October 17, 2002
Tell me what to watch!

I just realized that now that I have a DVD player I can join NetFlix. It's perfect because I am a rental criminal when it comes to late fees, I gave up renting videos a while back because it was just cheaper to buy them.
Click here for a look at what I have in my rental queue so far.
Anyway, I need your help. I need movie recommendations.
Assume that I haven't seen anything but Keanu's films in the past...oh..three years or so and you'd be about right. There's SO MANY movies that I haven't seen I can't even begin to make a list.
So please leave a comment and make some suggestions.

off topic | from inside the mind of krix at October 17, 2002 01:25 PM .

I LOVE NetFlix. Saves me SOOO much money. I've been using them since the beginning when it took days for you to get new ones.

You've got a great list already. Memento and Requiem for a Dream are some personal favorites. I've been told Brotherhood of the Wolf is really good and I have it out right now.

Posted by: C.C. on October 17, 2002 01:54 PM

YOU, C.C. are the one I have to thank for my NetFlix :)
I used the link on your blog to get there :)
I'll add Brotherhood of the Wolf to my queue.

Posted by: krix on October 17, 2002 01:59 PM

Been a member on and off, Memento was one of my first, it's weird, but I THINK I liked it. LOVED Chocolat. What to recommend? I enjoyed Training Day and Blow. Serendipity was kinda cute, kept thinking that Keanu should have played the lead.

Posted by: luvske on October 17, 2002 03:52 PM

Thanks, luvske :)

Posted by: krix on October 17, 2002 04:13 PM

1st, Chocolat, 2nd, Traffic. Save Best in Show for when youre in the mood for Christopher Guest comedy - Second City people always rise to the occasion. Plus you'll get Parker Posey, with braces yet.

Posted by: Chianti on October 17, 2002 04:29 PM

Amelie....The Royal Tennenbaums....basically anything with Gene Hackman in it....Chocolat was good.....

Posted by: hoopty on October 18, 2002 09:19 AM

Nurse Betty, Moulin Rouge, A Knight's Tale, Unbreakable, Gosford Park... ummm...

Posted by: Kelly on October 18, 2002 11:57 AM

You know what I am going to say!!!!!!!!
Cider House Rules and
Wonder Boys
Just do it - you will not regret it.

Posted by: zel on October 20, 2002 04:58 AM

Also, Enemy at the Gates (includes the best sex scene ever filmed), and The Cat's Meow

Posted by: Kelly on October 21, 2002 10:01 AM

You have to see Frailty, it's demented but great. Brotherhood of the Wolf is excellent. Insomnia was okay, kind of a let down. Black Hawk Down is good if you're in the mood for men in uniform. I'll try to come up with more later.

Posted by: JeniLyn on October 21, 2002 01:12 PM

OK, krix, I second what the hoopster said about Gene Hackman. I just bought (today, not two hours ago): Bound (HELL, YEAH!), Angel Heart (that's an old one, but the price was right), Hard Day's Night (of course), and Rocky Horror Picture Show (It's astounding!). I also finally bought the first season of "24", but that's not a movie. I ALMOST bought From Dusk to Dawn, but it was paired with the sequel, which I have little desire to see or own. Just don't get me started on movies, okay?! : )

Posted by: Lori on October 22, 2002 12:38 PM
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