December 17, 2003
that smoke coming from my pocket is not my credit card

Shopping wasn't so bad last night actually.
I managed to get several things crossed off my list.

So of course I had to treat myself to something.

The trend this season of monograms and initials is going to be my financial ruin. I love things with K's on them, and this pre-dates my Keanu fandom, since it's my initial too.

So, last night when I saw these adorable camisole/underwear separates with pink embroidered monograms I had to splurge.

And there's nothing to do while waiting in line to pay for underwear than fantasize about the adventures you'll have whilst wearing it right?

Keanu? He just can't stand it anymore. He must meet the hilarious girl from keanuvision. Phone calls are made. A dinner date is set.

Steaks are consumed, along with much fine wine (I defer to his selection and am not disappointed).

Of course we hit it off smashingly, as I'm not intimidated by his brilliance or his success. How great is that for him?

We rush through our after-dinner cappucinos (what? you think I'd skip it? this is my fantasy after all) in order to get somplace where we can get naked. Once we have our privacy he can't keep those big ol' bass playing paws off of me. He kisses down my neck and then stops as the pink embroidered K shows itself, just above my heart. I get a quizzical look.

"Hello? Conceited much?" I remind him that my name also begins with a K. He gives a little blush and closes his eyes, gives a little headshake then smiles.

More yummy make-out goodness and then I feel my attention being called by a slightly whiskered chin grinding into my hipbone. I look down and see the brown-eyed boy showing me an R stitched in pink on my underwear . He's holding the corner up by his teeth, and again with the look.

I blink.
He raises his eyebrow.

I smile. "Oh.....that. Um.....yeah, that's totally for Reeves".

it wahs | from inside the mind of krix at December 17, 2003 10:46 AM .


You know he reads this stuff don't you...;)

Posted by: Keanuette on December 17, 2003 12:05 PM

gah! krix, you're killing me here! and yes, i hope he reads this stuff... ;)

Posted by: lori on December 17, 2003 12:46 PM

Bad, bad girl...BTW, cappuccino after a steak&wine dinner? In Italy you could be arrested for such a crime. You'll have you're typical Italian cappucino exclusively in the morning, preferribly before 11. No milk must enter your stomach in proximity of a meal: and if you've ever had a real Italian meal you can understand why. So, no cappucino after lunch, or dinner. In case, a strong, hot expresso, which, BTW, I see is served to Keanu& happy company after dinner in SGG (at least, the very small espresso cups in some stills from the movie suggeted that: it seems they had an excellent meal in a very classy restaurant: can't wait to check it personally, but I'll have to wait untill FEBRUARY, I think: seems they want to realise SGG for St. Valentine's Day here in Italy...

Posted by: breeze on December 17, 2003 02:15 PM

What a way to pass the time by! All I usually think about is why do I always choose the line that ends up calling for "price check, aisle 3" or something along that line! LOL

Posted by: lisa on December 17, 2003 02:17 PM

OMG! i'm pretty new here, but i'm're awesome, krix!

Posted by: diana on December 17, 2003 04:07 PM

Wheeeee! I had to read that twice. I got a little confused around the "R" paragraph. I thought the "R" was peeking from somewhere *beneath* the undies. Thinking maybe you had undergone a special bikini wax, creative girl that you are. ;)'s been a long, hard day.

Posted by: r.j.girl on December 17, 2003 04:34 PM

Yeah, my sentence structure was pretty bad there.
I think I need an editor.

Posted by: krix on December 17, 2003 04:42 PM

No,no,no...not at all. I just tend to get a bit dyslexic after a long day. The story is fantasy perfection!

Posted by: r.j.girl on December 17, 2003 04:48 PM

Yes, but I had to futz with it anyway. ;)

Posted by: krix on December 17, 2003 04:54 PM

I love this site! Can you see me smiling from way over there? Because it feels like you should. Another awesome entry krix! Bravo!

Posted by: Zen on December 17, 2003 06:19 PM

Funny. Funny. Funny. Luv it.

Posted by: w on December 17, 2003 06:35 PM

OMG! I'm rolling. You're the best Krix! Man, I hope he reads this stuff! The man with no computer...

Posted by: Rhonda, somewhere in Texas on December 17, 2003 08:23 PM

and yes... definitely smiles at this one, krix!

Posted by: phoenix IX on December 17, 2003 11:43 PM

Hahahahaha!! You're the best krix! Hilarious stuff.

I nearly choked on my morning coffee, I was laughing so loud... and I need to do some cleaning on my keyboard, too.

Posted by: Maddi on December 18, 2003 12:00 AM

sqeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal ; 0

Posted by: tess on December 18, 2003 11:28 AM

On a second reading: the smoke from your that by chance the infamous embroided pants?

Posted by: Breeze on December 18, 2003 02:03 PM
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