February 20, 2003
I swear....

capture from kcrl.net

I think I'm going to start drinking.


Update: No I haven't started yet. It's apparent that I probably should not be left to my own devices when in one of these moods....

from captures found at keanuland.com

...then again

Oh, I'm going to hell.

it wahs | from inside the mind of krix at February 20, 2003 03:08 PM .

Stoley and Coke girl!!!!

Posted by: gnome-girl on February 20, 2003 03:37 PM

nice pic. :)

Posted by: kat on February 20, 2003 04:38 PM

oh baaaaaaaaaby, what's wrong?

Posted by: tess on February 20, 2003 05:11 PM

Don'tcha just LUV looking at close-ups of the bass?

Me too.

Posted by: krix on February 20, 2003 05:56 PM

What do mean "start"? :)

Posted by: Tyler on February 20, 2003 06:35 PM

that is one fine looking bass....

Posted by: tess on February 20, 2003 07:51 PM

krix, tess, there's a BASS in those pics?!!

Posted by: Lori on February 20, 2003 07:55 PM

Girl!!! I'm already being stuck at work in the frigging middle of the night -actually it's closer to the morning here (I never see daylight, I'm affraid) and now I have to think of everybody having fun and getting drunk while I'm stuck here!!! Oh, just one more hour before I can go home and have a nice Duth Heineken beer!!!

Darn. Now I'm starting to drool, too. Don't know if that's caused by the thought of a drink or by ehm.. that 'other' stuff :-)

I LOVE the pics!!!!

Posted by: Julie on February 20, 2003 08:21 PM

Fuck...I failed my driving test.
i'm gonna kill myself...it was nice meeting you all....ya know what,i think i'll just stare at the "BASS" and maybe i'll feel better.

Posted by: Nat on February 21, 2003 12:48 AM

Well Krix, if you are going to hell, rest assured you won't alone. We will just keep each other company. *smiles* nice bod, uhm I mean bass.

Posted by: DianeG on February 21, 2003 05:49 AM

Luv ya krix! Hope everything's ok wid you girl.

Nat ~ sorry you failed your test. Got get 'em next time...

Yeah...nice bass and nice bass-huggin' handz...:o)

Posted by: Keanuette on February 22, 2003 01:59 AM

LOL keanuette....
it's all about the bass,huh?

Posted by: Nat on February 22, 2003 07:16 AM

krix, you're just too good to us! Great pics!

Posted by: phoenix IX on February 22, 2003 02:17 PM
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