August 14, 2002
Not something you want to see for real

One more from's Matrix DVD captures....


I think I'll call this:

"You did what to the Norton?"

spoony | from inside the mind of krix at August 14, 2002 05:28 PM .


I like! :D

Posted by: Keanuette on August 14, 2002 05:39 PM

Krix, I'm afraid he might possibly "Get his Donnie on" if something happened to the Norton.

Posted by: Rhonda on August 14, 2002 06:12 PM

lol, yeah he might get uipset about the norton =)

Posted by: kat on August 15, 2002 05:46 AM

my oh my, he can look so damn fierce!!!

Posted by: tess on August 15, 2002 07:24 AM

LOL! Like I had said on a list we're on, I love your quote for this picture!! I've been checking it out everyday cause it makes me laugh! LOL!

Posted by: Jena on August 17, 2002 02:53 PM

LMAO - and thanx for the birthday wish Krix :)

Posted by: Zel on August 20, 2002 06:20 PM
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