June 18, 2004
change of address

belly! belly! I want to pfffbbbt it! - Rizzo pic from Club-Keanu

Due to an annoying amount of spam and viruses I've begun to receive, I'm going to have to retire my krix at keanuvision dot com email. Please remove both it and blog at keanuvision dot com from your address books.

Thanks to the wonderful Kat, I have a brand new shiny Gmail address, so please use it if you need to reach me.

keanuvisionary at gmail dot com

the site | from inside the mind of krix at June 18, 2004 10:53 AM .

Lucky you!
Ok, tell us all about it!
Is it really the new must-have in cyberspace?

Posted by: Niobe on June 18, 2004 11:29 AM

It's got some nice features, I especially like that mail is threaded in "conversations" which is nice for eGroups. I'm hoping for some sweet filter action as well.

I'll be paying the favor forward as soon as I can.

Posted by: krix on June 18, 2004 11:43 AM

It is pretty fun. I really like the conversation flow of the emails. They just get put in order, it's like reading a book...lol
Have fun with it. :)

Posted by: Kat on June 18, 2004 11:43 AM

Drat. 'Kat' and 'email' in one sentence.
*shocking realisation*
Oh! Kat! *waves* I still owe you an email, too, right? *hangs her head in shame*

Thanx for the belly Krix! :-) Just what I needed ;-)

Posted by: Julie! on June 18, 2004 11:56 AM

When I saw that belly the first thing I thought of was that I wanted to pfffbbbt it! Then I read your caption and saw you were thinking along the same lines too! LOL
I really do need to clean off my monitor now! :-D

Posted by: Lisa on June 18, 2004 12:03 PM

i checked out gmail from your link... looks good, i want one too! and one of those in that pic will do nicely!!! i wanna be organized like keanu!!! look at that desk!!!

Posted by: wanda on June 19, 2004 07:56 AM

I'm with Niobe...tell us, is it really the new must-have in cyberspace?

Posted by: shelz on June 19, 2004 11:16 AM

Gosh krix... Talk about getting someone’s attention...! *yummMMMyy*
(okay *regaining focus* )
Thanks for the addy change info, as well as that Gmail mention ... )
Have a good weekend everybody!

Posted by: phoenix IX on June 19, 2004 11:20 AM

I haven't used Hotmail or Yahoo, so I'm enjoying a web-based service for a change. Eventually, when I get a new computer, I will be ditching AOL as a provider and I want to have an established email that will follow me even when I change service. Storage is great (though I understand that Yahoo just increased their storage as well).

Posted by: krix on June 19, 2004 11:26 AM

Oh, and one thing I discovered: Gmail won't play with the AOL browser.

Posted by: krix on June 19, 2004 11:50 AM

oh yeah, there is a belly, too - now I can see it.

I was a bit blinded by his barenaked feets…


Posted by: creezy on June 19, 2004 11:59 AM

I would love to switch to something reliable that was NOT AOL.

Posted by: shelz on June 19, 2004 05:14 PM

hey hey - have you found gmail to be down all day today?

Posted by: erin on June 19, 2004 07:56 PM

yea! I thought it was just my computer, but I think gmail's just having a bit of trouble

Posted by: cornflakes on June 20, 2004 07:59 PM
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