October 15, 2004
don't say I never gave you Flowers


Let's have a Bass Friday.

Here's a live clip of Flowers, an unreleased Dogstar tune. Reeves goes off on his own at the end, it's fun.

dogstar rocks | from inside the mind of krix at October 15, 2004 11:07 AM .

Flowers...oh Krix you shouldn't have! ;)
Happy Bass Friday! :)

Posted by: Lisa on October 15, 2004 12:10 PM

Thanks for the dog*flowers!
In return, I send you dogroses and dogviolets.
(cyberflowers, of course)@-->-

BTW, the bassman seems to like to go off on his own -
wasn't there something on one of the SharonO. episodes?

Posted by: Niobe on October 15, 2004 12:38 PM

You...DID...something beautiful to that picture, didn't you? I love it, and thank you so much for b-ass Friday! great idea!

Will listen when I get home...*sigh* it has been a long week. I wish I was Sleepless in Vegas again...

Posted by: nudel on October 15, 2004 12:51 PM

I love roses, and Dogroses are a beautiful variety found both in the "real" and "virtual" gardens of the world...lovely ;-) Thanks for the flowers Krix! *smooch*

Happy Bass Friday everyone!

Posted by: shelz on October 15, 2004 12:55 PM

somehow he has a very doggie look to him in this pic (and i mean in that in the most non-heinous of ways!). like a sleek black lab. waggin' his tail. thanks, woman!

Posted by: lori on October 15, 2004 01:47 PM

white roses for you...pure and true...
a symbol of love...

Posted by: wanda on October 15, 2004 02:02 PM

You weren't kidding about the bass, either. Just listened and it's rocking my little computer speakers! yummy! THANKS!

Posted by: Nudel on October 15, 2004 06:52 PM

Damn! His bass playing was sexy! I could feel the heat coming off his guitar! Bret should have stayed silent. LOL

Posted by: Joanna on October 16, 2004 01:34 PM

Thank you for the song, I'd never heard this one. I love Rebecca, but I miss Brett.

Posted by: Zen on October 17, 2004 12:27 PM

roses and more roses...................

Posted by: kyss on October 17, 2004 03:18 PM

the roses are beautiful ;).....

Posted by: kyss on October 17, 2004 03:27 PM

i luv the sunflowers...too. ;)

Posted by: kyss on October 17, 2004 03:32 PM
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