July 05, 2002
I'm Trin, yo!

Heh, I hate quizzes.
BUT I took this one.....

Trinity and Keanu

Which Keanu Sidekick are You?
this quiz was made by Zel

Zel rocks.

it wahs | from inside the mind of krix at July 05, 2002 11:59 PM .

Dammit, I was Annie (which is actually my SECOND choice, but you know who I really wanna be, right?!)...

Posted by: Lori on July 6, 2002 11:14 PM

Lori - the quiz never lies!
Actually it was only designed to give four responses. I'll have to broaden it some time.
btw - who did you want to be?

Posted by: zel on July 7, 2002 07:52 PM

I want to BE Trinity!! In fact, I ALMOST analyzed the quiz to make it come out that way, but decided to do it as honestly as possible...

Posted by: Lori on July 7, 2002 08:55 PM

Lori SHOULD be Trinity. She looks just like Carrie-Ann.

Posted by: krix on July 8, 2002 01:18 PM

wow, krix, I can't remember if you wear contacts and all, but WHAT? Only in my dreams, girl... but thanks!

Posted by: Lori on July 8, 2002 01:56 PM

On second thought, could someone let keanu know? WHEE!!

Posted by: Lori on July 8, 2002 02:07 PM

Hey, I couldn't stand it. I totally went back and stacked it and now I AM TRINITY! Man, I gotta get a life...

Posted by: Lori on July 10, 2002 08:38 PM

Well, I'm Tyler, which suits me just fine. I'd be tickled pink to shoot the waves with Johnny U...

Not to mention curling up in the sand with him afterwards...

Posted by: Sparrowhawk on July 11, 2002 04:48 PM
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