October 27, 2003
tonight's premiere

Actor and cast member Keanu Reeves, who stars as Neo, arrives for the world premiere of the film 'Matrix Revolutions' at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, October 27, 2003. In the final chapter of the Matrix trilogy, the rebels' long quest for freedom culminates in a final explosive battle. The premiere is the first in the Frank Gehry designed music hall. REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

Actor and cast member Keanu Reeves, who stars as Neo, arrives for the world premiere of the film 'Matrix Revolutions' at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, October 27, 2003. Shown here as he glances around looking for a mysterious 'krix', whom Joel Silver promised he had left a voice mail invitation for. Part of this caption is not real, see above picture for Photo Credit

These are pictures from tonight's Revolutions Premiere that I found over at Yahoo. There are also some of the whole cast, etc. And I'm sure there will be more tomorrow.

He looks dashing as always.....sigh.

media spot , red pill , spoony | from inside the mind of krix at October 27, 2003 09:04 PM .

so he was looking for you in that last one? damn, i thought he was looking for me! *sigh*

Posted by: lori on October 27, 2003 09:47 PM

I'm just hoping he got some sleep, poor thing...

Posted by: Keanuette on October 27, 2003 10:54 PM

He looks like he might have some choice words for Mr. Silver for not leaving that voice mail message. Joel owes you & Keanu an apology ASAP!!

Posted by: Lisa on October 28, 2003 06:33 AM

oooooooh, I like the second one alot, and look at the lip scar......thudddd

Posted by: tess on October 28, 2003 07:22 AM

Aw.... I think he looks so zzzlleeepppyy because he spend the night before worrying if you'd show up or not :-)

Oh! And I also know what happened with the invitation! Joel must have send you an email about it!
But! With his 'tendency' to blow up and hype things a bit, his 'sender-name' probably is something like: "BIG Special Effects Boy"
And the 'subject' probably was something like:'Looking for a hot date? Make all your dreams come true!'

You must have thought it was spam and deleted it!!!

Posted by: Julie on October 28, 2003 10:00 AM

Over at Yahoo, I think Carrie Anne looks absolutely beautiful as a mother! She's glowing!

Posted by: anne on October 28, 2003 11:07 AM

Love the photos. A friend of mine went to the after-party last night. I wrote about it on Reeves Drive, in the movie section. My friend said he looked so good in person and so young. She said how graceful he is. And what a doll, he let her take a picture of him and her. (She waited until someone else pulled out a camera first and asked for a pic.)

CAM was so elegant. She thought CAM was pregnant.

She also saw Sharon Stone talking with the French guy Merovigan?. The actor who plays Link, Harold Perrineau (?) was kinda short, that Keanu wasn't as tall as she thought he would be but he's a good height, and that Ben Afflect was shorter than Keanu. (She saw Ben entering the premiere, not at the after-party.) She said Will Smith was just an inch taller than Keanu, she thought he would be much taller.

Dil, who was too sick to go and cheer on the people on the red carpet.

Posted by: Dil on October 28, 2003 01:17 PM

That second pic--he *has* to be saying: "Wheeere's my krixy?" a la Link...

Posted by: bakednudel on October 28, 2003 02:38 PM

A stellar report about the afterparty. A nice accompaniment to the cuteness above...

Posted by: phoenix IX on October 29, 2003 08:08 AM
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