 01, 2002
April Fool

So, the upside down header pic is about all I got in me that's April Foolish this year.
I tried searching Google for Keanu+April+fool, but that didn't turn up much of anything besides this 1993 Detour article at KeanuWeb.com. It's good. Read it if you haven't already.
Other than that, I got nothing....
Oh, I still have A FREAKING BUTTLOAD of QF CDs, so if you've bought something from the keanuvision store but don't have the means to take a picture of yourself in your stylin' new t-shirt, email me and as long as I can confirm your order, I'll send the CD anyway.
It's not as much fun as the picture, but hey, I'm easy.
It's springtime and I'm overcome with terminal ennui.
I'm sure I'll snap out of it before too long.

If anyone wants me, I'll be off playing Kung Fu Chess.

or not...

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