February 27, 2006
When Annie met Jack, and then went through a time warp

Thanks to Jena for this scan from a recent In Touch mag. Seeing the two of them together really does make for the warm fuzzies....


As much as I adore Sandy Bullock, I've been pretty meh about the upcoming Lake House film. But I've finally taken a peek at some of the stills over at Club-Keanu and I have to say that visually it looks lovely. Here's hoping the story does well with americanization (the original Korean version was exquisite). The "solve a mystery" blurb in the clipping does not instill confidence.

lake house | from inside the mind of krix at February 27, 2006 05:25 PM .

At this point, I'm just desperate for ANYTHING of his to hurry up and hit the screen. Let the round of billboards, magazine covers, talk show interviews and commercials begin!

Posted by: Bethanie on February 28, 2006 06:15 AM

It does sound like it could be blah, but I have faith in the Keanu choices.
I've forgiven him for Chain Reaction and I'm sure he's learned from it. ;)

If Lake House turns out to be blah, well, we can always tune out the movie and absorb the hotness of HIM.

Posted by: Zen on February 28, 2006 01:29 PM

yeah, zen!
we forgive him much more then chain reaction, we forgive him replacements, speed, johnny mnemonic and many many more.... just to see him
well, you understand, donīt you?

Posted by: vika on February 28, 2006 05:03 PM

I'm looking forward to this summer because I have a feeling it's going to be back to back Keanuness! I hope at least! With Scanner Darkly and The Lake House opening, hopefully we get lots of Keanu promotions and vcr alerts! One I really want him to do is the Ellen DeGeneres show! Really looking forward to this movie as I have always wanted him to make another movie with Sandra! And I want to see him doing romance and I love it when he looks like this on screen...short hair, clean shave! YUM!

Posted by: Jena on March 2, 2006 01:30 PM
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