June 30, 2003
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Because really, how can you come across something like this and NOT blog it? Plus you have to admit, Harker's accent? Not so good.

Sir Sean Connery has topped a poll of film fans of the worst screen accents ever.

Connery's Irish brogue as Jim Malone in the 1987 film The Untouchables was voted top of the list, despite the Scot winning a best supporting actor Oscar for his performance.

The poll of Empire magazine readers gave second place to Dick van Dyke for his notoriously bad Californian Cockney in Mary Poppins.

The magazine writes in its August edition, 'Whether he's a Russian sub captain (The Hunt for Red October) or even an English King (First Knight and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves), always that baritone Highland burr remains.'

Brad Pitt was voted in at number three for his portrayal of an Austrian explorer in Seven Years in Tibet, closely followed by Charlton Heston in 1958's A Touch of Evil.

Heather Graham came in fifth for her role as a prostitute in the recently released Jack the Ripper flick From Hell and fellow young American Keanu Reeves in Bram Stoker's Dracula took sixth place for his version of the English accent.

Julia Roberts Irish lilt in Mary Reilly came in for some stick at seven. British actors Pete Postlethwaite, at eight for his portrayal of Indian Kobayashi in The Usual Suspects, and the late Laurence Olivier for his 'end of pier Jewish accent' in the 1980 remake of The Jazz Singer were also featured.

In tenth place on the Empire list was Meryl Streep for her in accent in the 1985 film Out of Africa.

Empire's Olly Richards commented, 'Putting on a foreign lilt appeals to a star's vanity, giving them the opportunity to inhabit someone a million miles from themselves and prove that they are more than a pretty face.

'Sadly, in most cases, it does the exact opposite.'

For a "worst of" list, that's pretty impressive company, actually...

media spot | from inside the mind of krix at June 30, 2003 03:59 PM .

Sixth place? That's not so bad, really. That accent did suck eggs - I'm surprised they didn't place it highter.

What was weird about Pete Postlethwaite's Indian accent in "The Usual Suspects" is that Kobayashi is a JAPANESE name, not an Indian one. Seeing as how Pete is a Brit, I wonder what the fuck made Singer ask him to do an Indian accent??

Posted by: Sparrowhawk on June 30, 2003 07:35 PM

since when is keanu American, anyway? ...doh!...

Posted by: lori on June 30, 2003 10:46 PM

quite an impressive list indeed!

Posted by: phoenix IX on July 1, 2003 12:15 AM

Considering who's on the list, it's better being included than excluded...

Posted by: breeze on July 1, 2003 09:01 AM

That's a great pic.

The guy just does not care LOL

Posted by: Keanuette on July 1, 2003 12:17 PM
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