November 21, 2001
Keanu for Kyodai

Like games?
There is an incredible mah-jongg game out there called Kyodai.
It's completely addicting. If you are sick of solitare and have totally mastered the secret to minesweeper, I suggest you check it out. As added incentive I have created a set of Keanu Tiles for Kyodai.
Once you have downloaded the game, just copy the KeanuTiles.jpg into your C:/program files/kyodai/tilesets folder and enjoy.
If you aren't familiar with the game of mah-jongg I recommend playing with the included tiles first so you get a sense of how the matching goes. Basically with the Keanu Tiles, name tiles go with each other, as do magazine covers. All others pair up exactly.
One more thing, if you decide to keep the game, DON'T forget to register it.

doodles | from inside the mind of krix at November 21, 2001 03:08 PM .
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