July 21, 2003
Embracing the Bastard

Thank you to Wrygrass who sent out an article/interview* from August's Starlog magazine that included this from Keanu about the upcoming Constantine role:

"I've read a few of the comics, and I really like the character of Constantine," Reeves says. "I like his ambivalence, his vitality, his darkness and his anger. I also appreciate his underlying grace and love for humanity. And I love him as a figure who is sort of the ultimate [example] of the existential 'God is dead' [argument]. Hellblazer literalizes a kind of Heaven and Hell and that type of Catholic background, and Constantine's saying, 'The nine deities, the nine devils, all of you get out of here. Just leave us alone.' He's the ultimate man without all of the other kinds of entities. I love the dialogue, because he finds out something else in his quest. He finds out something about himself and his humanity."

OK, I have no idea what he's talking about, really.

I did, however, get my copy of "Dangerous Habits" that I mentioned in this entry, and let me tell you, what a great story. I can only hope they use the best elements of it for the movie. The more Hellblazer I read, the more fascinated with John C. I am and the more hope I have for this film. I hope that Keanu has reason to read a few more of the comics and that he really embraces the bastard. Because that's where the beauty and challenge to an actor of the character is, and it will be much more difficult to play and sell.
But if they try and make him a "hero", this film might suck.

Because the humanity of John Constantine is a tricky thing, innit?

*(the rest of the article was Reloaded stuff that we have pretty much heard before)

cinema , constantine | from inside the mind of krix at July 21, 2003 02:45 PM .

yeah, ok, but it's *SO* looking like they're screwing around too much with the character. i *want* to love it, i really do...

Posted by: lori on July 21, 2003 03:47 PM

I know, I'm trying to remain hopeful, though.
I really want to see Reeves make all these comic fanboys eat their words.

Posted by: krix on July 21, 2003 04:26 PM

I hear ya, krix!

Posted by: phoenix IX on July 22, 2003 02:07 AM
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