February 25, 2002
Hardball recap pt 3

Here's more of
Krix plays Hardball (in her VCR)
(please note that there are some total spoilers in this, so if for some reason you haven't seen this movie yet, you might not want to read it)

Ok, it's another day and another game. D.B. Sweeney continues to be an asshole, and not only does he get Jamal kicked off the team, he puts the kibosh on Miles' magical headphones. Conor brings the team in to let the bad guys face them. He makes a great point about the League. That it should be about the kids playing, not about the trophy that D.B. brings home, or to the office as it were. He also breaks the news that this is his last game. Kids are bummed.
The other team's chatter breaks Miles' concentration and they lose the game. D.B let's out a "Boo-Yah" and frankly I'd like to kick him in the nuts.
That night, it's the $12,000 game, and Conor and Ticky watch through the window at Sluggers. Keanu gives a great performance. Conor's emotions run the gamut. He's stressed and desperate. "Never again."
When it looks like the bet is lost, he's freaked. And when they pull it out at the buzzer he's on the gambler's winning high. He and Ticky show up at Duffy's singing Big Poppa. It's short lived, though. Duffy asks "What now?" Yeah, Conor, WHAT NOW? You saved your ass this time, are you gonna keep living like this? Coaching crack babies? Hmm, Conor sure seems to care about a team he just bailed on. He doesn't have to keep coaching. But you can tell, he's changed.
Next day. Ticky comes over, and the plan is that he and Conor are going to go place another bet with Fink. One thing I want to comment on. There's a pizza box on the top of the TV (which is on top of another TV, heh, white trash decor), in the exact same place there was a pizza box presumably weeks ago when the barber's son paid a visit. There was some discussion on a list I'm on whether this was a continuity error. I'd just like to say again, that I know guys like Conor. It's the same pizza box. He also has no clean forks and is using at least one coffee cup as an ashtray. His trash can is overflowing with beer cans and if you look in his fridge there's nothing but a half bottle of spicy brown mustard, and an empty Miracle Whip jar with the knife still in it. I'm suprised he actually has sheets on the bed. Anyway, they need to go to the field and drop off the equipment. There's a bit of a stand off at the field between Conor and the kids. Or actually between Conor and Conor. I love the "Hah!" action here. Great stuff. He tries, really tries to not give a damn, but he just can't help it and eventually loads the kids up to take them to see a real baseball game, leaving Ticky "flapping in the breeze". Aww, poor Ticky. Whatever. Go Conor! The whole Stadium thing is cute, there's a little cheesy slo-mo stuff, but all and all it's just right. Kids are happy and Conor is happy. Again, Reeves works his powers of cuteness just by sipping through a straw. Speaking of cuteness, next is a great scene between Conor and Miss Wilkes. More cute chemistry and if I were her? His ass would have been dragged into that classroom and thrown across the desk then and there. Good thing I'm not a teacher at a catholic school.
Anyway, the team makes it to the finals and coach Conor suprises them with some spiffy new uniforms. Even G-Baby gets one. It's the epitome of heart-warming.
It's a good game. And the tune that they play here, is NOT on the soundtrack, which it should have been, coz it's real groovy.
Last inning, and Conor brings Miles back in to pitch. Miles knows they're gonna sweat him, but Conor has faith, and with a little help from Conor, the team, and the crowd in the stands singing Big Poppa, he finds the zone even without his headphones. D.B is visibly annoyed, Heh.
All they need is one run. In typical movie fashion it's down to two outs, and G-Baby goes in for Jefferson, who's busy sucking his inhaler. D.B. doesn't mind side-stepping the rules when it looks like they'll benefit him, again I say :Asshole.
We don't see the end of the game yet. Next we see Conor dropping off Kofi and G. They can't get into the building, though because something obviously bad is going down. We see that Jamal has joined a gang since being kicked off the team. Sad. Kofi and G-Baby go around to the back just in time to get caught in the crossfire of a gang hit. FUCK! G-Baby has caught a stray bullet through the heart and is still and quiet in his brothers arms. This sucks. Really bad. Especially because this sensless shit happens in urban areas everywhere. I can recall at least 2 similar deaths in Las Vegas in the past year. So fucking sad. All comparisons to The Bad News Bears or Mighty Ducks end here and now. This isn't a movie about the underdogs pulling it out and winning, it's about so much more.

...more later

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