March 03, 2002

Speaking of groupies, it's been WAY too long since the last Dogstar show.
Hey Domrose! Throw us a bone, eh? Solo show? Something?
Ah well, at least I have my memories.
Here's one.

You can't really see it but he had some MAJOR bedhead going on here.

This pic was taken by my good friend and frequent road trip partner, Maria at a benefit concert for The Garden Nursery School in L.A. on Jan. 18, 2001.
It was a fun show. A little short, and there weren't a whole lot of people at the club. So it was very laid back and casual. Bret even came out and talked to a bunch of us before they went on, and Rob was wandering aound, too. Keanu kept backstage, though. I heard from some friends (that were at the club early and had a chance to speak with him) that he was pretty sick that night. The blonde must have been his nurse. *snark*
But all in all, it was a great benefit show for a good cause.

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