July 08, 2002

Imported the few "keepers" (i.e., actual content and not just me bitching) from the old blog.

Added Much Ado About Nothing to Cheryl's Movie Backlot.

Oh yeah, and I re-uploaded 2 of the song samples in the Viper Room post.

I actually have work to do in 3-D today (I know, I'm as shocked as you are) so that's all for now.

the site | from inside the mind of krix at July 08, 2002 01:05 PM .

WooHoo, krix, so glad you brought in the keanuaholic post!! And by the way, it's too bad we can't add comments to the older posts (or can we? maybe I'm just a little slow on the uptake...) I still have those haikeanus to share.

Posted by: Lori on July 8, 2002 02:09 PM

Sure you can. If you get to the post in the monthly archives, just click on the timestamp to go to the individual archive. Comments are on each individual archive page.

Posted by: krix on July 8, 2002 02:39 PM

Yeah, I figured it out about 2 minutes after I made that first post. Duh!! I posted 2 haikeanus, "dog" and "star". Hee!

Posted by: Lori on July 8, 2002 04:34 PM
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