October 25, 2001
Dogstar at The Catalyst

Here's a nasty review of Dogstar's show at the Catalyst earlier this year.
It was obviously written by some bitter loser who couldn't get laid if he crawled up a chicken's ass.

Actually, it's a pretty funny read, and aside from his slams at Keanu's playing (he is actually a damn good bassist...trust me on this), a lot of what he says I can relate to.
I hate the crowds that come to Dogstar shows who have no intention of actually paying attention to the whole band.....And to throw yourself on stage at the poor guy who's just trying to play some rock....that's just sad.
And annoying to the rest of us that can't jump that high.

Anyway, there are some pictures.
I'm particularly fond of this one, from the main page:

Can we get this man another Corona, please?

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