April 16, 2004
pre-show babble

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phoned in | from inside the mind of krix's phone at April 16, 2004 07:18 PM .

"Hey, hey everyone, I'm at [Whiskey Beach] which is actually a kind of a beach with a cool little pool and a space setup and it's a great place for a gig, man. Uhhm I might take some pictures later, but I don't want to get my camera taken away for taking pictures of the futon. *chuckle*

Anyway, I just blogged a picture of [garbled] and my beautiful drummer Brittany. Can you see why I want her to play drums for me? Okay then, I'm still waiting for Dave and Roi. Tess is here, Jo is here [correct me if I'm getting these names wrong], all kinds of people are here. Uh, we can never go to the Italian restaurant in [Green Valley] again, but I'll tell you that story later.

Anyway, I'm excited. I'm drinking Red Bull vodka, you know me. I'll talk to everyone later. Rawk on. Bye."

Posted by: Mikey2 on April 16, 2004 07:32 PM

Thanks Mikey. :)
Hi krix! Hi Brittany! Hope it's a blast.

Posted by: Zen on April 16, 2004 07:36 PM


Rawk on babes and dudes! And keep them audblogs coming! Those of us who are experiencing this gig vicariously through you need the play by play! :D

Posted by: sta-cie on April 16, 2004 08:02 PM

Mikey, you're an angel, and you beat me to it! thanks so much!

Love to hear those krixy audblogs..

Posted by: bakednudel on April 16, 2004 08:15 PM

...oh, alright, next time you'll get a pic of a certain someone with a bottle of Stoli... :-[

Posted by: Niobe on April 16, 2004 10:34 PM
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