April 04, 2002
Keanu Mojo

Thank you to kaz for this little tidbit from the Sydney Morning Herald (5.04.02)

At the Old Fitzroy Hotel in Woolloomooloo they're performing "a raunchy sex-and-greed play", Dogs Barking. The other night, Keanu Reeves visited the show and one of the bar staff asked a big favour. Could they have his cigarette packet? And that's why, each night, when Christopher Tomkinson smokes a cigarette from a packet of Marlboros, the cast draws thespian inspiration from a packet that has been handled by a real Hollywood star. We thought we should share this.

Sayyyyyy, I could use a little inspiration now that I've taken up the guitar again. Maybe something that's been on stage at a real rock and roll concert? Like, say, maybe......

Does he 'glow' or does he 'sweat'? Who cares, LOOK AT THAT ARM!

C'mon baby, support the arts!

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