April 18, 2002
Van Halen

Speaking of the 80's...here's some off-topic news.

In the past, Roth has referred to Hagar as "a mediocre talent," "a complete failure," "a mindless little bridge-troll drone" and "my bitch."

I was a huge Van Halen fan in Jr. High and High School. My best friend and I shared a locker every year and the entire inside was pasted with pictures from magazines like Creem and Kerrang!. We weren't popular, but our locker was. People we didn't know would ask to see the inside. Weird. In our sophmore year, we got suspended from school for spray painting the outside of our locker candy apple red with a big black and silver winged VH on it.
I had 3 of the posters from Women and Children First in my bedroom, and was at one point, saving my virginity for David Lee Roth.

Diver Down Fair Warning* was the last good album Van Halen put out.

And don't even talk to me about Sammy Hagar....

*(edited due to confusion on my part, Diver Down actually sucked, pretty much)

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