April 24, 2004

stephen hamel pic from the daily thud

Have a great weekend everyone.

spoony | from inside the mind of krix at April 24, 2004 11:25 AM .

Another one of those pics that makes me wonder...
What did the photographer's object want to imply with this pose?
Stretching himself because he's bored?
Botched yoga routine?
A most excellent weekend to all of you!

Posted by: Niobe on April 24, 2004 11:46 AM

That's a good question Niobe...I was wondering that myself. It certainly looks like "onward ho," but onward to what?

Posted by: shelz on April 24, 2004 12:37 PM

I wonder if keanu felt silly doing this pose. I would have, even though he's hella sexy ne day.
hehe it's a funny picture...

Posted by: Cornflakes on April 24, 2004 02:18 PM

Maybe he was just imitating a homeplate umpire (baseball)?? Strike thrreeeee... LOL Either that or he wants to punch the daylights out of the person who made him wear those shoes! :P

Posted by: Judee on April 24, 2004 02:41 PM

Looks more like a "Mr. Olympia" bodybuilder kind of pose to me. Somehow doubt he felt silly, though. Doesn't seem to have a self-conscious bone in his body! Lucky for us... ;)

Posted by: JeezLouise on April 24, 2004 02:48 PM

Looks like up up and away! Kind of a super hero pose ish kind of thing.
You understand I hope....lol

Posted by: Kat on April 24, 2004 02:55 PM

Oh I see Kat!...good point!

Posted by: shelz on April 24, 2004 03:15 PM

Y'all, I doubt this was the photographer's doing at all. I think our boy is an ebullient goofball who was doing a series of silly, bizarre things while the photog said, "Oh, gorgeous, darling, oh, yes, like that, oh, give me more! More! Yes! Oh, beautiful! You animal! You wild thing!"

Posted by: Smit too on April 24, 2004 05:06 PM

I just love seeing his body frozen in any kind of stretching or movement, no matter how goofball...*sigh* and the shoes are fun!

Yep, onward to the weekend...

Posted by: bakednudel on April 24, 2004 05:42 PM

Yeah, that's what it means Nudel...onward to the weekend...phew!

Posted by: shelz on April 24, 2004 05:56 PM

LOL @ smit too

What a crazy pose! LOL I wonder if his shoes are comfy. =p

Posted by: Jonna on April 24, 2004 07:05 PM

It looks as though he's trying to perform in Saturday Night Fever while throwing a "girlie pitch" with his left hand.


Posted by: Mikey2 on April 24, 2004 10:27 PM


"girlie pitch" now that I haven't heard in a while...

Posted by: bakednudel on April 25, 2004 04:57 AM

tehe i just had the strangest urge to poke mr Reeves in the belly in that picture... mmm that would be great. Wouldn't it be great to know him? sigh... I can't figure out whether i like his personality more or his bod more. I like his personality. Aaaah, Keanu's so fun. I have the worst craving for a keanumovie-athon right now but i must resist. I *HAVE* to finish my work. But how can i when something as awesome as keanu exists?

Posted by: Cornflakes on April 25, 2004 08:12 AM

Yeah Cornflakes...he IS a big distraction! LOL! Keanumovie-athon keen idea :-)


Posted by: shelz on April 25, 2004 09:53 AM

lol. Looks like a cheerleader pose to me. "Give me a K - K!" *sigh*....this looks more like an X. hmmm....

oh and cornflakes ... gee thanks...now all I wanna do is poke him in the belly...it's drivin' me nuts!

Posted by: IsabellaDeVille on April 25, 2004 10:54 AM

Isn't it an addictive, distracting idea? I wonder which pictures of him are pokable.
It's sort of weird but I think that if there ever was a poke keanu party, we would all have a lot of fun! sigh.... think of all the possibilities if u knew keanu... hours and hours of poking fun...
and a lot of ANOTHER sort of fun... ^-^ ahem.

Posted by: Cornflakes on April 25, 2004 01:54 PM

oops i meant- "i wonder which [other] pictures of him are pokable"

Posted by: Cornflakes on April 25, 2004 01:55 PM

Please note that the term "girlie pitch" is more descriptive than anything. I know plenty of women who could chuck a softball (or regular baseball) clear through my torso.

Just covering my ass in case one of those "extreme" feminists (the ones who spit on you for opening the door for them) comes through here and decides to beat on me. :P

Posted by: Mikey2 on April 25, 2004 03:30 PM

Yeah, Cornflakes, we would all have fun at a poking k party. Can u imagine all of us at a sleep over w/k? Pillow fights, keanu movie fest all night(and other things going on all night)

Posted by: Allison on April 25, 2004 04:53 PM

What a pleasant *perfectly healthy* imagination powered dream...
And he could explain to all of us about his movies and things about making them and his ideas and stuff... and ofcourse, we would goof around and have a fun time.
I could go on, but I'll just stop for now. Lol.
But the sleepover idea with Ke would definetely be even more fun to have... phew, lot's of run-on sentences

Posted by: Cornflakes on April 25, 2004 07:02 PM

LOL@run-on sentances!

Posted by: shelz on April 25, 2004 07:32 PM

correction: "sentences"

...learn to type shelz!

Posted by: shelz on April 25, 2004 07:35 PM

can't stop myself from coming back to this one pic of him, for some reason, and just for a quick glance. He seems to shout "LOOK AT ME CORNFLAKES! LOOK AT ME!"

And for a quick poke.

Posted by: Cornflakes on April 25, 2004 08:13 PM

okay okay sorry for so many comments, but I finally figured out an explanation for why he's standing like that. Here's what probably happened:
Keanu was originally standing like an X with both his arms out, for a pose that the photographer made him do, as a strange random person popped out of no where, poked his belly, and ran off laughing hysterically. This continued a few times while they tried to take the picture again, until Keanu finally (jokingly) threw a punch at the weirdo. However, she was gone before the he actually threw it, and all that remains as evidence is this photo, which turned out alright. Ke was left to wonder about the incident for the remaininder of the day...
okay yea, I know, I've looked at this pic too long. leaving... now...sorta...

Posted by: Cornflakes on April 25, 2004 08:22 PM

"And here we see Keanu trying to demonstrate a 'jumping jack'. Unfortunately, as you will note, half of his body has fallen asleep."

Posted by: Mikey2 on April 25, 2004 09:15 PM

LOL@Mikey.. happy monday everyone, hope you all had a wonderful weekend.. have a great rockin' time at the gig tonight Krix... You most certainly deserve it.. Can't wait to hear your report, review, and hopefully some pics!!.. hugs and God bless your friend

Posted by: Janice on April 26, 2004 03:03 AM

Mikey2, you are toooo funny!

I think he is shotputting in the desert in a cool suit and fun shoes. I agree with the ebuillent goofball theory. Oh yeah.

Let's face it, we think anything he does is charming and I think we are right!

Posted by: Tawny on April 26, 2004 06:11 AM

Janice, I'm not going to the show tonight. I don't know where you got that impression.

Posted by: krix on April 26, 2004 06:54 AM

I heard this thing screaming for you Cornflakes, all the way over here!!

I like the shoes hehe :-)

Posted by: shelz on April 26, 2004 10:04 AM

LOL! And now I'm back again, Shelz... I'm glad I'm not the only one who heard it!!
Sigh maybe it's good I don't know Ke or I'd probably keep dropping by his house to say hello all the time just for a "quick glance".
And a quick poke.
I'd eventually drive him nutz and he'd never talk to me again.
haha, nah i'm just kidding

Posted by: Cornflakes on April 26, 2004 06:38 PM
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