April 13, 2002
Beer and Spoilers

In 2002, the wombattle for the future begins...

I've decided to actively avoid being spoiled for the Matrix sequels.
If you like that kind of thing, you should probably bookmark these sites and check in with them from time to time, because I won't be.
I know too much already.
I've decided to get all my Reloaded fixes at The Matrix 2 Info Center.
It's chock full of enjoyable misinformation that won't spoil any of the suprises.

Speaking of suprises, it's my birthday tomorrow and I got a package earlier this week from one of my best online Keanu pals. It contained two bottles of Keanu's allegedly favorite beer, Augustiner. Yes, I screamed. I've been trying to track down this brew for close to two years now. I intend to crack one open tomorrow and save the other for some other undetermined special occasion.

tribe | from inside the mind of krix at April 13, 2002 12:36 PM .