March 28, 2002
I *heart* Bret Domrose

We got to the Viper Room about a half hour before the doors opened. Ran into 2 girls (Hi Suzy and Loretta!) that I met last April at the Dogstar show in Santa Clara and chatted. There wasn't a huge crowd and we were some of the first ones in. We got some drinks and stood around one of the silly pillar tables since all of the booths (boothes?, whatever) were "Reserved".
Bret went on first. Mike N. was on drums as usual. Tony J., who I recognized from Dogstar's crew, was playing bass, and a new guy (I feel awful that I missed his name as Bret told us) was playing guitar. The atmosphere was very laid back and the crowd was small but Bret, as always, rocked. He played a few songs from Rough Around the Edges along with some new ones. The one that stood out was one called either 'Comfort Me' or 'Come For Me', I think it's the latter, which is appropriate because it, like Mr. Domrose when he plays, was Just. Dead. Sexy.
Great song. Please let it be released soon.
Bret talked a little in each break, made some jokes, etc.
After the set (which was way too short, but there were still 2 more bands that night) I caught Bret outside and told him thank you, and that my friend and I had come from out of town to see him. He thanked me and asked if we were going hang out for a bit, he would be back in after he put his gear away. When he came back in, he stopped and talked to us for a few. I didn't ask about Dogstar, because I really wanted him to know that we were there for him. He really is so gifted.
While I love Dogstar, I actually think that Bret's solo stuff rocks a little bit more. I'm so glad that we made the trip. I can't say enough what a sweet guy he is.
Thanks, Bret.

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