May 19, 2002

Here's another question.

Which Keanu co-star role, besides Trinity, would you like to have played?

Well, assuming that Bill S. Preston,Esq. isn't a fair choice, with me being a girl and all, I actually have a hard time answering this one (which is why I took Trinity out of the equation, too easy). I think if the role of Jane in Johnny Mnemonic would have had more Molly (the Gibson character she's based on) in her, I would choose her. I also really liked Feeling Minnesota as a movie and I think that Freddie would have been a fun character to play, too.
But if I let my heart and hormones rule me (as I sometimes do...), I'd have to go with Sara in Sweet November.
Because, Keanu ? Singing? To Me?
Oh....yes, please.

it wahs | from inside the mind of krix at May 19, 2002 03:23 PM .

I think I'd have to choose Mary-Ann Lomax. That movie blows my mind every time and she's... well, crazy. And playin' a crazy woman sounds like a lot o' fun! =)))))))))

Posted by: Charlize on May 19, 2002 03:50 PM

I'd would have played Tyler of course. There is just something about making love to Keanu while freezing your you know what off!

Posted by: Tyler on May 19, 2002 04:28 PM

I'm torn....have to agree playing Tyler would have been awesome, but for pure sentimentality, I'd have to go with Victoria in AWITC. The scenery was gorgeous (I love Napa) and Paul was SO devoted to her. Yep, Victoria.

Posted by: Ann on May 20, 2002 05:58 AM

Krix, I guess I would have liked to be Freddie, for all the obvious reasons like the way they flirted with each other not to mention the raunchy bathroom scene, but I read somewhere that the two really did have fun filming this movie. Another female role would have to be of course, Sara. He was sooo cute with her and has a true respect for Charlize. The tub scene... uh yeah, I wouldn't mind giving Nelson a shampoo mohawk!! Who wouldn't? Rhonda

Posted by: Rhonda on May 20, 2002 09:08 AM

Krix, Hey let me ask you something now,,, If you were to get the chance to jam out with the Dogboyz, what song would you want to sing and play guitar to? Since I play bass, it would have to be a bass duet ya know? I think maybe Enemies, followed by Enchanted. He's sooo much better than Iam I'd just look lame but it sure would be fun! Whatya think?

Posted by: Rhonda on May 20, 2002 03:41 PM

OK, you KNOW I want to BE Trinity, so no fair taking her out of the mix. Still, I'd have to say Annie, one cool chick herself. And if I were Annie, I never would have dumped Jack for Jason Patric! I could also play Annabelle to keanu's Shane Falco...

Posted by: Lori on May 20, 2002 05:31 PM

Ooo, good question Rhonda. I'd have to say "Superstar", because it's so amazingly sexy when they play it live. Or "I Confess", which is an unreleased one. Also sex-ay. There's an urgency to the chorus that just rocks my world.

Posted by: krix on May 20, 2002 06:45 PM

Heh, easy for _me_: Rufus in _Bill & Ted_. I'm old, a screwball, and I even play guitar :)

Posted by: Craig (motorcycle nerd) on May 21, 2002 06:07 AM
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