February 08, 2004

there might be something clever here if someone would stop with the EXCRUCIATINGLY LOUD TYPING...oh wait, that's me

If Keanu Reeves were a shot I think he might be a "Chocolate Cake".

I'd like to think I'd feel a little bit better after doing him several times in one night, though.

it wahs | from inside the mind of krix at February 08, 2004 09:01 AM .


I could definately go several times a night, all night with him too.

Posted by: Keanuette on February 8, 2004 09:17 AM

Drink him down like a shot. Yum ;)

Posted by: kat on February 8, 2004 09:27 AM

Sucking sounds good, too... on the lemon wedge I mean ;-)

Posted by: Niobe on February 8, 2004 10:29 AM

One night hell!! LMAO I need at least a week..;) Krix we must be on the same wave length here.. I just used that pic in a wall I just made..;)

Posted by: Catz on February 8, 2004 11:04 AM

ooh you naughty girls! ha! giving me baaaad thoughts...*grin* Me, I just want to go on a date. Reeeaaaallyy. I'll let him save himself for you all. I just want to have dinner, go dancing, and go for a ride on the bike. I'll just look and listen.

Posted by: bakednudel on February 8, 2004 12:10 PM

I just want him to pour himself all over me.....

Posted by: audy on February 8, 2004 12:35 PM

Love the title and the pic.. Thought of the same caption LOL! I would like to think that too.. maybe everyday of the week several times in a night.. ya think i'd kill him at his age? LOL! j/k..
hugs and God bless

Posted by: Janice on February 8, 2004 01:33 PM

It's not the age Janice.. it's the milage LMAO

Posted by: Catz on February 8, 2004 01:51 PM

If he were only one shot, I'd sip him so slowly he'd last for years. Of course, then I'd spend the rest of my pathetic life licking out that shot glass.

Posted by: Smit too on February 8, 2004 03:37 PM

上帝的母亲! 我认为许多淘气淘气事! 我想要...


Sorry...I've got to get back to...English...wait...a...second...tian...she...

Okay. I'm here.

What I said can be sort of translated like this:
Mother of God! I'm getting naughty (mischievous) ideas...

Posted by: Tabitha on February 8, 2004 04:10 PM

LMAO@Catz and Smit how true how true!! Naughty Tabitha.. you go girl!! :)..

Posted by: Janice on February 8, 2004 04:42 PM

*blushing* I'm sure its good for what ails! Makes me awfully curious to try a shot!

Posted by: shelz on February 8, 2004 04:57 PM

I know that when women work/live together, they sometimes get on the same cycle...and we know that one of the phases of the cycle is ummm, how do you say.......horny? Is it possible for this to happen globally? Because it seems that we all are universally "there". :D

Sorry, mikey2...too much info, I know!

Posted by: r.j.girl on February 8, 2004 05:00 PM

Must be R.J.girl!! I know I have been making some naughty walls my self in the past 48 hours LMAO

Posted by: Catz on February 8, 2004 05:31 PM

R.J., if K has us all throbbing 30 days out of 30, that's not a cycle. It's one long, protracted squirm.

Posted by: Smit too on February 8, 2004 06:31 PM

Heeeeee, Smit! I totally stand corrected.

r.j. ...off to throb away...

BTW, Catz~
You just keep on makin' those walls, girl! The naughtier the better. :) (Oops, see what I mean!!! I can't help it. It's the hormones, I swear. Or is it just *this* whore moaning? eeps :D)

Posted by: r.j.girl on February 8, 2004 06:44 PM

Oh lord LMAO I have to make a post for this topic LMAO I'll make a wall to go with...Dedicated to Krix and her crew! :)

Posted by: Catz on February 8, 2004 07:45 PM

Okay I made the wall for everyone here.. dedicated to our Blog Goddess Krix and all her posters!
Link in my name.. first wall ;)
Much luv!

Posted by: Catz on February 8, 2004 08:42 PM

I think Keanu would be A Blow Job That way I can just use my mouth. *Runs away real fast*

Posted by: Keana on February 9, 2004 01:15 AM

I don't care where, when , how or how many times, I just wannna "get in the sack"....as Keanu himself once said....

Posted by: lusenkea on February 9, 2004 10:36 AM
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