November 28, 2002
I'd like seconds, please

Whinnymay asked for Ass Friday to come a day early this week.
But I just can't buck tradition like that.
That would make it Ass Thursday and that's just wrong.

But what's Thanksgiving without some nice stuffing, right?


Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday.

spoony | from inside the mind of krix at November 28, 2002 07:54 AM .

lmao! happy thanksgiving krix!!

Posted by: kat on November 28, 2002 08:21 AM

w00t! We should get THAT every Thursday, damnit! :D Happy Thanksgiving, krix!

Posted by: skits on November 28, 2002 08:22 AM

We don't have thanksgiving in my country, but if we did, I would most certainly say thanks for that picture... AND for finding your site! (Just before the hype started!) Have fun with Eric & don't drink too much. -No wait, on second thought, DO drink too much, you deserve it!

Posted by: Julie on November 28, 2002 08:36 AM

Oh, I definitely drank too much...
I woke up with the hiccups this morning.

Posted by: krix on November 28, 2002 08:40 AM

I am thankful for Krix and her wonderful twisted sense of humor; the fact that she is a fan of Keanu's; and that she blogs so she can share with the rest of us.

Posted by: Tyler on November 28, 2002 11:50 AM

Be safe Krix. Hope you have wonderful Holidays!

Posted by: Tyler on November 28, 2002 11:51 AM

yummykeanustuffing! thankyouthankyouthankyou, krix!

Posted by: Lori on November 28, 2002 01:58 PM

Nice stuffing...ROFL!

Posted by: Keanuette on November 28, 2002 02:38 PM

Tomorrow is my birthday. I'm looking foward to an aromatherapy facial, dinner with friends and an awesome picture of Keanus ass. Thank you for sticking with tradition.

Posted by: Blue on November 28, 2002 03:37 PM

Krix, you have just made my entire day. This definately perked me up, after my overdose on turkey. Ahh, the man is hot. Thank you Krix

Posted by: whinnymay on November 28, 2002 09:44 PM


Posted by: kd on November 29, 2002 09:23 AM
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