September 29, 2001
First Post

This is an experiment.
I was never good at keeping a diary when I was young.
But at this point in my life and in my fandom I have the need to at least try to chronicle some things.
Some of the entries in this will be about me, some will be about Keanu, and others.....well, who knows.
I will probably be taking a big risk by connecting this to my wallpaper site. "Oh gawd, who CARES what's going on inside her head, make with the pretty pictures already!" but no one is forcing you to read this. In the first few entries I will try and fill in the basic "about me" stuff. Who I am, why I am a fan of Keanu Reeves....and possibly the story behind this whole Krix / Xia thing. This isn't a message board, it's a journal, a log, a diary. I don't plan on making it a Keanu information board, although I will post news I find interesting or have the need to comment on. I really don't know how this is going to go over. I do think that Keanu fans are a special breed, there's something different about us. We all share the common bond that we see that "something" that he has. That thing that is beyond looks or money or talent. That thing that those who AREN'T Keanu fans......(I don't like that term, most of us are something beyond a fan....I think I am going to use the term...."Keanuphile"...yeah..) anyway, those that aren't....they don't see. MANY if not MOST of us Keanuphiles have had to defend him, his work, his music, even his sexuality (!) to the Keanu-ignorant, not to mention the Keanuphobes out there. I always find comfort in the friends I have made thru Keanu. It's almost like a litmus test.
If they "get" him, chances are they will "get" me. He's a "Most Excellent" common thread. Anyway, if you are reading this, chances are I don't have to do a lot of "preaching to the choir". That's why I feel somewhat comfortable undertaking this little project. I'll make the blanket "EVERYTHING HERE IS JUST MY OPINION" statement now. If you disagree with my take on something, so be it. I'm not intending to share my views to be "popular", but I hope it might at least be interesting.

it wahs | from inside the mind of krix at September 29, 2001 01:42 AM .
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