January 25, 2002
Keanu's Basses

circa 1992

Romeo's Pic of the Day Club sent out this pic today as the first of a series on Keanu's basses over the years. I'm pretty sure it's a Fender.
These days, I think Keanu is having all his basses custom made by Dan Ransom. I've never owned a custom instrument, but I've had a chance to play a couple, and the difference is amazing, like buying off-the-rack as opposed to having a suit tailor-made.
I remember after seeing Dogstar for the first time, trying to get info on Ransom basses and not really being able to find any. I came across this eBay auction last fall, via a discussion on some bass players' site (I think it was TalkBass.com, but they now make you register to browse the forums so I'm not sure.) Anyway, as far as I can remember, every time I have seen Dogstar, Keanu has played a maroon/wine-colored Ransom bass. It looks like a really nice instrument, but I'm not suprised, Keanu seems to have a taste for quality in those things that are important to him. And the more I learn about him, I think that music is very important to him.

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