September 01, 2002
You Go Girl!

This pic is for Lori...

AIEEE! I think this is it.

She knows why.

(pic from

tribe | from inside the mind of krix at September 01, 2002 06:26 PM .

oooooooohhhhhh yyyyeeaaaaaaaaahhh!!! can everybody say, "KRIX ROCKS!"? :)

Posted by: Lori on September 1, 2002 06:45 PM

Hey, man. You're lucky. I was gonna give you about 10 more minutes and I woulda nabbed it myself.

Posted by: krix on September 1, 2002 06:51 PM

Yay Lori!!!!!!!! Way to go!!!!!
Now, I just gotta hear the details, after you get this thing in your hands!!!

Posted by: Rhonda on September 1, 2002 06:58 PM

Thanks, Rhonda, I'll be glad to tell ya all about it, but let's just say krix is as kind and generous as she appears to be! Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! ;)

Posted by: Lori on September 1, 2002 07:24 PM

Actually, thanks to Wrygrass for posting it to a group I'm in or I might not have seen it until it was too late. I'm trying to curtail my eBay browsing.

shut up.

Posted by: krix on September 1, 2002 07:34 PM

Why? If you don't, it means I have to. BTW, somebody tried to run a scam on the wine that was for sale. Tried to get me to buy it for $100 bucks over the bid price. Cash in Advance.

No, my mother did not give birth to anyone that lame.

Posted by: Tyler on September 1, 2002 09:58 PM

Is it okay if I like Eddie too? I had a boyfriend once that was that squeezable.

Posted by: Tyler on September 1, 2002 09:59 PM

Oh, Tyler, *everyone* should like Eddie! He's actually never been my favorite keanucharacter (that would be Jjaks), but then one can't control what one finds (through one's friends) on ebay! So this weekend, I sing praises for sweet, solid Eddie...

Posted by: Lori on September 2, 2002 07:30 AM

arrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhh, I mean, YAY, you got it, very cool, you gotta sleep in it, naked, okay, ack, I am so depraved/deprived, no wait, you gotta wear it to utah next month, yeah, that's it. anyway congrats!!!!!!!!

Posted by: tess on September 2, 2002 07:31 PM

oh tessie, I *like* the way you think! I told krix, and I'm tellin' you, I will absolutely be *wearing* it the next time I see you! Woo Hoo!

Posted by: Lori on September 2, 2002 10:05 PM
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