August 28, 2003
Full of Whoa

The sixth most popular search that brings people to keanuvision is the blog tagline, You had me at 'Whoa'. This fascinates me because it's not like searching on "Keanu Reeves Naked"(#8) or "ebay addiction" (#18). It's my tagline, and even though it's a twist on "You had me at 'Hello'", it's unique to the site. So people are remembering the tagline and coming back? Are they telling their friends about "some Keanu blog, can't remember the URL but google this, dude"?

Anyway, Reeves Drive has this article about the "Whoa" from Vanity Fair.

"Keanu is stuck with it like Jimmy Cagney got stuck with "you dirty rat," the Beatles with "yeah, yeah, yeah," Marlon Brando with "Stella!,"Gary Cooper with "yup," Humphrey Bogart with "play it again, Sam" and Cary Grant with "Judy, Judy, Judy." It's a tattoo, a carving, a cattle brand."

They even riffed on it with Andy Richter on the MTV Movie Awards this year.
I wonder how he feels about it? Does he cringe, or has he embraced the "Whoa" like so many of us have.

One of my MANY pet peeves is the mispelling of it.
It's not woah, or whoah.
It's whoa. W.H.O.A.

The article also poses this question:

"Does anyone know exactly when Keanu first blurted this out? Did he say it during THE PRINCE OF PENNSYLVANIA? BILL AND TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE? POINT BREAK? RIVER'S EDGE? On Conan O'Brien? If anyone has any solid gets, please share."

I'll bet we could answer this by the end of the day.

it wahs | from inside the mind of krix at August 28, 2003 02:46 PM .

Probably Excellent Adventure, but I have to go and have a Keanumoviemarathon to be sure...

Posted by: Jen on August 28, 2003 03:27 PM

I guess after all these years the aggravation of being "whoaed" everywhere he goes and mentioned in every article, he's come to accept it as a fact of life. He's in good company anyway. Kind of like the suckiest accent list. Right up there with Olivier!

I don't know when he first said it, but people remember it from B&T. Sean Penn said it before that in Fast Times... and nobody "whoas" him. Therefore, that would logically mean that "Ted" is more memorable than "Jeff Spicoli." \m/ ;)

Posted by: Chianti on August 28, 2003 03:28 PM

I think you guys are right and that even if he said the word before B&TEA, that it was that 'Whoa' that is the standard to which all other 'whoa's are measured.

Posted by: krix on August 28, 2003 04:09 PM

Maybe they just search for the word 'whoa'? -If that's a word...
I don't think he likes it that much, but then again, who am I to judge that. He might say it to himself every morning when he notices his beard has magically grown another inch overnight!

No updates on Joz yet?

Posted by: Julie on August 28, 2003 04:10 PM

No, it actually says "you had me at whoa" in the results. I can do a screenshot if you like ;)

Joz has a preliminary report in the JozWatch entry.
No luck yet, it seems.

Posted by: krix on August 28, 2003 05:15 PM

Oops! I've been exposed as a non-link-clicker again! *blush* I feel stupid now... Let's forget I ever mentioned the 'just whoa' thing, ok? ;-)

Boohoo! She didn't see him yet! I have to go home, my shift is over... And as excited as I am, I'm NOT going to sit here for another hour waiting for an update on Joz's excellent adventure :-) Hope she'll pull it off, though!!!!!

Posted by: Julie on August 28, 2003 05:28 PM

OMG!!! I just had a thought! (Yes, blondes do have them)

After seeing the sign with 'KRIX' on it, *He* might google-search for you too! Tee-hee! Quick, remove all the emberrasing comments on the L/R issue!!! ;-D

And just in case:

Hi sweet Keanu! May the twinkle in your eyes be added to the twinkling lights in the sky and bathe us all in its luminescence :-) Bye now!

Posted by: Julie on August 28, 2003 05:34 PM

That's the beauty of the blog. I don't post anything here that I would freak out if he saw.

Posted by: krix on August 28, 2003 05:44 PM

Keanu, if you do ever see this, I just want to know how great it is to see you act. You light up the screen in a way no other actor does. Your lovely gestures and facial expressions just move me. I'm a huge fan and I can't wait until the day I meet you!!

keanu2hott (Shannon, Illinois) ;)

Posted by: keanu2hott (Shannon) on August 28, 2003 06:20 PM

finally, someone else who'll take a stand about the correct spelling of "whoa"... you go, girl! ;)

Posted by: lori on August 30, 2003 05:59 AM
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