September 23, 2004
cut yourself some slack


VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): "I am one of those who never knows the direction of my journey until I have almost arrived," wrote author Anna Louise Strong. Right about now, Virgo, you could probably speak those same words with sincerity. For months you've felt as if an invisible force were shepherding you towards an unseen goal. You've trusted the process because it resonated with a gut feeling that kept telling you "YES!" And now, finally, you're about to come to the end of the quest and collect your reward. Keep in mind, though, that even after you have it, you may not fully understand it for months.

I watched Richard Linklater's Slacker last night. I was sure that I'd never seen it, but there was such a familiarity with it all that now I think maybe I have. Maybe I've just known too many slackers throughout my life (surely I was one for many years, maybe I still am) that it was all kind of deja vu. While watching some of the scenes play out there was a feeling like "I know this guy.........and he still owes me money..."

Linklater himself acts in the film and has a great monologue in the opening scene that talks about dreams and alternate realities and there's a lot Gen-X talky "philosophy" throughout the film. After seeing both Slacker and Waking Life and thinking about the certain parts of PKD's book - the various conversations of Arctor/Barris/Luckman: heavy, absurd, endless ones, sometimes about nothing - it really seems like Linklater was the perfect choice to make A Scanner Darkly. It's like the obvious future of the slackers and the dreamers.


One of many different realities depending on the direction of their journey and whether they stayed on the bus or not.

darkly , it wahs | from inside the mind of krix at September 23, 2004 11:16 AM .

You call that abuse?
OMG, krix, I just looove this effect
and the pop-up nearly made my eyes pop out...

Posted by: Niobe on September 23, 2004 12:35 PM

I agree with Niobe! This is a wonderful effect!!
I'll take that kind of abuse any time! ;)

Posted by: Lisa on September 23, 2004 01:16 PM

oh my god... this is going on my desktop TONIGHT.

Posted by: casluvskeanu on September 23, 2004 02:35 PM

It's already on mine. Thanks krix.

I know this is late, but I was really happy to learn that the last Vibemerchants gig went so well. You guys are going to be so *on* when I finally get a chance to go see you. :D

Posted by: Zen on September 23, 2004 02:43 PM

soooo gorgeous! *sigh* why am I working late instead of at home playing with photoshop???

thanks, krix!

Posted by: nudel on September 23, 2004 03:00 PM

i didn't see slacker... but i did see waking life
which i, now in retrospect, think is kind of fractal like in its movement...i thouroughly enjoyed it...(at one time i did a couple of frames of rotoscoping - that was before computers...)))

oh yeah... esqueese me... georgous pic!!! a g a i n!!!!! in looking for a moment.. or 2 at the pop up...oh uh..... got dreamy for a minute...

Posted by: wanda on September 23, 2004 11:33 PM

this is of my favourites of him!
keep on abusing perleaze!*smile*

Posted by: susan on September 24, 2004 12:38 PM
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