September 02, 2005
Four Thee One


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February 07, 2005
Oh, and......


Great googly-moogly, the man can work some stubble.

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January 26, 2005
sweet mary magdeline of the rechargable double-A's


gasp. that look.

New photo from Hong Kong magazine MILK, via Keanuweb, who will have a translation of the interview soon.

Must. Go. Change. Underwear.

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December 17, 2004
Le Sigh. Le Thud.


Club-Keanu has unearthed some gorgeous "new" photographs from the infamous Greg Gorman photoshoot with Keanu. Click here to see the others...

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October 26, 2004


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October 02, 2004
This can't wait until Monday

Thanks to Joy for this Entertainment Weekly Celebrity Photography link featuring Keanu.


Photograph by Robert Maxwell October 19, 2003 Los Angeles

''What I like about Keanu is the sense of shyness about him,'' says Maxwell, who shot the Matrix Revolutions stud at an empty soundstage. ''You'd expect more of a cocky, suave [guy] since he's such a sex symbol. But he was very simple.'' Hence Maxwell's ''rebellious'' decision: forgo a sci-fi-centric setup for one with a relaxed vibe. ''I tend to wing every shoot, and I found him just sitting there a thousand times more interesting.''

I've liked Maxwell's work for a while, and now I like his attitude as well.

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September 24, 2004
well armed and dangerously hott



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September 16, 2004
Oh, Eddie you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my secret hydro-energy lab facility.....Hey Eddie!

Ah, Eddie Kasalivich. With your slavic last name and your college degree, you're the type of boy I could bring home to meet my father.


How I love your scruffy, bulky, machinisty goodness.

You make hypothermia sexy.


I love you so much Eddie, that even though your movie kinda sucked, I still defend you and your ability to outrun a massive explosion on your motorcycle. Even if it involves yelling at Roi to "shut up and get out of my car!"


Your breath smells of sardines, and you're sort of a slob but you have good taste in winterwear and I still and always will hold you in a special place in my heart, Eddie.

That's why it's so sad that you grew up to be a serial killer....

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September 14, 2004



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September 04, 2004
Have a scruffy lovely weekend


Big Love and thanks to Petra for scanning this scruffilicious picture and translating a nice fluffy article from German magazine, Brigitte.

A good name... The man was young and blond, unkempt and absolutely gorgeous. He was hitchhiking. Two women picked him up, both clearly older than him, and at the first motel he and one of them hopped into the creaking bed. Afterwards, the woman was as young and happy as never before in her life. The title of the film was ‘Thelma & Louise’, the teenage hitchhiker’s name was Brad Pitt, who after this memorable little appearance became the biggest movie star and heart-throb of the world. And the moral of this story? No other role can enchant women as much as the role of the younger lover. Another example? Dustin Hoffman’s breathtaking career took off in 1967 with “The Graduate” - in which he plays a young man just out of college, who has a hot affair with one of his parents’ friends. In Keanu Reeves’ case, things are a little bit different, but only a little bit. After all, Keanu Reeves had already been a movie start when every woman in every cinema around the world fell in love with him. He was a big action hero; do ‘Speed’ and, of course, ‘Matrix’ ring a bell? The women who saw these films thought Keanu Reeves was not too bad, and kept on dreaming about Brad Pitt. Until this year, when they discovered Keanu in the funny, romantic film ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson. In this film, he plays an extraordinarily well brought-up young doctor, sensitive, with feeling, and charming. And guess who he is in love with? Exactly. Diane Keaton. Who could, without any mathematical sophistries, be his mother. And his love for her is so wonderfully genuine, and he never ever does anything wrong. With this role, Mr Reeves has won every woman’s heart. Without exception. Ask any woman you know. You say, ‘Keanu’, and the woman will blossom and won’t get tired of going into raptures about this marvellous creature’s velvety brown eyes. Without fail. Give it a try! However, what’s funny about this is: For his romantic coming-out, Keanu Reeves had to be nearly 40 years old - his birthday is on 2 September. Which only goes to show once again: The role of the younger lover carries a magic that overrides all rules. -STEFANIE HENTSCHEL

Also, speaking of his scruffiness, Keanuweb has a cute In Touch mag scan on the topic as well...

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September 02, 2004
in no particular order


So, Keanu....did you feel any different when you woke up this morning?

Not really, huh?

I'll bet that being forty isn't so bad and that being Keanu Reeves at forty? actually pretty fucking awesome.

I hope you're having a great day surrounded by those who mean the most to you, and I hope that you know that the whole world is full of people that adore you more than you can imagine. Be sure to thank your mum for us, ok?

Here are Forty Reasons Why I Love You...

  1. The belly scar
  2. The indescribable vibe you radiate that fills any space you're in and touches everyone in it
  3. The bass lines in "One Thing" and "Denial"
  4. Your dedication to your work
  5. Your laugh
  6. "Whoa"
  7. Your eyes, they're better than chocolate
  8. "It wah. It just wah-wahs"
  9. Your humble generosity
  10. Your commitment to your shoes
  11. Your outside is lovely, but inside you're even more beautiful
  12. The way you look in a tux
  13. The way you look in jeans and a t-shirt
  14. Sometimes, you sing along
  15. "Questioning absolutely everything has always been a part of my nature."
  16. You turned me on to Archers of Loaf
  17. Your lip scar
  18. The way you faint in Feeling Minnesota
  19. Spaceland
  20. You're genuinely funny
  21. Your mysteriousness
  22. Your openess
  23. Your integrity
  24. You're a damned good goalie....(in the first period)
  25. The way you stomp when you play bass
  26. The fact that combing your hair is "optional"
  27. You're deliciously tall
  28. ...and you have a great ass
  29. The way you wag your head when you're lost in the music
  30. "It's a little owl. And its eyes wiggle!"
  31. "...if you can make a woman laugh, you are seeing the most beautiful thing on God's earth"
  32. Your pigeon-toed-ness
  33. The incredible velvet wrecking-ball that is your voice
  34. You're an amazing storyteller
  35. You're so damned nice...
  36. ...yet sometimes you're fierce
  37. "Yeah"
  38. Your goofball smile
  39. The things you inspire in others
  40. The things you inspire in me

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August 27, 2004


According to the Aveeno Lip Report (?!) , Keanu has been voted as having Canada's most kissable lips. -via Keanuweb

I actually think he has the most kissable everything, especially further south... know, of the Canadian border.

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August 25, 2004
whisker burns


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August 19, 2004
two weeks shy


Like the fine wines he loves, Keanu himself just gets better with age.

Just a reminder that in two weeks he'll be leaving his 30's behind and along with the inevitable greetings and posts from the Keanurati on that day you can also leave a greeting on the fan-created virtual birthday card sites for him HERE, created by Lynn and HERE created by Cleo from Brazil. If anyone else has set up a site to welcome Reeves to middle-age, let me know!

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August 13, 2004
happening stance


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August 07, 2004

Hope everyone has a great weekend, here's a dose of scruffy, brown-eyed goodness.




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July 20, 2004
Now all we need is a volunteer to jump out of a cake


Hard to believe this guy's leaving his thirties behind in September, huh?

If you'd like, you can leave him a birthday wish on the virtual birthday card created by keanufan43.

-via keanua-z

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July 16, 2004
glorious goofball













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July 14, 2004



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July 09, 2004


"I just hate seeing pictures of myself where I have this look in my eye where it's like 'Ooh, I'm so sensitive and deep,'" he says, offering advice on Sky Magazine's cover shot. "Do I have some fucking puppy dog look on my face? Oh no, man! I'd rather be cross-eyed and kind of making some stupid face rather than that sombre, actor look. I don't think I'm the most handsome guy in the world, but I know I'm not quite a dog."

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July 08, 2004
Wet Jam


I wonder if Keanu ever completely changes the way he plays a song the night before a gig?


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June 28, 2004
damn, that's an ugly sweater


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June 23, 2004
Just Johnny






Time to re-boot....

-Johnny Mnemonic images from Club-Keanu

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I wonder what makes Keanu laugh?

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June 18, 2004
a scruffy smile, a glass of wine and thou

Keanu in Austin -photo from

I'm off to pick up some Two Buck Chuck and start the weekend.

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June 14, 2004
high octave

thanks to Petra for this image

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June 12, 2004
99 degrees in the shade

image from

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June 06, 2004
day of sun

thx kaz

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June 04, 2004
pool boy

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June 01, 2004
hey there

Thanks to Daria for this pic

I know, I have a lot to catch up on, more later...

Also, Happy Birthday to Niobe :)


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May 27, 2004
biochemically no different than eating large quantities of chocolate

If I knew you were coming... - thx to Rhonda for the pic

The Ultimate Decadent Chocolate Cake
  • 16 ounces semi-sweet chocolate, broken into small pieces
  • 3/4 cup butter
  • 1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
  • 10 eggs, separated
  • 1/4 cup Grand Marnier or Kahlúa
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon cream of tartar
Preheat the oven to 250 degrees F. Butter a springform cake pan. Dust the pan with unsweetened cocoa. Set aside.

Melt the chocolate and butter in the top of a double boiler. When melted, slowly add 3/4 cup of sugar and stir until dissolved. Remove from the heat.

In a separate bowl, beat the egg yolks until they are a lemon color. Add 1/4 cup of the hot chocolate mixture to the yolks and mix together. Add another 1/4 cup of the chocolate mixture to the eggs and mix. Continue this process until all the egg yolks are blended with the chocolate.

Return the chocolate mixture to the double boiler and cooked until slightly thickened. Add the Grand Marnier or Kahlúa and vanilla extract. Mix well.

Remove from the heat and allow to cool.

Beat the egg whites with an electric mixer, slowly adding half the remaining sugar to the egg whites, and beating until soft peaks are formed. Slowly add the remaining sugar and cream of tartar to the egg whites. Beat until stiff. Gently fold the chocolate mixture into the egg whites.

Pour the batter into the springform pan and bake for 3 hours.

Remove from the oven and cool. Handle the cake carefully because it can fall slightly. When room temperature, slide a knife around the sides of the springform pan and then remove the sides. Using a large knife, slice between the pan and the cake. Place the cake on a plate. Sprinkle with confectioners' sugar and chocolate shavings.

Serve within several hours after removing it from the springform pan.

Serves 12.

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May 20, 2004
like two limpid pools of.....erm....chocolate

scanned by me

what truths
lie behind
those eyes

the look
that took
my breath
my sighs

make me
so light headed

take me
take me

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May 18, 2004
caption this, please

image from KEANUFAN.COM

(pic from

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May 15, 2004
peace out

image from KEANUFAN.COM

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May 02, 2004
Hanging On

those hands...

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April 24, 2004

stephen hamel pic from the daily thud

Have a great weekend everyone.

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April 23, 2004
F is for "foxy"

photo by Karen Hardy Bystedt

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April 22, 2004
boy in black and white

smile, your nipple's showing!

the smirk that could make me do just about anything

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April 21, 2004

is the jacket going on or coming off?

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April 13, 2004

just because

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April 08, 2004
Have I told you lately.....?

soaring heart, screaming thigh trembles.....same thing (photo by ADC)

Dear Keanu,

You make me all creamy inside, like a cadbury egg.


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April 02, 2004

One of the songs I've learned recently was Something by George Harrison and it reminded me of this article, one of my favorites.

something in the way he moves me

Something in the way he moves

In defense of Keanu Reeves.

By Charles Taylor

Is there anyone in the movies who allows the camera to drink him in the way Keanu Reeves does? Movies have always yielded to performers with charisma and beauty. Sometimes the mechanics of a movie -- plot, dialogue -- can seem frozen for an instant as the camera basks in the person in front of it. There have been histories of the movies written in terms of genres and filmmakers. Perhaps one needs to be written in terms of erotics, the moments that break movies down in our minds into images of faces, bits of movement, a snatch of music on the soundtrack. Those moments seem to reveal other, more delicate, movies inside the one we're watching, as if we were in the midst of reading a novel and a symbolist poem had floated up between the lines.

"The Matrix" has already broken down in my head to moments of Keanu Reeves striding through crowded city streets, dank back alleys and the decaying rooms of ghost town tenements. Reeves' movements have always conveyed an unsettled mixture of eagerness and wariness (just as the combination of his muscular build and fine-boned face convey a mixture of strength and grace). Maybe it's the way he seems to be led forward by his shoulders as he walks, or the way he has of looking from side to side as he strides forward, scanning the scene he's already trudged into. If the film's protagonist, Neo, is a role that Reeves seems born to play, it's because it's the one that allows us to revel in his physicality, which has always been such a strong component of his acting.

Movement is accepted as part of the performance of a dancer or a comic. And certainly talking about the physicality of, say, Olivier as Henry V, or Kenneth Branagh as Hamlet, wouldn't surprise anyone. So why does it still startle some highbrow moviegoers and critics that, in an action movie, the way an actor moves is the performance? In her Entertainment Weekly review of "The Matrix," Lisa Schwarzbaum claims she "can't get [Reeves] in focus as an actor," but as for his "fine form," well that she can "clearly see and appreciate."

I don't think that the way Keanu Reeves looks or the way he moves is all there is to appreciate about the guy. But I often get the feeling that admitting to enjoying his physicality means that I'm failing my critic's responsibility of treating cinema as a serious art form, that having a sensual or kinetic response means abandoning intellect, that I'm forgetting to maintain that even failed or boring or pretentious art is more worthy of serious consideration than successful entertainment.

Let's face it: Love him or hate him, nobody wants to envision the movies without Keanu Reeves. If it weren't for him, what would snobs do to amuse themselves?

No doubt there are people who just don't dig Keanu Reeves. But I've almost never heard anyone content to say they merely dislike him: They loathe him. Subjected to more ridicule than perhaps any other movie star, Reeves is attacked with the enthusiasm people reserve for someone who truly drives them crazy. "Young, dumb and full of cum," is the way Reeves' hard-ass FBI boss describes the character he plays in "Point Break," a line that the Keanu haters themselves might have coined. I'm guessing, but I suspect that part of the vitriol directed at Reeves stems from the way he stirs up all the old arguments about the differences between actors and movie stars. Reeves is also a repository both for the lingering resentment over the attention and devotion that beauty continues to command in pop culture and the way in which he represents a subversion of traditional sex roles

In "Girlfriend," her new book about cross-dressing, Holly Brubach argues that drag sends conventional sex roles topsy-turvy, that while maintaining traditional images of femininity it "upholds the very definitions that it subverts; it is at once radical and deeply conventional." I'd argue the same applies to Reeves. Looking at good-looking people has been one of the great pleasures of the movies since the silents. But the performers who have offered themselves most willingly to the camera have almost always been women. Their seeming passivity has disguised the position of power they hold over the viewer. Ready for worship, they have presented themselves as if they were the sacred icons of pop culture. Men, on the other hand, have traditionally acted to deflect attention from themselves, as if doing anything less would seem unmanly or feminine.

Reeves is one of the few contemporary male stars whose presence acknowledges that people are out there in the dark looking at him. He's not narcissistic, just comfortable with himself, and his slight languidness encourages looking. That willingness to be looked at evokes -- in women as well as men -- a homosexual panic. I don't mean that as a sop to the rumors that have hovered around Reeves' sexuality -- though it's significant that we can conceive of a man comfortable with his good looks only as being gay -- but as a suggestion of how some people still feel threatened by men who don't conform to their ideas of what men should be.

For someone who's been most successful as the star of action movies, Reeves hasn't shown any interest in macho bluster. He may be playing hot dogs in "Point Break" and "Speed," but he doesn't swagger, not even in the scenes with his leading ladies. Like other actors of his generation -- Eric Stoltz, James LeGros, John Cusack -- Reeves is remarkably generous, even deferential, to the women he plays opposite. Look at the scenes between him and Sandra Bullock in "Speed." Reeves doesn't play them as a testosterone-jazzed cop out to show who's in charge -- he treats her as an equal partner in disaster, encouraging, even leaning on her, without once seeming less heroic or masculine.

It's surprising then that audiences that enjoy that sort of gender switcheroo haven't embraced Reeves. Maybe it's because they're the same kind of audiences that buy into fashionable notions about beauty being a false, oppressive standard. Reeves demonstrates that movies have never abandoned their veneration of the beautiful, and he does so at a time when that impulse is deeply suspect.

A film critic I know recently said to me that he thinks people look at Reeves and see nothing going on. He said they weren't looking too hard. Instead of the "serene blankness" Schwarzbaum described, I have almost never seen Reeves play a scene -- regardless of whether he or the movie was good or bad -- where he didn't seem completely concentrated. That commitment may have sometimes worked against him, leading him to appear overly serious in a crummy movie. But I'd prefer that to an actor condescending to a scene by signaling his contempt. Or to the furious scenery chewing that is often praised in the movies as fine acting -- Jennifer Jason Leigh in "Georgia" or "Kansas City"; John Malkovich in "Jennifer Eight" or "Rounders"; Gary Oldman in almost anything.

That sort of showy self-consciousness is often mistaken for off-screen intelligence. Unfortunately, people still assume that actors are the characters they play. Reeves is often talked about as if he is the slow-witted dude he played in the "Bill and Ted" movies. It's almost always his voice and the accents that he affects that's used as evidence against him. Sure, his British accent in "Bram Stoker's Dracula" was noticeably strained, and it's often counted against him. But nobody was good in that movie. (Coppola seemed more interested in his production design than in directing the actors.) If actors are often confused with the roles they play, they are also held accountable for the follies of their directors. Which is also what happened to Reeves in "Little Buddha": Any actor would have looked ridiculous done up in eyeliner and prancing around as Siddhartha. And yet, who could blame Reeves for wanting to work with Bernardo Bertolucci, especially after being so consistently mocked as a nontalent.

Dismissed as a slacker Ken doll whose work has been mostly teen comedies and action films, Reeves has been even more ridiculed when he's attempted to stretch himself. Reeves played Hamlet in a Winnipeg, Manitoba, stage production and received good reviews, but most of the attendant press about the performance mocked the very idea of him attempting the role. As Don John in Branagh's film of "Much Ado About Nothing," Reeves took a functional, nondescript villain and gave him an undercurrent of malevolence that the movie's brightness couldn't entirely dispel. (The element of inexplicability Reeves brought to the don's treachery made me wonder whether Shakespeare might have used the part as a first sketch for Iago, a character he wrote three years later.) The reviews were predictably nasty, but it's always a giveaway when people spend more time deriding the notion of a performance -- Keanu Reeves in Shakespeare! -- than the specifics of the actual acting.

Movies are only occasionally high art. And even when they are, they need the link to their tradition of sensual pleasure that Reeves stands for. Performers with his sort of charismatic sexiness can make you feel plugged in, alive to that pleasure. In a world of movies that are too often (to steal a phrase from a Mekons song) the empire of the senseless, Reeves is the red pill.

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April 01, 2004
keanu sorbet

Yeah, I'm completely evil for PUNK'D-ing you all but oh man, was it worth it. I wish the web were interactive enough that I could see some of your faces.

The comment that filled me with the most glee?

Smit too: "Man. You suck."

Hee! Precisely the effect I was going for, along with that slight nagging in the back of your mind that maybe I really had gone off the deep end into Kelso-land.

The key to a good fool is to carry it on way longer than needed.

Thanks to everyone, especially Red at AKN and the real Kutcher fans for being good sports.

Here's a little something to cleanse your palate with.

photo by ADC

photo by ADC

More yummy KEANU goodness in the morning.


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March 29, 2004
I feel faint.

The very first time I saw Something's Gotta Give in the theater and saw Keanu as Dr. Mercer against the background of beautiful blue sky and clouds I thought "damn, that's going to make some sweet screen captures...."

Well, big love to Keanuette. She has outdone hereself with a glorious SGG capture album over at

if I woke from a faint and saw this, I'd be sure I'd died and gone to heaven. SGG grabs from KEANU

Go check it out and get a healthy dose of yummy Dr. Mercer goodness.

And don't forget to pick up your own copy of the DVD tomorrow.

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March 18, 2004
deja vu

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March 17, 2004
I don't care that he's not Irish, I want to kiss him anyway

his smile is the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow

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March 14, 2004
more gesticulation

thanks to Club-Keanu for these captures

thanks to Club-Keanu for these captures

I didn't use these in the post yesterday but didn't want them to go to waste.

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March 11, 2004
and when I said 'dressed up'....

I really don't think anything else needs to be said

Niobe sent this Hiroshi Homma photo to complete the set of pictures in this entry.

Also, this week from

Virgo (August 23-September 22)
Speaking on your behalf, I hereby give notice to the cosmos that it must try harder to please you. Its lukewarm support will no longer be considered sufficient for your needs. Its roundabout approach to helping you fulfill your dreams must become more direct and straightforward -- or else! Specifically, I demand that the gods, fates, dispensers of karma, or however they want to be referred to, must, no later than March 13, 2004, begin to provide you with a steady stream of satisfying interpersonal encounters. This must include, though it is not limited to, more tender intimacy, more engaging friendships, and more interesting conversations.

I'm thinking of an interesting conversation I'd like to have with him right now....

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March 08, 2004
I can't wait to hear Zen's comment on the top photo...

Check out more at Club Keanu

Club-Keanu has a whole bunch of hand-rubbing, lip-pouting, goat-throwing, just-plain-cute screen captures from last year's MTV Moviehouse interview to promote Reloaded.

Check them out at the gallery.

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March 04, 2004
all dressed up

I actually really dig this tie

insert your own 'off the cuff' remark here....get it?

we were totally robbed of dressage on this one

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February 25, 2004
there's nothing more beautiful than his smile

thank you to the Daily Thud for this image

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twelfth fret

have a groovy wednesday

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February 24, 2004

don't watch that, watch thisI love this one so much I'm making a tshirt transfer of itmmm, those lips

sighdouble sightriple sigh

These scans are from Interview Magazine - 1991. You can see the full pages and read the article at Reeves Drive.

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February 23, 2004

PHOTO BY Yoshita Marutan - click for large image

PHOTO BY Yoshita Marutan - click for large image

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February 18, 2004

This great pic is from The DailyThud

I love his crinkle.

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February 16, 2004
he even makes a bad hair day look good

pic from CLUB-KEANU

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February 13, 2004
but baby, you are

"I hate the term sex symbol" Reeves says quietly.
"I don't think I'm a sex symbol. I don't think I look like a sex symbol either."

- Platinum - May/June, 1995

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February 12, 2004
Any Which Way

original cosmomen edited cover from club-keanu

What would be a perfect date?

One where we mutually had an exceptional time that had the wonderful thing that can happen on a first date where you are intoxicated with each other's company and everything becomes good in the world and there's hope and you're just excited to see them. And you have great ease with them. Just a good experience.

Are you single?

I am currently single.

And looking?

Begging, pleading.

Do you ever want to get married?

I think so.

Would a girl need to commit to riding around on a motorcycle to date you?

No. It would be fine if she didn't.

Do you like women to approach you, or do you prefer to approach women?

Yes. All of it. Any which way.

What are you still trying to figure out about women?

The figuring out is the fun part. It's always wonderful to get to know women with the mystery and the joy and the depth.

Is there anything you know to be true about women?

That if you can make a woman laugh, you're seeing the most beautiful thing on God's earth.

What's a turn-on?

I'm pretty easily amused.

Anything in particular? Eyes, legs, hair, cleavage...?

Oh, those all sound so good.

Do you have a least-favorite body part and a favorite body part?

I'm not telling you that. Are you crazy?

Where is the most outrageous place you've ever had sex?

I don't know...what is outrageous anymore? What I thought of as outrageous when I was 17, and now being 39, you know, that doesn't count.

Right, because at 17, having sex in your parents' bed is outrageous.

Yeah, and now you just shouldn't be doing that - it's creepy. You probably shouldn't have been doing it before, but you were 17. So let me think. I've made out in a cab, but I've never gone all the way in a cab. Or have I? No, you'd remember that right? Or maybe you wouldn't and that would be the only way that you did it. You know what? Okay, yeah, I did, but I don't remember. You can't be sober and have sex in the back of a cab.

Exactly. What's the craziest thing you've ever done to get a woman's attention?

I haven't done the letter-writing airplane in the sky or the ''Come over for dinner and now we're going to Paris'' thing. I can't wait to do those things, but I haven't done them yet. If I ever meet someone, we're going to have a good time, because I'm making a list.

-If ever there was an interview likely to cause spontaneous panty combustion, it's this one from Cosmo Men, November 2003...

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February 10, 2004
Romance is...

click for larger image

"Romance is giving joy to someone you love, and giving them something that you know as well. A moment's gesture, giving your love, giving your feeling. The romance is the specialness of the moment and the event and the gesture"

-Empire Magazine, October 1995

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February 01, 2004
Falco Fest

Apparently, today's all about the football.

could someone move that towel please?

Hunka-hunka hunky

seriously, move the damn towel

Ok, that's a little better

um, WOW...Sadly I couldn't find this pic any bigger, because the towel is definitely not in the way

possibly my favorite pic of Shane Falco

Hey! That's not Shane...That's OK, I HEART JON FAVREAU!

Yams, not just for Thanksgiving anymore, but I'd sure be thankful to be in this situation

is that your JUMBOTRON or are you just happy to see me?

Mmmmm, Shane

Mmmmm, Shane's ASS

ADDED 8:42 pm--

Thanks Niobe! Aieeeeee!
that's what I'm talking about

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January 31, 2004

image from Vogue-Japan courtesy POTD - Thank you to the fan that sent it

Have I mentioned that I require him like no other?

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January 27, 2004
freckle therapy

soothing like a cup of chamomille tea

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January 22, 2004
dude with a view

pic by ADC from arena mag

"The outside view of Hollywood, in terms of being a celebrity, is kind of a myth to me. It's ephemeral, it's like something that's not real. I can understand why people get confused, because, if you're outside it, it's fantasy.

| from inside the mind of krix at 06:00 PM | comments (6)
January 19, 2004
to offset monday morning blahs

For those of us that don't have the day off....a couple more pics from Roadshow

thoughtful boy

smiley boy

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January 17, 2004
(road)show me

V. Big Love to the fan that sent these scans from January's Roadshow magazine..

Hi! click me!

take a deep breath and click

now click this one

you might as well click here too

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January 15, 2004




-from Club-Keanu's Gallery

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January 06, 2004
nothing rhymes with orgasm, either

Thank you to the Keanu Pic-of-the-Day Club for these gorgeous DeChristo pictures...

...and for the translation of a French Premiere article about the session.

Friday, April 23, 1999, Miauhaus Studio on La Brea Ave. After a few uncertainties, we were worried that he wouldn't show up. Keanu Reeves suddenly appears on his motorcycle wearing a helmet and a grey three-piece suit. The bike, the same old black 70's Norton.

His agent, who also handles public relations worldwide for Sharon Stone, Christina Ricci and half a dozen of other clients, gives us exactly two hours to interview and photograph him. Therefore, the meeting will take place during his make-up session.

After turning down Speed 2 for The Devil's Advocate, Keanu Reeves totally disappeared from the media during a whole year. Thus, his name was no longer being associated with any of the multi-million-dollar Hollywood projects. He doesn't hide the fact that it was not only a choice... After a fourteen-year career, fatigue had accumulated even though his amazing face and look didn't show it. With a gross of 100 million dollars in only three weeks, The Matrix is the perfect movie for a comeback. If Keanu makes efforts to promote this film, he also knows how to remain a star: he accepts only a few rare photo sessions. For the simple reason that he hates them (like three quarters of the actors, by the way).

Reeves doesn't seem to be aware of the endless transactions that preceded his arrival after a night spent rehearsing with his band Dogstar. "May I smoke?" he worries. "Of course! It's for the French Premiere!" In Hollywood, the French are the worst "smoking polluters". Reeves hasn't shaved and is not willing to do so at all. "Depends on the razor you propose..." After five minutes of intense reflection, we tell him that it's not that important and that his morning shadow suits him quite well. Which, suddenly, makes him want to shave absolutely. "Now that we tell you it's okay, you want to shave! You really do have a contradiction streak!" - "Yeah, that's me", he says with his mocking smile. He goes to the bathroom. During the lathering stage, we talk about motorcycles a bit: no, he's never driven with Johnny Depp for the simple reason that he doesn't know him; he has a 70's Kawasaki 750, yes; otherwise, he's an ardent admirer of Nortons. We get back to make-up and questions.

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January 05, 2004


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viva las thud

image courtesy Elsinore of the Daily Thud

He's so Vegas in this, I love it.

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December 31, 2003
to tide you over

Don't ask me why I've waited until the last minute to begin working on some sort of "end of the year" hooha post, but I did.

Anyway, while I'm sucking down a couple soy lattes and poking through the THOUSAND freaking entries from this year for some highlights, here's a large, desktop sized scan of this pic from Arena Magazine.

click for large image

By the way, if I hear Outkast's Hey Ya one more time today I'm gonna shake someone like a polaroid, baby.

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December 26, 2003
is touslable a word?

click for larger image


This picture (from KeanuWeb) makes me want to run my fingers through his hair.

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December 09, 2003
Dashing as always...


Keanu at last night's Something's Gotta Give premiere in LA.

Thanks to POTD

Check out Club Keanu for more pics and links to pics

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November 23, 2003
chocolate keanu


Ooooh, Club-Keanu has some lovely new pictures of Keanu, who's in New York doing press for Something's Gotta Give. He's just yummy in the chocolatey brown suit and (new?)shoes.

So speaking of chocolate, you know who RAWKS?

Julie Does.

I got a fabulous care package to help me with my fear of flying from her yesterday, all the way from Amsterdam. Along with a Kustom Keanu enhanced survival handbook, something with eyes that wiggle, and other very cool things, she also sent me.....Chocolate K-E-A-N-U!

I plan on savoring every nibble and making it last a long time. Or at least until the stewardess flight attendant starts pouring the wine.

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November 18, 2003
go boom

Thank you to Rhonda for passing along this quote and to LoriO for the pic

"He would come home from school, and there was nobody home, so I would take him to the studio. He wanted to be with the guys. I think he was very happy being over there with the band, cause we were loud and always laughing, you know? We were always like playing with him all the time, and there would be a bass guitar, and he would just be hitting it with his hands, because it would, "BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!"

-Alice Cooper
A&E Biography

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November 08, 2003
Rev your engine

BIG love and kisses to Deborah who sent me a copy of Arena!

This pic of him is from the fold-out poster (hot chick on one side, Keanu and Uma "Kill Bill" on the other), and there are some other great pics by photographer Amanda DeCadenet (whose name I'm sure you recognize) as well. I'm sure most of you have seen them already, but I'll be doing my own scans next week for wallpapers and stuff.

click for larger image

Also, I spoke to a friend earlier today and she picked up a copy of Arena at Tower records, so if you're not in the UK, you might check that out.

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November 07, 2003
Wise words from a good man

opening day in Japan - pic from Keanuweb

"I just think there's such beauty in life, in living, that oftentimes it's amazing to me just how badly we treat each other. We have this wonderful opportunity to be alive, and yet people insist on just treating each other with complete disregard -- not just the atrocities of the world but just the littlest gesture. You see the way people treat other people and you think, 'Did you just do that? Did you just say that? What are you thinking?' That's something I think about a lot, really. I watch my little goddaughter and I think, life is so precious, so beautiful. There's so much possibility and potential in it. It's all such a gift. So why can't we just enjoy it?"

~Keanu Reeves

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November 06, 2003

he really is a vision - pic from EW magazine

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November 01, 2003
Ooooh, but I like him when he's scruffy and crass

adjusting the package?

Dear Keanu,

If you do something like this, I'm going blog it.
I can't help myself.

Thought you should know...


Thanks to Shelly of the Darkroom and

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October 31, 2003
Harker at the door

Elsinore sent out this great Dracula pic tonight, it's nice and spooky.

I cropped it to fit the blog, join the Thud for the full version.

If you're not already a member of The Daily Thud, I recommend joining.

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October 27, 2003
tonight's premiere

Actor and cast member Keanu Reeves, who stars as Neo, arrives for the world premiere of the film 'Matrix Revolutions' at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, October 27, 2003. In the final chapter of the Matrix trilogy, the rebels' long quest for freedom culminates in a final explosive battle. The premiere is the first in the Frank Gehry designed music hall. REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

Actor and cast member Keanu Reeves, who stars as Neo, arrives for the world premiere of the film 'Matrix Revolutions' at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, October 27, 2003. Shown here as he glances around looking for a mysterious 'krix', whom Joel Silver promised he had left a voice mail invitation for. Part of this caption is not real, see above picture for Photo Credit

These are pictures from tonight's Revolutions Premiere that I found over at Yahoo. There are also some of the whole cast, etc. And I'm sure there will be more tomorrow.

He looks dashing as always.....sigh.

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October 24, 2003
try not to think about it

Wipe everything else out of your mind.

Think only of this.....

distracting, no?

the belly scar

...the leather pants

that wisp of hair that you want to brush away from his face and then continue to run your fingers though

...that look in his eyes


...let him be a distraction

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October 22, 2003
Thanks Zen!

so suave

Big Love and thanks to Zen for sending me a copy of Flare from the great white north.

This picture of Keanu looking dashing at Cannes is inside with the article.

And thanks to Club-Keanu we've already read the article and seen the cover, but can I just say that I can't get over how beautiful Carrie-Anne's eyes are.

---Speaking of Club Keanu, I believe they are having some down time due to a server move. I'm sure Chicks will let us know when everything is back up to speed. Hurry Back!

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October 11, 2003

Yes, I picked up the November Cosmo while I was out tonight.
I won't be at my scanner until monday, but Club-Keanu has the pictures here and they're yowsa-good.

Does anyone have the text of the article up yet?
I've had 7 shots of espresso so if not, I might be up for a bunch of typing.

It's very swoony....

Here's some high points:

Cosmo: What would be a perfect date?

Keanu: One where we mutually had an exceptional time, that had the wonderful thing that can happen on a first date where you are intoxicated with each other's company and everything becomes good in the world and there's hope and you're just excited to see them. And you have great ease with them. Just a good experience.


Cosmo: Is there anything you know to be true about women?

Keanu: That if you can make a woman laugh, you are seeing the most beautiful thing on God's earth.


Cosmo: What's the craziest thing you've ever done to get a woman's attention?

Keanu: I haven't done the letter-writing airplane in the sky or the "Come over for dinner and now we're going to Paris" thing. I can't wait to do those things, but I haven't done them yet. If I ever meet someone, we're going to have a good time because I'm making a list.

You know what, dude?
Forget Paris, just make me laugh, and let me make you laugh.

That's all I would ever want.

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October 09, 2003
Apparently, he couldn't find a lampshade

hee! Thanks JENA for passing along this pic

Ok, I'd really like to know what's going on here.

Anyone care to caption this?

(more pics found here, via club-keanu)

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could someone please stuff my tongue back in my mouth?

Preferably this guy, using his.....

pic via KeanuWeb

This is from last night's Reloaded DVD release party in Hollywood.

-more at Yahoo News


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October 07, 2003
how do you say "THUD" in Russian?, the Keanu Reeves - Russian Edition fansite has been added to the links.

It takes a little clicking around to find your way if you're like me and the only russian you know is Stolichnaya.

But totally worth it...

| from inside the mind of krix at 04:17 PM | comments (13)
September 25, 2003
circa 1989

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September 19, 2003
So long and thanks for all the....ass

going out on a high, ass

So, it's been 52 weeks of Ass Friday.

A year ago I picked up on an idea originally thought up by Tracy of Time for Your Meds. Instead of answering questions for the friday five or whatever for blogfodder, she suggested posting a picture of your or a loved one's tush instead and she dubbed it Ass Friday. Since there is no ass more beloved around here than Keanu's I thought "what the heck, it's content". I never realized how popular it would become (though I should have). And it's been fun (how could it not be?) and I am grateful to all of you have sent in pictures. Special thanks to Elsinore for today's pic, and for coming through a number of times when I made a special request.

And I know you're not going to like this, but.......

Today I officially announce the end (no pun intended) of Ass Friday.

I'm sorry, especially after reading so many comments about how you look forward to it, etc.'s time.

Why? A number of reasons. First off, there's only so many pictures of Keanu's butt out there. There are screen grabs, but I've pretty much used up most of the decent ones available and until I have a way to do my own DVD captures I'm not finding enough pictures that meet my standards. Also I've passed on several great shots of Reeves' backside because they were papparazzi shots, but I've probably let a few that would not make the cut otherwise go up just for the sake of having something, and I don't want to have to be ignoring my own guidelines for the sake of AF.

Another reason is that I really don't want Ass Friday to be keanuvision's "claim to fame". When I went to my first becky show at the Musician's Institute this June, I met some Keanu fans. Someone pointed me out as 'the one that posts the ass pictures every friday'. Frankly, I wanted to stop Ass Friday right then.
Instead I decided to try and always include something in the entry with the pictures - an article, mp3, or just something to spark discussion other than "woo! sweet ass!".

But still, it's started to become not so fun - an obligation - and just the pressure I put on myself to have to have something every freaking friday has become sort of a drag.

So thank you all for your enthusiasm, and thanks to Keanu for such a photogenic derrierre. Ass Friday will live on in the archives.

And you know, it's been so single-minded.
I mean there's a whole world of bare chest / belly scar / package pictures of him out there that we could be lusting after.

And who says we have to limit that to one day a week?

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September 12, 2003
Reason to Smile

I just really love this picture

By the way, this Top Ten by Chianti is brilliantly funny.

| from inside the mind of krix at 04:21 PM | comments (8)
if you can't dance....

Martin's ass getting jitterbuggy with it in Tune in Tomorrow - thanks Rhonda for the pic

I love watching Keanu dance. He's got such a natural rhythm and grace of movement that it's not suprising how he took to the choreographed fighting in the Matrix films (I offer the Tea House fight with Seraph as a prime example).
I was a little suprised to learn that he needed dance lessons for Sweet November, maybe he just needed a little brushing up.
The jail scene in the Replacements always makes me smile, but I think my favorite Keanu dancing is as Winston getting funky in The Night Before. Oh baby boy....

And this segues us into the next track for the K-mix:

Spice Girls - If You Can't Dance (right click and save please, don't stream)

If you can't dance, if you can't dance.
If you can't dance. if you can't dance
If you can't dance to this you can't do nothing for me baby
If you can't dance, if you can't dance
If you can't dance. if you can't dance
If you can't dance to this you can't do nothing for me baby

Now we got the flavour, the bad behaviour,
the rhythm the melody, the juice for you to savour,
rockin' and vibing somebody is jivin',
You need to take a tip, sort it out,
Get a grip whenever I go out wherever it may be,
There never is a Keanu but a dweeb lookin'at me
but even if I did score he's a loser on the dance floor,
Take a deep breath count 1 2 3.

Even when his eyes met mine
his slamming shoes were out of time,
Can't you just feel the groove
why don't you move,
it's easy can't you see,
take my hand and dance with me

If you can't dance, if you can't dance.
If you can't dance. if you can't dance
If you can't dance to this you can't do nothing for me baby
If you can't dance, if you can't dance.
If you can't dance. if you can't dance
If you can't dance to this you can't do nothing for me baby.

Hey macho
Te vi el otro dia
Me dio mucha, mucha alegria
Eschucha la musica
Ay, madre mia
Hey chico, tu no tienes nada
Que susto, que sueco, que polla, que tieso
Oh, no me toques
Ay, que me lo follo
Venga, venga, marcha salida
Toma esta musica, me encanta deprisa
Cuidado, cuidado, que chico, que loca,
Toma mi ritmo
Me voy contigo
Hey macho te quiero
Quiero un hombre, necesito, si pero no tu nombre
Hey macho, Hey macho
Si no bailas esto no puedes nada conmigo.

(repeat chorus)

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September 06, 2003
I wish I'd known you when I was breaking rocks open...

...and looking at the sparkles inside.

| from inside the mind of krix at 01:59 PM | comments (8)
September 05, 2003
I'm Sari

Even though it will probably mean I'll be coming back as an arthritic otter that's allergic to shellfish in my next life, I can't help a-lustin' after Prince Siddhartha's lovely glutes when the silky fabric wraps around them like this.

I'd like to take the middle way right up those thighs....

Happy Ass Friday, Namaste!

| from inside the mind of krix at 08:55 AM | comments (12)
September 02, 2003

pushing forty never looked so good

Happy Birthday Keanu.

| from inside the mind of krix at 12:00 AM | comments (24)
August 29, 2003
It's Friday, I'm in love

image from Movie Star magazine

Hope everyone has a safe holiday weekend.

| from inside the mind of krix at 05:56 PM | comments (7)
Faux Ass Friday?

is it faux ass friday?

Today's pic is from the upcoming Matrix Revolutions, and it's of Neo going mano a mano (with a spark spewing whatsit) with someone, probably Bane.

But(t), is it Keanu?

Someone wrote to me earlier this week asking if I thought any of the screen grab AF shots were actually of his double. It had actually never occured to me that they would use doubles for shots of simply walking away. What kind of insane director would use a lesser ass when he has the gold standard of assery right there?

I have to say that after a year of selecting and posting Ass Friday pictures, I feel confident that I can tell the real thing or not. And I fully believe that every single Ass on every single Friday has belonged to Mr. Reeves.

Until now.

This pic makes me question my own abilities.

The feet look right.....or do they?

And if it's not Keanu, who is it?

Chad Stahelski most likely.

He has doubled Keanu as Neo in all three of the Matrix films, and he's a hunkamuffin in his own right. A lot of the serious stunt work we are creaming over on screen in The Matrix movies is actually Chad and if anyone deserves to stand in and give Keanu a friday off, it's him.

Not that I'm sure that it is, but it might be.

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August 27, 2003
whimper and swoon

Rex Features has more images from the Willy Rizzo shoot in Paris.

That's the guy. That's the sleepy, barefoot, hanging out in a posh suite in a t-shirt and faded jeans guy that I adore.

Oh good lord, I hope these are published with an interview or something somewhere soon.

(via club-keanu)

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August 25, 2003


Damn, I'm busy today.

Please enjoy the cute boy for now. He's moist.

I have to get back to work.

| from inside the mind of krix at 02:29 PM | comments (8)
August 24, 2003
He believes in beauty

his wicked sense of humor

His wicked sense of humour
Suggests exciting sex
His fingers focus on her
He's Venus as a boy.

He believes in beauty
He's Venus as a boy
He believes in beauty
He believes in beauty
He's Venus as a boy
He believes in beauty

He's exploring
The taste of her
So accurate
He sets off
The beauty in her
He's Venus as a boy

He believes in beauty
He's Venus as a boy
He believes in beauty
He believes in beauty
He's Venus as a boy
He believes in beauty

Bjork- Venus As A Boy
(right click and save, please don't stream.)

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August 23, 2003

definitely not sucky

I came across this cover in a little tiny size in a Japanese photo book I picked up recently. The smile and sparkle in his eye just made my toes point so I scanned it and it came out pretty good at 400dpi.

Plus, I've decided that I'm going to make "sucky or not?" my new annoying phrase for a while.

I can't wait to use it next time I go to dinner....

"This '90 Chateauneuf Mont Redon....sucky or not?"

| from inside the mind of krix at 01:02 PM | comments (7)
August 22, 2003

Nice form, eh?

With all the pads and gear, I didn't think that the hockey game would have any Ass Friday opportunity. Thanks to skits for proving me wrong with this pic.

And this one, too (click for pop-up).

| from inside the mind of krix at 08:05 AM | comments (8)
August 18, 2003
pre game show

Oh god, I'm still dazed and tired. The worst thing about a trip to see Keanu is coming home. The write up of the game will probably have to wait until tomorrow, but I just couldn't keep these to myself any longer.

Not only did Keanu actually show up for the event (can you imagine!) he actually was the first person of fame to get there. When I saw him arrive, and take a minute to sign a few items and pose for a few pictures for some fans, I dispatched Francisco to try and take a picture if he could, since I knew that face would be obscured for most of the game.

Thankfully, Fran's fish and dairy poisoning (I love you! I'm sorry!) hadn't kicked in yet, and he really came through.

Keanu arrives, and carries his own gear

such a remarkable profile, no?

So seriously, you all love Francisco and his mighty zoom lens deeply for these.

And thank you to him, Wendy and their awesome son for a really great weekend.


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August 17, 2003
the waiting is the hardest part

click for larger image

Here's a pic to tide you over, thanks to Wendy and her nice zoom lens and DSL.


I'm on my way to Santa Monica for the night.

| from inside the mind of krix at 07:56 PM | comments (15)
August 16, 2003
See you later, alligator

augh! the cuteness!

I'm supposed to leave at noon, but I might take off in a few minutes.
Because I'm impulsive like that.

I'll do my best to make some audblogs from the game, and take what pictures I can. Hopefully if we get there early enough we won't be in the nosebleed section because my digicam doesn't have a zoom lens or anything.

Eddieshirt got a bath last night because I've decided to take him to the game. I figure it'll be chilly enough, and maybe it will bring the goaltender luck.
Or help me get lucky...pucky?.....whatever.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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August 15, 2003
He works his ass off

Thank you to ELSINORE of The DAILY THUD for this pic

One of the things I admire about Keanu Reeves is his work ethic and commitment to the craft. The way he does whatever he needs to do for a job.

He always gives his all, no matter what. And while we see pictures of him preparing physically, there's no doubt that he studies and prepares mentally as well. Sometimes, we see a lot of big name actors resting on their laurels and "phoning it in". And I adore and admire him because I just don't see him ever doing that.

I know I've expressed this before, but he makes me want to give my all and to push my own limits. In many aspects of my life.

And I'm so very grateful.

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August 13, 2003
fan pics and tales

Keanu fan and Oregonian, crowereaves got to meet Keanu on the Thumbsucker set. She's posted a couple pictures over at Reeves Drive's board so go check them out.

Also, there's an amusing story here about a fan encounter.

(via club-keanu)

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August 08, 2003

sigh, how perfect

Keanu in Paris, published recently in US magazine.

Est-ce que je peux veuillez ętre votre chaton d'amour ?

| from inside the mind of krix at 06:21 PM | comments (26)

thanks to Keanuette for the pic

Yay, it's Johnny Utah's wetsuited ass.

Now that my hosting has been upgraded I've decided to start a new thing, The Keanu Mix.

I'm going to periodically put up tracks for download that are either inspired by or related to Keanu somehow. After a while there should be enough for you to mix and burn your own Keanu-themed CD.

The first track is The Voodoo Queens' Kenuweehead (right click, etc)

Keanu Reeves you make believe
You make me sad
I really cried when you cut off your hair
You looked so square

I'll be your historical babe
Just you and me and the desert moon
In your soft cool breeze
It blows incessantly

Keanu, Kananoo, Kenuwee, Kano-oo
How do you say your name?
It doesn't matter anyway
Cause you look good in a wet suit
And that's where I want to be

He was in Bill & Ted and when he walks
He shakes his meat head
Shake it!

He's the dude of dude of dude of dudes
the most bodacious boy
He's forever cool
Keanu, Kananoo, Kenuwee, Kano-oo!

How do you say your name?
It doesn't matter anyway
Cause you look good in a wet suit
And that's where I want to be

He's the most bodacious boy you ever saw
When will he be more than just a picture on my fridge door

Keanu, Kananoo, Kenuwee, Kanu-nu
Keanu, Kananoo, Kenuwee, Kanu-nu
Keanu, Kananoo, Kenuwee, Kanu-nu
Ooh - ee!

He's Cool!!

--from the Peel Sessions CD

(thanks to ikea's site for the lyrics

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August 06, 2003

SCORE (Spinal Cord Opportunities for Rehabilitation Endowment) has its roots in hockey. The organization was founded in March 1999, when Sean Gjos was injured while playing for the UCLA club ice hockey team. In response to his injury, Sean's friends created SCORE to assist Sean and others like him who suffered spinal cord injuries.

SCORE fills a unique space in the spinal cord injury community by focusing its grants and activities on young athletes who incur a spinal cord injury while participating in sports and by funding emerging researchers involved with innovative studies in the search for a cure for paralysis.

Learn more about SCORE at

SCORE may not realize it, but on top of helping these injured atheletes and funding research, they are making one of my dreams come true....

Watching Keanu Reeves play hockey.

photo by Albert Ortega

NHL vs. Hollywood


3rd Annual Celebrity Hockey Game

Sunday, August 17, 2003

4:30 - 7:30 pm

Health South Arena, El Segundo

Paulie Kosta, guitarist for becky is also playing and it's actually thanks to him that I know about this event. When I saw the news in my email as I checked it at Wendy's, I may have squealed. I know I bounced into the kitchen and informed her that she was going with me (and what the hell- bring the hubby and kid along, too). I knew she'd be into it...look at the line up.

Anyway, so yes, I'm pretty excited about going. To be able to see him on the ice has been a wish of mine, and one that I figured wouldn't happen. No, I didn't get the VIP tickets (which are now sold out) so I won't be rubbing elbows with Luc, Lex and Angel (nor Keanu and Paulie). I'm hoping that Fran will be willing to take some good photos with his nice camera. I'll get what pictures I can manage. I am sorry to say that I don't have a video camera so I won't be getting any footage of the game, but I'm sure if it's allowed someone will.

So, is anyone else in the area going?

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July 31, 2003
Ass Thursday

The good news is, Ass Friday is a day early this week.

The bad news is, it's a re-run.

The good news is, I'm getting the upgrade this weekend!

The bad news is, site backup commences around 8PM PST tonight so anything posted after that will be lost (this includes comments), so I'm probably going to not bother with anything very interesting or important for a few days.

The good news is, I am going away this weekend to Fran and Wendy's so I wasn't going to be posting much anyway.

The bad news is, I was going to do some audblog entries, but now it looks like they will be lost in the shuffle so I probably won't. And the voicemonkey is being difficult to log into.
Actually I probably still will do some audblog entries over the weekend, I've already paid for them. If I can just ask the first person to comment on the entry to copy and paste the audio link into their comment that would be great. (Since comments are emailed to me, I can restore anything remotely worthwhile if necessary)

The good news is, there shouldn't be a whole lot of actual down time, if any. And once the upgrade is done there will be no bandwidth or space worries.

So, I will catch everyone later. Make use of the links on the side, and have a great weekend!


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July 29, 2003
Can I help you with your package Mr. Reeves?

image from moviestar magazine

I'm such a ho, I just couldn't resist.

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smiles everyone, smiles


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July 26, 2003

he looks so snuggly like this

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July 25, 2003
Ted's Rockin' Ass

click bonus pop-up future Ted- Thanks to Keanuette for the first pic

God Gave Rock and Roll to You (right click ond save)

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July 24, 2003
for Julie

click for larger image

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begging forgiveness from his stare

click for larger pic

Under full moon I see you there
And I beg forgiveness from your stare
Have I done wrong beyond repair
And you say that I should lie alone and
Breathe tonight
Dream tonight
Where it's alright
Under full moon I lost my way
I lost everything that made you want to stay
I traded life for just one night
And now I'm left to lie alone and
Breathe tonight
Feel the bite
Dream tonight
That it's alright
Breath tonight
Feel the bite
Dream tonight
That it's alright
Breathe tonight
Feel the bite
Dream tonight
That it's alright

written by Bret Domrose

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July 20, 2003
Hello, handsome

dashing, isn't he? image from ROADSHOW magazine

Have a gorgeous day, everyone.

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July 18, 2003
tap tap tap

thanks to The Daily Thud (waves at Spike)

Yeah, I know.
It's quiet.

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I'm sure there's a "legal briefs" joke here somewhere

khaki and cowboy boots - a leathal legal combination

Whether or not Kevin Lomax always makes the right moral choices, he's sure got a sweet backside.

This Ass Friday was brought to you by Elsinore.

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July 14, 2003

I wish he was playing tonight and I wish I was there

hounding pounding
the base frequency of your bass frequently
thumps me
humps me
feeling your riffs on my hips and my lips
move the floor
move it more
make me yours
pound me
hound me
make me sweat
make me wet
tune out the treble
tune out the beat and the shriek
until all I hear is you
nothing but sound
thump me
kiss me
pump me
riff me

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July 13, 2003

I finally have access to a scanner at Roi's and might actually have one hooked up at the office next week if I can get drivers for it.

Anyway, these two photos are ones I picked up in one of those shops on Hollywood Blvd. a couple years ago on a trip to see Dogstar with my frequent travel pal Tess.

Hope you all have a great Sunday.

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July 12, 2003
I fell in love with a boy

Thank you to The Daily THUD for this pic

I think when I go home tonight I'm going to watch Permanent Record, which will inevitably lead to me doodling our names in hearts on my notebook.

Chris is a composite of every boy I loved in high school.

Sigh. I love Keanu's performance in this movie.

I'd like to thank Backlot commenters Rob and Charles for posting these lyrics from the film. I know a lot of people asked for them.

"Wishing on Another Lucky Star"
- J.D. Souther

Your friends may lie
The truth can come from strangers
If I knew why
We wouldn't be in this danger
Leaning out the window of my car
And wishing on another lucky star

Life is long
It is not made to measure
You will go on
The same in pain and pleasure
Wondering how we ever got this far
By wishing on another lucky star

Life goes on
As sure as the sky
It's come and gone
In the wink of an eye
You leave your home
On the wings of a lie:
"You will never die"

The world is cold
A heart gets torn and tattered
The one you hold
It can be dropped and shattered
Leaning out the window of my car
And wishing on another lucky star

Life goes on
As sure as the sky
It's come and gone
In the wink of an eye
You leave your home
On the wings of a lie:
"You will never die"
There's a car outside . . .

On a somewhat unrelated note...
I had such a good Keanu dream last night, I woke myself up smiling.

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July 11, 2003
Ass Friday City Limits

it's in his jeans

I won't go on about how much I miss Dogstar and hope they get their asses together soon.

But, so you can miss them along with me,
here's Dogstar live, covering The Ramones "I Wanna Live".
[PLEASE- right click and save to your hard drive, don't stream]

I've been thinking it over
And I know just what to do
I've been thinking it over
And I know I just can't trust myself
I'm a Gypsy prince
Covered with diamonds and jewels
But then my lover exposes me
I know I'm just a damn fool

I give what I've got to give,
I give what I need to live
I give what I've got to give, it's important if I want to live
I wanna live
I want to live my life
I wanna live
I want to live my life

As I load my pistol
Of fine German steel
I never thought I'd be so down and out
Having my last meal
But I know I can do it
It just took a few years
As I execute my killers
The morning is near

I give what I've got to give,
I give what I need to live
I give what I've got to give, it's important if I want to live
I wanna live
I want to live my life
I wanna live
I want to live my life

-The Ramones

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July 04, 2003
Blue shorts, Red and White jersey, yeah baby

Keanu in training is PERFECT for today's AF.

Are you ready for some football?

In an effort to make Ass Friday enlightening and educational in addition to being arousing, here's an excerpt of an interview that Keanu did for The Replacements promotion where he talks about training for (god's gift to Ass Friday) Shane Falco....

The cast and crew, not to mention some pro players who worked on the film, were very impressed with the way you perfected your throwing technique. Are you ready for Monday Night Football?

No way. But I knew if you didn't believe me as a quarterback, then you wouldn't be able to enjoy the film.

You pumped up for the part, didn't you?

I gained about 23 pounds through changing my diet and lifting weights. I'm six-foot-one, and I ended up weighing about 192 pounds, so I think I sort of had the body of a quarterback.

Are you a fan of the NFL?

I am. I grew up watching football, even though I never played it as a kid. I was into ice hockey. I always wanted to play for Canada and be an Olympic goalie. But I love the game of football. Actually, I watched a lot of NFL game films and video compilations to get ready for my role.

Was there a moment when you felt like a real pro?

When I walked to the line of scrimmage, I found myself doing that helmet thing where you kind of give it a little smack. And then when you're calling signals, you suddenly find you have this quarterback voice. Actually, there was a time when I finally felt I was being accepted as a quarterback by the men around me. When I first started to pass, I'd throw the ball and miss, and the guys would go, "Good try, man. You'll get it." Then, about a month down the road, we did a scene where I threw a pass way behind the receiver. I did it three times and just missed every time. Suddenly, I realized I wasn't hearing, "Yo, man, it's okay." In fact, no one talked to me at all. I came off the field and said to the guy who was coaching me, "What's going on? What did I do?" He said, "Nobody's talking to you because you didn't make the pass. You should take that as a sign of respect. They're treating you like a quarterback. That's what happens when you come off the field and you don't execute. No one talks to you."

Did that help you understand the pressure your character was feeling?

Yeah. It was a cool lesson, because I realized the responsibility that rests on a team leader like Falco. If the quarterback doesn't execute, the guys don't win, and it could have a big effect on the team's future. You feel the weight of becoming the guy who can make [the team] a winner or a loser.

Was everybody faking the tackles, or was there some real pain out there?

I now have such respect for the sacrifice guys make to play that game. Just even in our film, where we're acting, some guys got broken bones. I'd end up sitting in an ice tub for half an hour. Ice was my friend.

Did you ever get seriously injured?

Not really. Everyone around me was great about protecting me. I remember one player, JC, said, "Okay, man, when I tackle you, don't tuck the ball against your chest." And I'm like, "Why?" And he goes, "Because I'm going to drive you into the ground, and the ball will break your ribs."

Happy 4th of July to all my red, white and blue homies and Happy Ass Friday to everyone!

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July 03, 2003
But all I want is for you to SHINE

thank you to The Daily Thud for the original pic

I never really feel quite right I don't know why, all I know is there's something wrong Every time I look at you, you seem so alive

Tell me how do you do it, walk me through it
I'm following every footstep

Baby on your own you take a conscious step
Do you wanna give it up?

But all I want is for you to SHINE
Shine down on me
Shine on this life that's burning out

I say a lot of things sometimes that don't come out right
And I act like I don't know why
I guess a reaction is all I was looking for

You looked through me, you really knew me like no one has EVER looked before

Baby on your own you take a cautious step
Do you wanna give it up?

But all I want is for you to SHINE
Shine down on me
Shine on this life that's burning out

I know, I know, girl you got something

SHINE (shine it on to me)
Shine down on me (I wanna feel it)
Shine on this life that's burning out

Baby on your own you take a cautious step
Do you wanna give it up?

But all I want is for you to SHINE
Shine down on me (just show me something)
Shine on this life that's burning out (you give me something that I never

Shine (it gonna kill me if you give something away)
Shine yeaaah (I wanna know what's going in on your mind)
Shine on this life that's burning out

--Mr. Big, SHINE (thanks Rhonda)

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June 29, 2003
Try not to become a man of success,

but rather, try to become a man of value...

look at how at ease he is

This picture and the quote by Albert Einstein were together in my mailbox today, thanks to Rhonda.

I'm up way too early for a Sunday, especially considering that I have late night debauchery planned with Lori O. tonight. Expect drunken voicemonkeys later.

There are walruses on my television, which reminds me, I have to go take Roi some whiskey for his toothache.

Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday.

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June 27, 2003
Behind Him

This is the ass of a very sexy bass player

Is it a crime to Feel the way you want to feel If it feels good inside If they tell you Nothing's easy It's because they haven't tried She looks behind her And she sees everything She shouldn't have to see Or want to see again Understand me Feel the way that I do And you will be alright Understand me and reach out to What is right in front And waiting there for you-tonight She looks behind her And she sees everything She shouldn't have to see Or want to see again She looks behind her And she sees al the things That keep her from being again Is it a crime to feel The way you want to feel If it feels bad inside Understand me Feel the way that I do And you will be alive Tonight She looks behind her And she sees everything She shouldn't have to see Or want to see again She looks behind her And she sees all the things That keep her from being again-tonight

---BEHIND HER from the Quattro Formaggi CD
written by Bret Domrose

This reminds me, I still have some Quattro Formaggi CDs to give away.

SO, to celebrate this Ass Friday, the first three people that leave a comment with the words "YES, I want a QF CD." in it (so I don't get confused) and a VALID email address* (so I can contact you for your info) will get a FREE Quattro Formaggi CD from me.

How easy is that?

*Remember, if you put something in the URL box you can keep your email from showing on the site, but I will still get it, so if you want to keep your addy private, that's what you should do.

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June 24, 2003
more hairy facedness

It just may unofficially be BEARD Week here at keanuvision...


Elsinore rocks my world

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June 23, 2003
the way of the scruff

thanks to POTD for sending out the original pic from The Sun webpage

I used to favor Keanu's face baby smooth, or maybe with just a day or so of stubble. But lately, I've come to appreciate the scruffy scraggley beard. Especially with a nice suit. It just gets to me.

Mmmmm.....whisker burns.

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June 20, 2003
Holy Ripped Jeans, Batman! It's Ass Friday!

image from casa feliz' darkroom, thanks shelly

Even having the best of intentions on the LA trip, "Oooh, were going to see becky for the first time, oooooh we're supporting the band, oooooh good friends! good times!!.....", once the freaking bass player comes out showing off a cantaloupe wedge-sized peek of his fleshy underside it's really hard to focus on the music.

Here's audio proof of the effect of ripped jeans on me on the voicemonkey from that night, in case you missed it.

Of course, I wept for Ass Friday, knowing I didn't bring a camera and was not going to be able to preserve his peekaboo posterior for posterity.

But then, glee! Someone had captured the holey grail of ass, and she had it up over at the darkroom at And the coolest part is, when I wrote Shelly for permission to use the pic, I found out that we had actually met that night while waiting in line!

I love when things like that happen. It's ass-karma, that's what it is.

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June 13, 2003

A good video, except for all of that annoying footage of, like...THE BAND

Today's Ass Friday is brought to you by the Anthrax "Safe Home" video.

There's also a nice appearance by THE Boots, so if you haven't watched it yet, I suggest you check it out.

*Special thanks to Jen for the title and heads up that this video was perfect for ass grabbery

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June 06, 2003
BASS Friday

bAss, get it?

I really wanted to do a becky bass player ass friday today, and this slight profile was the best I could do.

Maybe I'll get lucky and get stuck behind him on an escalator or something this weekend.

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June 02, 2003
baby blue

Thanks to Wrygrass

Big thanks to Wrygrass for this scan from a magazine from Israel.

I'm pretty much struck speechless by the cuteness.

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May 29, 2003
Ass Thursday

breaking tradition to better serve you--- Big Thanks to Chicks of CLUB-KEANU.COM for this pic

Due to bandwidth, keanuvision will probably go down one more time this month, most likely sometime tomorrow so I thought I would post this tonight.

My back-up plan isn't quite settled in yet so I just wanted you to know that I will probably just leave the site down until the new cycle starts on the first of June.

Thanks to everyone that is still hanging in there with me.

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May 24, 2003
Part 2

More Sam Jones photos, courtesy Petra.

| from inside the mind of krix at 09:34 AM | comments (5)
New Photos from German Cinema mag - pt. 1

Photographs by Sam Jones

Thank you to Petra for these scans....

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May 23, 2003
It's friday already?

nice calves, too. Rwowrrrrr

Thanks to Chicks for today's ass.

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May 21, 2003
Oooooh, I love him when he's wet and scruffy

mmmm, he smells like wet dogboy

Yahoo has some photos up from the London premiere.

I also want to mention the Matrix Essays Blog, for some nice discussion and linkage to more good things Matrix.

Or for something less serious, blame Rhonda for this link...


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May 16, 2003

NY Premiere - NY Post

at Cannes - Yahoo photos

at Cannes - Yahoo photos

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martial ass

capture from

I'm so glad that I found a Matrix themed picture for today. He's practicing with a weapon, so this must be for Reloaded and the Chateau fight.

I'm also glad for those grey sweatpants.

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May 09, 2003
I thoroughly enjoyed the beckground removal of today's ass friday pic

it was like running my hands up and down his thighs

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May 07, 2003
Keanu tonight

Thanks to Margarete of the Pic of the Day club for the first look at Keanu from tonight's premiere of Reloaded.

Actor Keanu Reeves star of the new film 'The Matrix Reloaded' poses at the film's premiere in Los Angeles May 7, 2003. Reeves portrays Neo in the film which also stars Laurence Fishburne and opens May 15 in the United States. REUTERS/Fred Prouser
Oh my god. That little lip scar drives me bonkers.

Oooooh, here's another...

Actor Keanu Reeves arrives for the premier of the Warner Brothers motion picture 'The Matrix Reloaded' at The Mann Village Theater in Los Angeles May 7, 2003. The Matrix Reloaded' is the second chapter of the provocative, futuristic 'Matrix' trilogy starring Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss , and Laurence Fishburne opens May 15th. REUTERS/Mike Blake
He's looking around wondering "where's krix"?

And there are more from tonight up at Yahoo's photos.

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May 02, 2003
Khaki Strategy

he can beat me at chess anytime

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April 25, 2003

sweaty, we still love him


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April 22, 2003

I just caught a brief glimpse of Keanu on a Today Show segment. Just junket-style footage hyping the film along with Carrie-Ann and a lot of preview clips we have seen before.
But his voice. I love hearing his voice when I don't expect it.
He must have been tired because it was even lower than usual.
I could wax poetic about the effects his voice has on me....but I have to get a move on this morning (yet another dentist appt.)....

So you tell me, what is it about that voice of his?

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April 18, 2003
The crack of dawn

Nelson in the morning

It's ungodly early, I know....but I have to go to the DMV.
I'll let you know how that works out.

There better not be some crazy bitch sitting on my car when I come out.

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April 17, 2003
All Hail Elsinore!

fear her mad photoshop skills!!!

She's so fabulous for sending out not only the GQ cover in a nice hi-res format, but for also sending this cleaned up version (only bigger) and a wallpaper of the sexy boy with bangs as well!

Want them and more deliciously delivered daily?

Then join The Daily Thud, you vixens!

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April 11, 2003

assiduous \uh-SIJ-oo-uhs\, adjective:
1. Constant in application or attention; devoted; attentive.
2. Performed with constant diligence or attention;
unremitting; persistent; as, "assiduous labor."

Martin's tuckus, thanks to tess

Really, no labor involved...I love my Ass Friday job.

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April 07, 2003
I was going to take today off

from Premiere Magazine- photo by Platon (?)

But this picture was just sent out by Margarete of the Keanu Pic-of-the-Day club

It was scanned from Premiere Magazine by a fan, so thank you to them as well.
The original can be had at the POTD group page.
I did some de-texting and resizing and retinting.

Good god, he's exquisite.

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April 06, 2003

say cheese

(edited from pics found at's capture section)

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April 04, 2003
Today is April 4th! It's Ass Friday!

My god, I'm so stupid.
I called Eric - my best friend since kindergarten, mind you - today to wish him a happy birthday. Which is the fifth. Which I knew. Which I thought was today.

I guess I should always post Ass before I do anything else on Fridays.

click for larger pic - thanks to TESS for sending this one

So Happy Ass Friday.

Eric, I'll call you tomorrow.

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March 29, 2003
I like this about him

| from inside the mind of krix at 09:41 AM | comments (13)
March 28, 2003
Frisk me, Officer Traven

I loves me some Jack Traven

Today's profile shot of Reeves' tuckus was brought to you by the letter "O".

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March 24, 2003
another Oscar pic

I think I'll email this one to my dad with the subject :your future son-in-law

Eric's in town (YAY!) so I'm heading out early, but since I've been putzing around in photoshop with tuxedo boy all day, I thought I'd post another pic.
The original was sent to me, I think it's from IMDB.


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March 22, 2003
Just so the whole day isn't off topic...


| from inside the mind of krix at 08:43 PM | comments (3)
March 20, 2003
this is an inadequate title

| from inside the mind of krix at 11:05 AM | comments (5)
March 14, 2003

Big Love to Rhonda, for sending me today's pic.

premium viewing here

I'm only #6 for "Ass Friday" on google, which is fine because really - the brains behind the idea - Tracy, should be at the top.

Heh, I am the number two result for "Ass Clown".
Second only to

So that's something.

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March 12, 2003
in lieu of actual content...

it's the sexy

| from inside the mind of krix at 04:54 PM | comments (32)
March 09, 2003
nose freckles lip scar

| from inside the mind of krix at 10:25 AM | comments (3)
March 07, 2003
forever in blue jeans

wistful view

You know, if I were a snarky bitch I would seriously consider adding a second facet to Ass Friday. Something that singles out someone that chooses to invoke Keanu's name in a negative manner in their article or column (even though the story has nothing to do with him) and respectfully suggesting that they kiss mine.

However, I'm much too classy for that.

So let's all just enjoy Nelson's butt.

| from inside the mind of krix at 09:29 AM | comments (13)
March 06, 2003


| from inside the mind of krix at 09:36 PM | comments (3)
March 04, 2003
the heart has its reasons, which reason does not know

I probably mangled that quote.

| from inside the mind of krix at 12:06 AM | comments (14)
February 28, 2003
Every penguin for herself....


You know, I try to keep the sisterhood of fandom in mind for the most part, I really do.

I know that so many of us love him so much and it's a good, pure, unconditional (albeit one-sided) kind of love. And I think it brings fans of Keanu Reeves...closer together in a special type of bond.

Well, fuck that...

Look at him.


All you bitches better back the hell off......


(ok, fine. Go HERE and watch clip #2 for a clip of an interview with my man....thanks to tess for this link *smooch*)

| from inside the mind of krix at 07:15 PM | comments (16)
I love hate to watch him walk away

Dogstar at the Avi - pic by Spuddie

The fact that one gets to see Dogstar butt as the band leaves the stage is about the only thing that keeps me from committing hari-kari at the end of each and every show. The saddest chords in the world are the opening ones to Denial, because you know that it's the last song of the night.

written by Bret Domrose

There is love here can you feel it
It's from me it's for me and I stole it
If caught I'll deny it
I'll scream and I'll fight it
Jesus loves me can you feel it
I've injured my life - hope he can heal it
If caught I'll deny it
I'll scream and I'll fight it
There is love here can you feel it
It's from me it's for me and I stole it
If caught I'll deny it
I'll scream and I'll fight it
Jesus loves me can you feel it
I've injured your life - hope he can heal it
If caught I'll deny it
I'll scream and I'll fight it

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February 21, 2003
Ye Olde Arse Frydae

a knight's tail....heh....GET IT?

I googled for some raunchy medieval limericks to go with today's pic but couldn't turn up anything good.

I think I'll retire to the tower and practice being distressed.

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February 16, 2003
No title.

| from inside the mind of krix at 12:00 AM | comments (8)
February 14, 2003
Ass Happy Valentine's Friday Day

A little something special...

click for larger pic

And in the guise of "creating a tradition", when all I really want to do is relive the moment, I celebrate the fact that Valentine's day is the first (and only) time I've communicated with Keanu Reeves.
OK! ok, so it was in an AOL chat, but give me something, eh? All I got this year was a Bromeliad from my dad.

Mr. Moviefone:It looks like Matrix-something (note: that would be me, MTRXHZU) says:
"Thanks for spending part of your Valentine's Day with us, Keanu. Would you consider yourself a romantic?"

Keanu Reeves: Yeah.

Mr. Moviefone: How?

Keanu Reeves: Not only in romance, but there's a certain part of me, especially coming out of a lot of like the kind of -- if you consider the tragedy of "Hamlet" or Romeo and Juliet, in the kind of melancholic aspect, and in romance, being with someone and saying, "Let's go. Let's get out of here." Impromptu acts or letters or phone calls or paying attention to what they like or love, and surprises, all those kinds of things to me are -- if you're in that situation, are quite fun to not only give, not only to receive, but also to give, you know.

Mr. Moviefone: All the young girls are crying over their computers right now. They're broken down, weeping.

Sigh...good times, good times.

And here's a couple Valentine links, thanks to Rhonda~

The Love Quiz

Six Degrees of Movie Kisses

There's a little Keanu content in both.

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February 09, 2003

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February 08, 2003

The footwear we fetishize - Thank you to Wrygrass for this scanned pic

Is it wrong that I get all swoony over a piece of footwear? I know I'm not the only one. Although I might be the only one that has practiced dropping my cigarette case in an adorably flustered way so as to have an opportunity to touch a sacred Timberland, should the opportunity ever arise.

OK, I haven't actually done that, but I've thought about it.
Which is twisted enough...really.

I know there was a bit of a scare when those 'About Schmidt' and Thailand photos came out that The Boots had been retired, replaced by some bland Hush Puppy looking things. I actually had at least two lengthy, almost panicky conversations about the fate of The Boots. They seem so much a part of him. Keanu without The Boots is like Cindy Crawford without the mole, like Rip Taylor without a bad wig and a bag of confetti.
It's just wrong somehow.
Like with most things about Keanu Reeves, we can speculate as to the "why" of The Boots but we'll never really know the story behind them. Are they sentimental? Is it a comfort thing? Utilitarian? He certainly can afford the best boots money can buy. A fancy Italian creation perhaps, sturdy enough to use as back up brakes for the Norton yet light and posh for an evening of spontaneous ballroom dancing.
Still, we always see him in the Timberlands.
Those mysterious, so-worn-they're-molded-to-his-foot Timberlands.

I think The Boots have trancended "quirky fashion trait" and have in a way become a symbol for that certain intangible "Keanu-ness" that many of us adore.
And so....we adore....The Boots.

I suppose(again, like most things Keanu), they should not be over-analyzed.

The Boots just ARE.
We are not to question The Boots.

The Boots are Zen.

Long live The Boots.

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February 07, 2003
With bonus bare feet even!

Nelson's butt

Thanks to Rhonda for coming through with an Ass Friday pic for today.

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February 06, 2003
I'm really busy so I give you this to ponder...

Oh my god. He can even make sideburns work.

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February 05, 2003
Serenity NOW!

I've been quiet today because once again, I spent the morning in the dentist's chair, swallowing my own blood. I was going to write a lovely post praising Bret Domrose for being my Short Duration Personal Savior this morning, as I intended to lose myself in his sultry stylings by way of OLV on my walkman. Unfortunately the batteries died way early and I was only to listen to the horrible scraping sounds coming from inside my head.

I survived, but I'm a little cranky.

Nothing like some lovely images from Little Buddha* to take my mind off of the pain, and of course-serve as blogfiller....

click for larger image-thanks to wryclick for larger image-thanks to wry

*Shut up, Scott...

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February 04, 2003
Oh mercy

he sure does clean up nice

Once again, the Daily Thud lives up to its name...

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January 31, 2003
Gettin' my Donnie on


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January 30, 2003
Nothing less, nothing more

thank you to Wrygrass for this scan

Have a nice day.

Oh, ok...just a little more

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): You're starting to resemble the fruit of a prickly pear cactus: covered with sharp, inedible spikes on the outside but soft and delectable in your hidden places. There's probably a good reason for this, so I won't ask you to change. Don't be surprised or upset, though, if people act as if they've been stung when they brush up against you. And if you care about them, be quick to let them know how to work around the thorny exterior and get to the good parts within.


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January 28, 2003
I have a new quest

Thank you to Rhonda for sending me the link to this fun article from Sky magazine, 1994

poster of keanu reeves
Women who love Keanu too much
Sky, October 94 (UK):

What's Keanu got that other stud-muffins haven't? A million obsessed women could tell you, and Toni Rodgers is one of them

There is a poster of Keanu Reeves and it's the best poster of him in the whole world. I know this because many people have told me so. Its popularity has nothing to do with photographic technique (grainy black and white); nothing to do with the allurinng nuance of his expression; and, regrettably, nothing to do with him not wearing many clothes at all. No, the overriding attraction of this image proves, once and for all, that size matters. This is the best poster in the whole word because it is life-size. A leather-jeaned, leather-jerkined Keanu (only Keanu can lose the jerk in jerkin), cloned to six-foot-something printed perfection.
This picture graces most Holly Hobbit-wallpapered, Laura Ashley-bedcovered, Zig and Zag-slipper filled teenage girls' rooms in the land. It also graces my friend Lexy's. A 23-year-old Cambridge graduate who works in something to do with digital information networks, Lexy lives in the sort of flat where you're offered balsamic vinegar for your fish and chips.

Keanu is lovingly (and largely) stuck to her bedroom door. "Doesn't such an ... um ... obvious crush [i.e., teenage-type tendency to garnish your bedroom with overblown, some would say immature, posters] come between you and your boyfriends?" I asked one day. "No," she retorted, archly. "My boyfriends come between me and Keanu."

Owners of a Life-size Keanu Part Two: my mate Fan (hey, how, like, appropriate). Keanu's place of residence: the toilet door. "So," I queried, one day, "doesn't Mike [her partner] mind your poster?" "Hmph," she replied, and before aspersions could be cast, she continued...

One evening, Fan had been musing on how it would feel to actually be with Keanu Reeves. And what with his feet being too high off the ground to get an accurate measure, she carefully peeled him off the wall and lay him on the living-room floor. And prostrated herself on top of him, foot to foot, knee to knee... just to see how it would feel, you understand. Only Mike, who came in from work a tad earlier than usual, didn't quite see it that way.

After a ranting tirade about Keanu's lack of acting skills, Mike slammed out of the room, but not before stopping to lob one last jibe: "I always knew I'd have a problem respecting a woman who liked Keanu Reeves."

Which kind of paraphrases another incident that occurred between my friend Jodie and her new man. Having caught the bus home together they were playing "You show me your bus-pass photo and I'll show you mine." Jay's was fine - he looked like something out of a Quentin Tarantino movie. Jodie's was fine. Except neatly lined up next to her own photo was a teen-mag sticker of Keanu Reeves. And uniting the two of them was another sticker bearing the following slogan: I love him -->.

Jay's comment? "You fucking saddo."

Now this suggests troubled times ahead for Mike and Jay. For I can swear, hand on my Keanu dream-boy T-shirt, that women who don't like the one of Keanu straddling his Norton Commando are rarer than shots of Pamela Anderson in a polo-neck. So what is it about Keanu that makes him so universally lusted-after by women? What sets him apart from all the Johnnys, Christians, Brads and Ethans? What makes a 10-year-old-girl stick a poster of him on her bedroom wall and thirtysomething Emma Thompson thank him in her BAFTA acceptance speech for Much Ado About Nothing for "getting undressed in front of me"?

Well, there's the short, sharp, shallow answer: he's desperately beautiful. There's the we'd-like-to-be-intellectuals-but-wouldn't-say-no-to-a-shag argument: "All his leading women are strong inspirational characters - think Lori Petty in Point Break and Sandra Bullock in Speed."

But no, the real point about Keanu is this. He might be the perfect modern guy whose soul you can bond with (you won't catch him phwooaring over Pamela Anderson photos in a self-consciously laddy way or fretting about his masculinity like your average confused 90s bloke). And yet, whether by luck or judgment, the publicity-wary Keanu has managed to retain that thing so elusive to a modern movie star: mystery. He doesn't desperately date supermodels, turn up at baseball matches with Madonna or have a posse of naff personal bodyguards. And, unlike most devastatingly good-looking men, he doesn't have the I-know-I'm-beautiful swagger (cocky Tom Cruise, virtually any male supermodel). Somehow the fact that he's so unconscious of his beauty makes him more male. But what really sets Keanu apart from Christian, Johnny etc. is that you feel you don't know him. And if you did know him he might be, unlike Christian etc. etc., interesting. OK, so I know this sounds hopelessly corny - that's the problem with explaining Keanu, especially to men. It all comes out horribly wrong, You start mentioning words like "Zen," "Complex," "Beautiful, generous goofball" and "That curious open quality," and they fall about laughing.

Still, while we're explaining, guys, we also like the way he says the word "Fuck." It's inimitably endearing. Hugh Grant should take note.

Let us briefly backtrack to my Keanu dream-boy T-shirt. An item of many modish qualities (designed to fit a robust 10-year-old, adorned with a distorted Keanu head and equally illegible graphics), it was last night being sported by moi down my local.

"Cool T-shirt," says bloke, with smiley, thumbs-up gesture.

Me: "Cheers."

He: "Who's the picture of?"
Me: "Keanu."

He: "Oh, riiiiiight... you're using him as a kitsch cultural icon are you?"

Me: "Nah, I'm just being a fan."

He: "Nah. You're just being crap." Exeunt.

Let's now take another boy's view of Keanu. My mate Jack was getting on pretty well with Lily. They'd been out a few times, shared a few good-night kisses. And then one night she asked him in for "coffee." Jack sat in the living room while Lily made like a Gold Blend ad. Tired of making conversation through a hatch, Jack entered the kitchen.

And there he was. Keanu. Life-size. But this wasn't just any old usage of The Best Poster in the World. This was a deification. Wilting daisy chains were stuck around his neck. Fresh flowers blossomed in a vase at his feet. Photos of Lily and her mate Helen were worshipfully collaged around the edge.

Lily took note of Jack's mortified silence. "That's our shrine to Keanu," she said, with an "Oh yeah, that's my brother on his graduation day" blandness. Still Jack didn't speak.

"This," she said, pointing to a folded piece of cardboard with Keanu Reeves typed on it, "Is HIS place-name from a restaurant in Cannes. He touched it... Look... just here... that's his fingerprint."

Jack was just beginning to wonder how he could get himself off the hook when Lily bowled him over. "And this is a bottle of massage oil like the one they used on Keanu in Much Ado About Nothing. I've always wanted to re-enact that scene. [Pause] Interested?" Jack now thinks Keanu isn't so bad - after all, he did do all his own stunts in Point Break and Speed...

Note how, as part of her shrine, Lily had a Keanu Reeves name-card. A mate managed to swipe it when she sat next to him at dinner. Keanu's like that. Mortals get to share napkins with him; have a drink with him; go clubbing with him; knock on his hotel door and have it answered by him; meet him once and then have him pull up in his car as he drives by some days later to say "Hi"; I know this, because all of the above have happened to friends of mine.

Take my mate Jane, a journalist. She heard that Keanu needed someone to get him access to the retirement home of the British gentry, the Reform Club - it was during the shooting of Dracula and Keanu wanted to brush up on his English accent (see, at least he tries). Jane trawled through her entire family till she found some distant, white-haired fogey who had membership. A date was set.

Keanu, Jane and the old duffer spent a lovely evening drinking gin together until finally Keanu had to go. Being a polite young man, he asked Jane if she'd like to continue her evening with him - dining with Richard E. Grant and Grant's wife. Unthinkingly, Jane said no thank you, she'd already agreed to meet some mates at a pub in Brixton (I know, don't even ask). So Keanu went off to order cabs for everyone. Half an hour later, Jane arrived at her destination and asked the driver how much she owed him. " Nothing," came the reply. "The American bloke who booked the car settled up in advance."

Keanu Reeves. Desperately beautiful generous goofball, complex Zen possessor of that curious open quality, subject of the Pasadena, California, college course "Keanu Reeves 101" and $7 million-a-movie-commanding actor, we salute our life-size posters of you. Guys, you wouldn't understand: it's a girl thing.

--------Toni Rodgers

OK- what I really need to know is, do these posters still exist?
Is this the poster that inspired the song?
Is it a Brad Fierce picture like the one I included in the entry?
Or....*gasp*...dare I dream it, my favorite coy leatherboy of sidebar fame?
You realize that I MUST HAVE ONE if that's the case.

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January 26, 2003
drool on the pillow


sleep wrapped in velvet
not tallying lambs
but rather
dreaming of gentle boys
with wolfish laughter

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January 24, 2003
weak-assed Friday

blurry but cute

I know, this is a little blurry, but I had no time at all this week to search for assage.

And I'm not going to post the OBVIOUS choice from this movie. You can go looking for it here at Keanuland if you'd like.

Because, of course, it's really blurry.

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January 23, 2003
oh my

I'm thinking I may have to go ahead and get Much Ado on DVD...., even though I'm really trying NOT to convert my video collection over. I mean, it seems so silly, unless there are really good extras or something.


this links to something totally unrelated yet not there's a feature I don't mind paying for.

(this is me pinging Nicole for the above link. )

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January 17, 2003

mmmm, Matt

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January 16, 2003
If tax forms were earlobes, I'd be having a much better day

click for full viewclick for full viewclick for full view
click for full viewclick for full viewclick for full view

All of these pictures were taken within the last couple of years.
His gorgeousness increases exponentially with age.

Thanks to Elsinore of The Daily Thud ...

Since Kelly asked...

Here's a profile shot from 1992.

Japan, 1992

Can you tell I'm trying to procrastinate this tax thing?

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January 10, 2003
the up side to being an Ass Clown

I wasn't going to use this famous picture by Greg Gorman as an Ass Friday picture. It was just way too obvious.
But when I saw this signed version I changed my mind.


It's stuff like this, confirming that Mr. Reeves has a sense of humor that makes me think "Oh, I would much rather spend an evening talking and goofing around with this guy than getting naked and messing up his sheets..."

Of course, then I look again and start to waver.

But honestly, if given the choice between making this guy laugh or making him come.....I'd choose the first one.

Just as mutually satisfying and less clean-up.

I suppose I wouldn't complain if one led to the other, however.

This picture was sent out earlier in the week by the Pic-of-the-Day club.
Thank you to Margarete.

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January 05, 2003

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January 04, 2003
No words, just pictures.

Keanu at 2 Weeks Notice premiere-captures

Thanks to ~L for these pics

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January 03, 2003
That Tod

I had a boyfriend or two that my parents always referred to with a "That.." before the name. None were as endearing as "That Tod", though.

This month, Cheryl takes us back to 1989 and the wonderful ensemble film, Parenthood.

And of course, it's only fitting that this is today's Ass Friday pic..

That Tod's ass

thanks to Rhonda and kcrl

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December 30, 2002
All fluff, no substance

Trust me. I have, like....3 or 4 really amazingly spiffy posts rattling around in my head, but they'll have to wait...I keep sticking a fork in them, but they're not done.
My eyes are sure watering, though....

Here's a little something to make your monday a little dreamier...

this is an edited version of the photo Keanu did for pink ribbon magazine in support of breast cancer research. click to go to

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December 28, 2002
This entry brought to you by.....

...the fact that sometimes I am completely enamored by Keanu's feet.

click for full viewclick for full view
click for full view
click for full viewclick for full view

Also, watching the cooking show line-up on PBS today, I find myself with an overwhelming desire to bake him scones....

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December 27, 2002
Last ass of 2002


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December 20, 2002
Blame it on the rain

It's raining here, and while there are no big waves to be had, I thought that Johnny Utah would be nice for today's Ass Friday pic.

Coz you look good in a wetsuit

Surfs Up!!!!

Oh, and EVE ROCKS!!! I'm sporting the rad "Slackers®" beanie in the office today, thanks to a suprise package. *smooch!*

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December 16, 2002
It's monday....bleh...How about a nice picture, then?

City Entertainment Cover June 29, 1995 thanks to wrygrass and her new scanner

In other news, there are SEVEN cases of See's candy sitting in my office.
Just call me the Duchess of self-restraint.

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December 15, 2002
The Keanu Days of Christmas

~On the first day of Christmas~
my true love gave to me:

A Christmas Song about Keanu Reeves

~On the second day of Christmas~
my true love gave to me:

Keanu's Boots photo by S. Phillips

2 Scuffed-up Boots
and a Christmas Song about Keanu Reeves

~On the third day of Christmas~
my true love gave to me:

3 Bass Riffs
2 Scuffed-up Boots
and a Christmas Song about Keanu Reeves

~On the fourth day of Christmas~
my true love gave to me:

4 Bullets Dodged
3 Bass Riffs
2 Scuffed-up Boots
and a Christmas Song about Keanu Reeves

~On the fifth day of Christmas~
my true love gave to me:

There Is No Spooooon!
4 Bullets Dodged
3 Bass Riffs
2 Scuffed-up Boots
and a Christmas Song about Keanu Reeves

~On the sixth day of Christmas~
my true love gave to me:

6 Teds a-Grinning
There Is No Spooooon!
4 Bullets Dodged
3 Bass Riffs
2 Scuffed-up Boots
and a Christmas Song about Keanu Reeves

~On the seventh day of Christmas~
my true love gave to me:

7 Shanes a-Scoring
6 Teds a-Grinning
There Is No Spooooon!
4 Bullets Dodged
3 Bass Riffs
2 Scuffed-up Boots
and a Christmas Song about Keanu Reeves

~On the eighth day of Christmas~
my true love gave to me:

8 Jacks a-Running
7 Shanes a-Scoring
6 Teds a-Grinning
There Is No Spooooon!
4 Bullets Dodged
3 Bass Riffs
2 Scuffed-up Boots
and a Christmas Song about Keanu Reeves

~On the ninth day of Christmas~
my true love gave to me:

9 Conors Coaching
8 Jacks a-Running
7 Shanes a-Scoring
6 Teds a-Grinning
There Is No Spooooon!
4 Bullets Dodged
3 Bass Riffs
2 Scuffed-up Boots
and a Christmas Song about Keanu Reeves

~On the tenth day of Christmas~
my true love gave to me:

10 Scottys Hustling
9 Conors Coaching
8 Jacks a-Running
7 Shanes a-Scoring
6 Teds a-Grinning
There Is No Spooooon!
4 Bullets Dodged
3 Bass Riffs
2 Scuffed-up Boots
and a Christmas Song about Keanu Reeves

~On the eleventh day of Christmas~
my true love gave to me:

11 Johnnys Surfing
10 Scottys Hustling
9 Conors Coaching
8 Jacks a-Running
7 Shanes a-Scoring
6 Teds a-Grinning
There Is No Spooooon!
4 Bullets Dodged
3 Bass Riffs
2 Scuffed-up Boots
and a Christmas Song about Keanu Reeves

~On the twelfth day of Christmas~
my true love gave to me:

12 Nelsons Singing
11 Johnnys Surfing
10 Scottys Hustling
9 Conors Coaching
8 Jacks a-Running
7 Shanes a-Scoring
6 Teds a-Grinning
There Is No Spooooon!
4 Bullets Dodged
3 Bass Riffs
2 Scuffed-up Boots
and a Christmas Song about Keanu Reeeeeeeves!!

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December 07, 2002
Somewhere in the Antarctic, whole flocks of female penguins are trying to swim to Hollywood

click for larger imageclick for larger image

This is Keanu last night in Beverly Hills at the 17th American Cinematheque award dinner honoring Denzel Washington.
(from Yahoo News Photos)

He's not half bad all decked out in formalwear.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go sit in a tub full of ice and browse bridal magazines....

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December 06, 2002
Happy Ass Friday


"If I gave you a dollar, you could keep most of the change, 'cause all I really want is a QUARTERBACK"

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December 03, 2002
Keanu Reeves Naked. Or not.

Oh, joy.
Guess who is the #1 result in the search for "Keanu Reeves Naked"?

Yep. That would be me.
For all my attempts at cleverness and's Keanu Reeves Naked that brings them to my doorstep.

But wait! It's because of this article.
Man, do I get the hits on that page. I get the exit stats, too. Basically, most people get there, realize that there are no filthy pictures and move on in their search for naked-er pastures.
MOST people...not all, and that gives me hope. I hope that the eight people out of 187 that didn't click that "X" actually read the Sky Magazine article in that post. It's a good one.

And I hope that they maybe poked around the site a bit more and gleaned a greater appreciation for Keanu Reeves, Naked or not.

Here's a little tip for those of the quest for some Reevesian Nudeness:
As far as I know, the only real naked pictures of Keanu would be the famous ones taken by Greg Gorman. Nice ones, too. Nothing full frontal.
Definitely sexy.

Now, I've *cough* heard of some more revealing pictures, alledgedly of Keanu and it's *ahem* possible I may have even seen one (though no fault of my own....I swear they just showed up in my inbox....really) But I assure you, it's a fake.

original gorman pic

No, I'm not going to show it to you. Haven't you been listening?

I swear, it's like I don't know who you are anymore.

There's no naked Keanu here.
Broaden your perspective of appreciation or go away.

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November 29, 2002
I really had thought there were two S's in Kasalivich... I could make a clever "putting the ass in Kasalivich" joke, but there isn't.

Chain Reaction screen capture from

There are however, the letters to spell "lick" and "saliva".

Make of that what you will.....

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November 28, 2002
I'd like seconds, please

Whinnymay asked for Ass Friday to come a day early this week.
But I just can't buck tradition like that.
That would make it Ass Thursday and that's just wrong.

But what's Thanksgiving without some nice stuffing, right?


Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday.

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November 25, 2002
he's huge

click for larger pic

Really huge.
The shirt is, too.
It's deep dark blue and smells of cedar.
It has an amazing texture. Heavy.
It came with the wardrobe tag that you can see in the pic, a certificate of authenticity and some instructions telling me not to wash it, store it as a collectable....yadda yadda.....whatever.

Now I've got to go jump in the shower so I can put it on.

Next time you hear from me, I'll be blogging naked, except for the shirt.


Update 8 pm

It was like getting ready for a date, taking a shower to put this shirt on.
I exfoliated like I'd been exposed to plutonium. I wanted that "raw" feeling to my skin. I rinsed and rinsed so I wouldn't have a soapy smell sticking to me, so I wouldn't adulterate the shirt. I shaved. I didn't moisturize....
It's a nice shirt. Nicer than your average thermal.
I didn't expect anything when I put it on. I knew I wouldn't combust or have a religious experience. I gave it a few more deep inhales before I slipped it over my head. Dry cleaning chemicals, no doubt.
Nice though. Not like anything I'm used to smelling so I'll associate it with him from now on.
I slipped it on and hugged myself.
And no, nothing magic happened....really. But I did smile.
I ran my hands all over myself, making sure I pressed the belly scar area a little extra hard. And It does feel good. It's a big shirt, but I'm 5'10" so it's not clownish or anything. The sleeves go just past my fingertips.
It's perfect. The weight, the fit, the so-blue-it's-nearly-black color. It's terribly comfy. It's just right.

If Keanu were my boyfriend, I'd wear his clothes all the time when he was away.

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November 24, 2002
And I wasn't even on the NyQuil

I dreamt of you last night
You were at the foot of my bed
Holding the remote
Petting the cat
Talking about the paintings
I dreamt you looked at me
And said you wished you could paint
Because you wanted a picture of me
As I looked right then
I dreamt you made me tea
But when I held the cup
It was too hot to drink
So you drank it instead
Then kissed me
I dreamt of you last night
And when I woke up
I felt better

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November 22, 2002
Guess what day it is?

Johnny Utah, yum

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November 17, 2002


"Acting has never brought me freedom from trauma but it's introduced me to perhaps a trauma that's been contained in expression. It's never brought release. It does give me that moment of freedom from it so I get to live."

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November 15, 2002
Conor O'Neill has horrible fashion sense

But I'm not gonna complain. Ass Friday is Ass Friday.


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November 07, 2002
'ello Gorgeous...


Thanks to Elsinore Palace for this breathtaking image of a very cute boy.

The kind of boy that you never get over.
The kind of cute that makes a nice girl think naughty things.
The kind of boy that has your heart, even if he doesn't know your name and is gone in the blink of an eye.
The kind of boy that makes you sigh...
The kind of boy you want to dream about.

The large version of this and more can be had by joining The Daily Thud.

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November 02, 2002
Dogstar meets the press

Here are those pics from "Chicks". I believe she searched these out at some Thai TV or fan sites.

Is it the Chinese Year of the Rooster? I love that he gets away with this.


He's so handsome when he's thoughtful. And when he looks goofy? Still handsome....


And here's all three Dogstar guys. I like the second one, you know these guys had a great time.

the boys

And here's a look at the *gasp* new boots our bass player has been sporting.

they look comfy

I wonder if we will ever see THE boots again.
If not, it's a sad, sad thing...

Excuse me....I need to have a moment.

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October 31, 2002


| from inside the mind of krix at 10:27 AM
October 27, 2002

Dear Santa...

Want so very much.

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October 18, 2002
good morning

If you haven't read the lovely Akemi's concert reports over at the DMB, you should probably do that.

Oh, and Happy Ass Friday.

mmmmm, I love to watch him walk away

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October 16, 2002
Art and Horoscopes

Matt from River's Edge by Maribel

Another great drawing by Maribel, this is of Keanu as Matt in River's Edge.

And here's this week's Virgo (Keanu's sign) horoscope from

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): I've been working on a do-it-yourself manual for the new "Just Drop It" school of psychotherapy. It'll be pretty short. In the introduction, I'll tell you to procure a cheap briefcase and fill it up with a hundred pounds of rocks. On page two I'll suggest that you imagine the briefcase is stuffed with emotional baggage you can't seem to let go, memories you love to hate, and annoying frustrations you never get tired of complaining about. The third page will insinuate that maybe you should actually carry this terrible burden around with you everywhere you go for an entire week.
On the fourth and last page, I'll offer the simple, elegant cure: JUST DROP IT!

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October 13, 2002
Sunday muse

Keanu plays bass at The Odeon, photo from The Daily Thud

It was not that he was beautiful.
True, he stood upon the stage,
Absorbed and indifferent as the adoration fell.
It was not that he was beautiful.
There were others, despite the legend,
as gracious, as tall.
It was not that he was beautiful,
but she stared and stared...

(credit goes to Sparrowhawk for this, my apologies for posting it not knowing where it was from and without permission)

I don't remember who wrote this, I found it in my files.
psychobabble.txt was the filename.
There were some lyrics of Bret's beneath it.
It's possible I wrote it, or one of my friends.
If you recognize it, let me know.

Mystery solved, it was Sparrowhawk.
Details in the comments.

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October 09, 2002
Art worthy of him

It's my pleasure to be able to share with you this wonderful drawing of Keanu done by a very talented lady and DogstarFan, Maribel.

Keanu by Maribel

I've seen other people's drawings and no one captures him so truly as Maribel.
She really is gifted and I hope to be able to share some more of her work in the future.

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October 06, 2002
Ode to a belly scar

belly scar

Mmmm...your belly scar.
snakey sinewy exclamation
with the point behind your button fly
where once scalpel slid
and suture stitched
now a permanent living
band-aid made
of D.N.A.
cellular sculpture
on another disfiguring
on you
taut tantalizing texture
waiting to be read
like secret language
makes me want to touch and trace
tongue and taste
and hear the story told
dangerboy on his dangerous toy
chicks do dig scars
I want to see it above me
and then below
I want to know
your belly scar...

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October 03, 2002
Pictures worth 1000 words

click for whole image101006x.jpg
click for whole imageclick for whole image
click for whole imageclick for whole image

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September 29, 2002
You asked for it

Yes, I've been letting you all inside the mind of this Keanu fan for a whole year now. It's been fun. And I'm up for another year and hope you are too. I was going to get all introspective but fuck that, I know what you want:

Does Keanu dress left or right

So I spent my Sunday morning scrutinizing Keanu photos all for you.
Here are my findings...

First off, intensive study of Keanu Dressage Theory is not without its trials and tribulations. There are many obstacles to dressage research.
One I'm sure you are familiar with is the dreaded Quarterback Towel

Augh! move the towel!

I don't know about you, but I hate that freaking towel. You'd think at least once in the film it would come off or something. Yet it obscures visibilty so consistantly, I suspect that it's actually CGI. Part of some "package" clause in the ratings guideline.

Then there is the constant foe of dressage research....that damn bass of his.

Augh! move the damn bass!

Many viable opportunities for research, some in person, have been foiled by the bass. Of course when he plays he's so damned sexy with his whole being, that I think he may be doing us all a favor by wearing it slung low.

Still being coy with the bass

Perhaps he knows that a clear view of the package combined with all that raw, thumping sexual energy is just a recipe for mayhem.
I know I'm a little tingly just thinking about it.....ehem.

So, I looked deeper into my files, all in the name of research.
I really thought I'd hit paydirt with this one.

is that a sonnet in your pocket or....?

However, I believe this is just a very flattering optical illusion. Um, anyway...

Still looking.
I love this picture, unfortunately, it's a bit dark but if you really look there's "to the left" evidence. I think.

Bonus boots with this one

I don't know, his hands in the pockets always messes me up. Of course, If I were his hands I'd be in his pockets all the time, too.

Moving on...Let's hear it for Hamel and well-worn khakis.

casual Keanu, maybe commando?

~To the right, to the right to the right-right-right

But there is no better friend to dressage research than good old tight faded jeans. I think the bike is a valuable display tool, also.


And this would be to the right also.

Now I know that probably some of you think that Keanu Reeves is "ambidresstrious"(tm Lori): Dressing to the left OR right as whim, fashion and comfort dictates (no pun intended).
This researcher still feels that while Mr. Reeves versatility knows no bounds, he does have his comfort zones. Things he may stray from for a bit, but he always comes back to.
The boots, the suitcoat/t-shirt combo and...

To. The. Right.

Thanks to Rhonda for this evidence

This concludes this installment of the Dressage Report.

To review previous Dressage entries, please click below.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Of course, we are always accepting new research material.

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September 26, 2002


This picture has got to be one of my top ten favorites. It's not the bare feet so much....ok, maybe a little. It's the look. That "I'm about to get up and grab you" look that just makes me come undone.

......Huh? *shakes head Tod-style* Oh, yeah...This week's Virgo horoscope from Brezsny.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Do not under any circumstances burp, fart, and sneeze at the same time. For that matter, Virgo, refrain from leaping into the air while blowing up balloons and chewing gum. And never, ever go out to do nitpicky errands as you meditate on the painful events of your childhood and try to dream up a smarter long-range financial strategy. This week, more than ever, you need to cultivate a one-track mind. For now, tunnel vision is the truth and the way.

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September 25, 2002
Yet another reason to adore this guy

click for larger view

UPDATED: Thank You Thank You thank you to KAZ for this scan!

From The Daily Telegraph
Shooting from the heart
26 September 2002

HOLLYWOOD heart throb Keanu Reeves may have left Australian shores some weeks ago but his influence here goes on.
The Matrix star features alongside a a host of local celebrities lending their support to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) in its inaugural magazine Pink Ribbon.

Reeves went out of his way to squeeze the studio shoot, for which he donned a pink ribbon t-shirt, on his last day in Sydney before he jetted home to the US last month.

Deputy editor of the magazine Virginia Webber said Reeves "couldn't have been nicer" and was genuinely interested in the foundation's educational work.

"He actually did it right before he left," Webber said.

"We had a mutual friend who I organised it through.

"The day before he left he rang . . . and said, 'I'd like to be involved in this but I'm leaving town tomorrow'.

"So we pulled it all together in a day."

Reeves desire to be involved in the magazine, which will raise money for the NBCF, was sparked by his own family's cancer crisis.

His sister Kim has battled leukemia for many years and he was set to visit her in Italy after leaving Australia.

"He did it for all the right reasons and he was really keen to know about the project," Webber said.

"It was something he felt very strongly about."

Reeves took the T-shirt with him, so hopefully he'll spread the word even further.

The magazine goes on sale next Wednesday and all profits from its sale will raise money for the NBCF.

Reeves' selfless actions go a long way to disproving the theory Hollywood is all about self, self, self?

(Via several sources-Thanx Petra, Tyler, Tess and Keanuweb!)

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September 17, 2002
Noctournal emissions

I wonder if Lori slept in her new shirt and had Keanu dreams?

It's always nice to have him show up in one's dreamscape. The catalyst for my fandom was a dream, actually. It happened after that first night I was up late saving pictures to my hard drive. Didn't know anything about him, really. I hadn't seen The Matrix yet, but he was wearing the long coat. It was so vivid I thought about it all the next day. His presence was so intense I could smell him. DreamKeanu smells like power. Raw masculine power. We did a lot of running, with him holding my hand and dragging me along. There were times when he would have to fight something unseen and I was sort of crouching at his feet. In between swings he would reach down and touch my head, reassuring me or something. I knew there was chaos all aroud but I felt safe there. Like I said, I thought about the dream and of him over the next day. I hadn't dreamed, or at least remembered a dream for about 2 years before that. So I knew that it was somehow significant. I don't attach anything mystical to it, but I noted that my subcon was trying to tell me something.

I don't believe in dream analysis, I think that everyone's mind works differently and dreams are just subconcious parsing of information. Sometimes things are symbolic, sometimes not. I think that maybe sometimes they are a dress rehearsal. Maybe it's just your brain's way of sending you a message or giving you a treat. Sometimes you just need to lay there. Work shit out. The human mind is so very strange.

(guh, I think I exceeded my daily allotment of "sometimes" and "maybe")

Anyway, the whole purpose of this post is really just so I can mention....last night?
Hoopty Sex Dream.

Yeah, baby....

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September 16, 2002
No really, my eyes are always this green

Good friend and Viper Room cohort Lori received a coveted piece of Keanu memorabilia today, a shirt he wore as Eddie in Chain Reaction.
I imagine she's currently rolling around on the bed with it, breathing it in.

I know I would be.

I think I'd like to have an article of Keanu's clothing someday.
Preferably a t-shirt that he wore in concert the night before so I'd have something to wear to breakfast.

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September 13, 2002
Keanu cocktails

Scotty Favor
1oz. Stolichnaya Vodka
1oz. Frangelica
1oz. cream or milk
Pour into oversized shot glass.
Lick cream off lips suggestively after sipping.

Johnny Utah
16oz. mug of 3.2 beer
2 oz. shot of Johnny Walker Black Label scotch whiskey
Fill shot glass with whiskey.
Drop full shot glass into mug of beer. No parachute.
Drink immediately, enjoy the rush.

Jack Traven
1 oz Bacardi 151 proof rum
1/2 oz Peach schnapps
1 oz Southern Comfort
Layer with 151 rum on top. Light on fire - Burn for 5 seconds - Blow it out and drink. Shoot the hostage.

2 parts Absolut Citron
3 parts Sprite
1 part Midori melon liqueur
Ice cubes
Pour ingredients over ice, watch them trickle down like the Matrix code.

Donnie Barksdale
Tall can of cheap domestic beer.
Open by smashing it against something like your wife or girlfriend.

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September 10, 2002
Sense of accomplishment

From my inbox:


chucksconnection writes:
"Thanks for writing and attaching the photos. We will check out the films and add Mr. Reaves to our distinguished honor role."

"Reaves", eh?
Ah, well.....I'm not gonna bitch.

We got him a Golden Chuck award.
We so rule.

Now, what's Oscar's email address?

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September 08, 2002


In one of the Dogstar newsletters, when Keanu was asked what CD he was listening to, his answer was Liz Phair, Exile in Guyville.
Below is the lyrics from one of the songs, "Flower".

Most of the album is really good straightforward Rock, and I can see why he likes it. This song is kind of an odd one out and I would guess that it's Keanu's least favorite.

But It always makes me think of him for some reason.


Every time I see your face
I get all wet between my legs
Every time you pass me by
I heave a sigh of pain

Every time I see your face
I think of things unpure unchaste
I want to fuck you like a dog
I'll take you home and make you like it

Everything you ever wanted
Everything you ever thought of is
Everything I'll do to you
I'll fuck you and your minions too

Your face reminds me of a flower
Kind of like you're underwater
Hair's too long and in your eyes
Your lips- a perfect suck me size

You act like you're fourteen years old
Everything you say is so
Obnoxious, funny, rude and mean
I want to be your blowjob queen

You're probably shy and introspective
That's not part of my objective
I just want your fresh young jimmy
Jamming slamming ramming in me

Every time I see your face
I think of things unpure unchaste
I want to fuck you like a dog
I'll take you home and make you like it

Everything you ever wanted
Everything you ever thought of is
Everything I'll do to you
I'll fuck you 'til your dick is blue

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September 07, 2002
In the dictionary, next to the word 'gorgeous'

Elsinore recently sent out some incredible pictures of Keanu as Johnny Utah in Point Break.

Yowsa, huh?
I like this movie, and I haven't watched it in a while, maybe I'll keep the jammies on when I get home and lay around for a couple of hours with Agent Utah.

And while I'm on the subject, kaz sent me the link to this amusing look at Point Break at I'm convinced that those guys secretly have a crush on Keanu and are just afraid to fully embrace it.

As always, you can discuss Point Break over at the Backlot, too.

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September 02, 2002
In Lieu of a Spanking...

September 2, 2002

You have no idea how tempted I was to put a little party hat on leather-boy over there....I opted for something tasteful, instead.

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September 01, 2002

I watched Revisited again today.

I really enjoy watching him work.


Watching him.


Watching him talk about his work.


The results of his work.


Always with the him and the watching and the swooooon....Ghee-hiyahoova-flaven!

Ahem. I'm obviously not well.

(thanks to the Margarete and the Pic of the Day Club for these DVD captures)

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August 30, 2002
Pictures worth 1000 words


Images thanks to various sources, including the wonderful Rhonda and The Daily Thud.

| from inside the mind of krix at 02:54 PM | comments (9)
August 21, 2002

One of the things I deal with as a Keanu fan is having to explain to unenlightened ones that really....he's NOT Ted "Theodore" Logan. He's bright and thoughtful and actually pretty sophisticated.

Sometimes he works against the argument.

click for larger view

Thanks to the Keanu Pic of the Day Club for this pic from a news conference this May in Sydney.

Ah, well.....dudes will be dudes, I guess...

Thanks to Rhonda for this pic

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August 18, 2002
Sunday, lazy Sunday


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August 14, 2002
Not something you want to see for real

One more from's Matrix DVD captures....


I think I'll call this:

"You did what to the Norton?"

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August 06, 2002
Haute Keanu

Thank you to my good friend, tess for sending me this article link...

Zen and the art of dude maintenance.

It's a nice fluffy, shiny, happy article, and it's from a Canadian fashion magazine.
Let's talk about Keanu and fashion, shall we?

First off, there's no denying...the man cleans up very nicely.
But also, he's one of the few people on the planet that make looking bad look oh, so very good.

Why don't you invite your pants down to your shoes so they can party?

Nice. Pants. Dude.
Who dresses like this? Those are Armani pants that he's cut the bottoms off. Is he making a statement? Is he just weird? I wonder if it's that fashion sense is irrelevant since he makes anything look good. Perhaps even he does it intentionally in an effort to subdue his inherent gorgeousness, thereby sparing those in the vicinity of spontaneous human combustion. doesn't work, in fact it fuels the fire.

We love it.

I know people that can't get enough of him in those boots *cough*tess*cough*.Which is a good thing, because he sure seems to wear them everywhere. Does he have more than one pair? What's going to happen should they ever become completely unwearable? I think he should donate them to the Smithsonian.

Then there's the quintessential Keanu wear:
Suit coat. T-shirt.

Typical Keanu wear

It's a look that's worked for him for years. Amazingly he pulls it off without looking all "Miami Vice".
He's even gone a step further and worn the suitcoat over a leather jacket.

thx to Rhonda for this pic
I daresay anyone else would look like a screaming dork in this.
Not Keanu, the man looks good no matter what. I've seen (read) women swooning over him in a holey t-shirt as if it were...well, holy. I think that's part of his appeal, too. He wears what he's comfortable in and just doesn't care.
I know that I love this about him.

Then there's his hair.
I think that's a whole 'nother post....

Keanu pays homage to Cyndi Lauper

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July 25, 2002
One of these days loved ones are going to find nothing but a pile of ashes in front of my computer, and it's going to be ALL ELSINORE'S FAULT!

Want the big version? Sign up for the Daily Thud

"What would happen if you melted? You know, you never really hear this talked about much, but spontaneous combustion? It exists!...[people] burn from within...sometimes they'll be in a wooden chair and the chair won't burn, but there'll be nothing left of the person. Except sometimes his teeth. Or the heart. No one speaks about this, but it's for real." ~Keanu on spontaneous human combustion
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July 23, 2002
I "heart" Ted

If I could pick any character that Keanu has played to be my boyfriend...
well, I'd have a hard time making a choice.
But up there at the tippy-top of the list is Ted "Theodore" Logan.

click for bigger pic, dude

Yeah, Neo's got the moves, but he's way too busy being "The One" and all.
Paul Sutton's a sweetie, but he's a little too sweet for my taste. I'd get bored and end up breaking his heart over a weekend fling with Kevin Lomax.
Johhny Utah and Jack Traven sure are hunk-a-licious, but I couldn't bear having to constantly worry that one day some uniform is gonna show up at my door with a box of ashes and a badge.
Johnny M? ISSUES. And probably pretty high-maintenence, too.
I could see myself with Thomas Anderson, both of us in a little loft, geeking out at our his and her's workstations....but what do do once he's unplugged?
Shane Falco has tremendous boyfriend potential....if I didn't have a history of seasickness.

Aside from maybe Donnie, Griffin and Marlon I'd probably give any character he's played my real phone number.

But, ahhh......Ted.
First off, I love musicians...and ones that don't have a problem having their girlfriend in the band? Bonus.
He's got a best friend that's likeable enough that I wouldn't mind him hanging out all the time, but not someone I'd ever be into so there'd be no complications. His other friends are pretty cool, too.
He makes me laugh. He's adorable.
Plus, he's got a great future ahead of him.

I "heart" Ted.

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July 17, 2002
Days go by...

And still I think of you

wish you were here

So, it's been almost a year since I last saw Dogstar live.
Is it possible to miss someone you've never met?
Probably not. Yet, I still find myself wondering how he's doing down there in Sydney. Hoping that he's not feeling frustrated at the delays in filming, hoping he's having a good time. Then shaking my head at myself.
Of course he is. He's working. Working on a project he loves, with outstanding people.
We should all be so lucky.

Days when I couldn't live my life without you.

I guess I have always been a fan of his but I never really thought about it.
I just went to movies.
The internet has changed fandom. Especially the expression and fellowship.
This site and blog are just an expression of admiration and an attempt at fellowship, like when I covered my walls and locker with pictures of Van Halen. It's just the 21st century now. I liked when I connected and made a new friend because "Hey! Have you heard Diver Down yet?", and I like connecting with people because "You know, I thought Hardball was gonna suck, but I liked it, too!"
You all rock. For someone that is still pegged as a "meathead" by many( but of course, we know better), Keanu has amazingly bright, and thoughtful fans.
Of course, I still have pictures on my walls. But they aren't cut out of magazines and taped or tacked.
My Hamlet poster is mounted and framed, as is my Dogstar Fillmore poster.
It's not's ART.
Because I'm a grown-up.

Even if I do still squeal at times.

Without you...

There really is an "out of sight, out of mind" factor. I have to admit, I haven't even thought of Kiefer in a while. of course, when 24's new season starts I'll rekindle that torrid affair.
I wonder if I would still think of Keanu every day if I didn't have the site, or wasn't online.
Or, you know....had a life.

Ah well, no sense in worrying about that for the time being.

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June 18, 2002
H A I K e a n U

inspire me

more than beautiful
more complex than some may see
look beyond the whoa

rich note heavy beat
eyes shut lost in the music
thunder god onstage

exquisite creature
velvet voice cinnamon eyes
unlike any one

write your own, leave a comment.....

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June 17, 2002
Hunky Hockey Jock Boy

Rwowwwwr....puck me, baby.

I've decided to rewatch the movies up for discussion over at the Backlot before I commence commentating, but before that I really am going to have to watch Youngblood.
I've had it for months, but just never watched it.
However, the series of captures from the DVD that Elsinore has sent out over the past few days have whet my appetite for some studmuffin-on-ice.
I don't know why I haven't gotten around to watching this yet, especially with my love of hockey. I guess I'll chalk it up to the Rob Lowe factor. Ugh.
BUT, I suffered though the retchfest that is Babes in Toyland so this should be completely bearable.

*Update 7:30 pm:*
OK, I watched it.
What up with Keanu disappearing halfway through?
I'll bet that smarmy Swayze had something to do with it.

"That cute canuck in the crease is distracting everyone from my rugged ambition and toned abs! Off with his head! What? You can't do that? Well, then change the lock on his trailer and tell him filming's over! Fear the mullet!
And fetch me a Perrier!"

Aw, Patrick....I kid. Really.
Actually the movie wasn't that bad, I'd sit through worse just to see Keanu do that cute hop on his knees during the drills a little longer.

And more closely.

.....and on my bed.

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June 14, 2002
for now

| from inside the mind of krix at 09:28 AM | comments (2)
June 10, 2002
Brought to you by the letter "K"

I have an old laptop that I bought at a yard sale a few years ago.
It runs WIN95 at about 66mhz and is pretty much useless.
It does however have a numerology program (and a painfully slow copy of DOOM) so I have resisted the urge to take it apart just to see how it works.
I do that sometimes. It's very annoying to some people. Especially when it's their stuff. In my defense I've ALWAYS put the thing back in working order....or paid for it....but I digress.
Anyway, At some point, I must have done Keanu's numerology, copied it onto a disk and put the Word file on this computer, because I just ran across it in my My Documents folder.
And so, for lack of something better to blog today, I thought I'd share it.

It's interesting I suppose. I won't vouch for accuracy or anything. I don't put a lot into this or horoscopes, really. For the most part they are vague enough to be not neccesarily untrue, but really don't say anything either.
Anyway, if you're curious, click "MORE".
(*note* It's very long)

Numerology report for Keanu Reeves
(for entertainment purposes only, yadda yadda...)


There are several different sides to your character but your energy is primarily pointed in two contrary directions. A good part of you is probably devoted to people -- loving, giving and responsible -- but another strong side of you is free-spirited and adventurous -- at least in spirit but often in fact -- and doesn't want to feel restrained in any way. During your youth and young adulthood, you'll struggle to balance your desire to give to others in a responsible manner with your need to do your own thing with as little sense of responsibility as possible. You'll probably sometimes take care of one and sometimes the other, but rarely to your complete satisfaction. As you get older, you'll probably learn how to balance your generous, helping side with your free-spirited side so that you can feel comfortable with both.



You have the innate ability to comfort, help and serve others less able than yourself. You probably devote much of your effort to other people. One of your major lessons in life is to learn the special satisfactions that come from the responsibilities you accept. Since others will quickly recognize your caring ways and turn to you for the help you can provide, you are apt to commit yourself to far more than your fair share. Although your sense of responsibility is one of your important strengths, you may have to learn that you don't have to be responsible for everything or everybody.

You're a sympathetic, appreciative, kind and generous individual with a considerable understanding of other people's feelings. You have deep feelings yourself and often express those feelings, usually in a clear and direct manner. At times, though, you may get too emotional and find that you have difficulty saying what you want clearly enough so that others understand. At other times, you're apt to express only part of your feelings in order to avoid expected criticism. On occasion, you may become worried or anxious, and your fault-finding manner at these times is likely to upset those who prefer your gentler side.

Much of your activity is apt to revolve around your home and family, but you may be surprised at how much work is involved in marriage and parenting. Your spouse, children and others who are lucky enough to be in your intimate circle of relatives and friends enjoy your friendly, affectionate and loving ways and probably give you love and affection in return. You're probably the one in the family who helps settle arguments and keeps everything running smoothly. Most people see your ability to create harmony and you're likely to be called on, both at home and at work, to help when the situation seems to be out of balance. Because you're often willing to give so much to others, you don't always take care of your own needs. You may have to do some work to learn to express your individuality and your needs.

Some people with your kind of caring energy, though, don't always take care of their responsibilities when those responsibilities interfere with their other activities. If you find yourself avoiding your obligations, you may have much to learn about the satisfaction of giving to others.

With your flexibility, patience and feeling for other people, you are apt to work well with the young, the old and the ill. There's an artistic side to you, too, and you may enjoy expressing yourself in music or other artistic endeavors. The beauty of your home and surroundings are likely to be of particular concern to you.



Your generous and cooperative side is an important part of your character. There's another side, though, which appears to contribute just as much to your general makeup.

You have an innate delight in the pleasures of life. You sometimes affirm this delight with exhilarating enthusiasm, sometimes savor it with intense but quiet pleasure. Others will recognize your ability to appreciate and express this wonderful joy in living and seek out your company. Some of your time will be spent socializing, either with many friends in varied activities or in the company of a few intimates engaged in quiet diversions. You'll probably also enjoy making use of your considerable creative ability. You may choose a line of work in which your social and creative talents can be developed. You're likely to make good use of both these skills in your personal life as well.

You're probably the kind of person who often gives much to your friends. They're apt to appreciate your openness, humor, warmth and affection as well as your charm and graciousness. During your younger years, you may be relatively quiet, sharing your warmth and fun with only a few close friends or in special situations. As you get older, you'll probably choose to widen the circle of those who enjoy your special good cheer. As you develop your capabilities, you may expand the areas in which you express that wonderful joy of living to a wider and wider circle.

Some people with this kind of energy, though, often seem little interested in experiencing or sharing their delightful potential. If you're moody and inexpressive in your younger years, you may, even when older, choose to share only a small part of yourself with others. You may have to expend considerable effort to become more open and expressive.

You have a good imagination along with your creative ability. You probably spend considerable time enjoying your creative pursuits. You probably express yourself well verbally and it wouldn't be surprising if you involve yourself, at least part of the time, in activities related to your voice or to words. You may have some singing or acting talent, or you may enjoy writing or lecturing. Since you instinctively know the best way to present material and information, you could be a natural at teaching or selling. You would probably also be a good conversationalist. Like your social ability, you may express little of your creative talent in your youth and adolescence and, instead, display it more and more as you get older.

You can be most adaptable at times. You're probably involved in many different activities and can move easily from one interest to another. As a matter of fact, you probably scatter your energies among your many interests in whimsical or careless ways which keep you from accomplishing as much as you would like. This undisciplined approach is likely to cause you some frustration and resentment. You probably have to learn to limit your interests and curtail some of your frivolous or superficial diversions in order to achieve more of your desired goals.



There's another aspect to your character -- along with your versatile and creative side -- which also helps form your general makeup. This other aspect is of considerably less importance.

When you want to, you can work long, hard and patiently. When you put your mind to it, you pay careful attention to detail. At these times, the systematic and orderly side of your character is also exhibited.

On occasion, you display organizational and managerial abilities and a patient and persevering manner. Your conscientious and self-disciplined approach at these times is likely to be most appreciated as is your honesty and sincerity. You can work well with material matters. When you care to, you can convert an abstract idea into a practical, down-to-earth working format. You may be learning the rewards of giving service to others by working hard at times and producing your work for its benefit to other people.

You can be systematic and orderly but you may sometimes put so much attention into the details that you lose sight of the bigger picture. You sometimes may feel like you're working hard and not accomplishing as much as you want. If you feel like this from time to time, you may want to be sure you're not limiting yourself while suspecting some outside cause. Sometimes, your strong likes and dislikes produce the very limitations which may be upsetting you. On occasion, you may have a comparatively dogmatic or narrow-minded approach. When you are stubborn or rigid, you are likely to be getting in your own way.


You may start out in life feeling weak and relatively dependent -- or you may start out in life feeling free-spirited but limited in expression. When you mature, though, you are likely to be neither dependent nor restricted. When you learn to combine the beauty of the loving, giving, responsible side of your personality with the delight of the enthusiastic, creative and versatile side of your character, you are likely to find a great deal of satisfaction in your life. As you mature, you'll probably learn to give a great deal to other people while taking care of your own need for variety and excitement.


You're a very loving and caring person. YOUR PURPOSE IN LIFE IS TO COMFORT, ASSIST AND SERVE OTHER PEOPLE IN ORDER TO ENHANCE THEIR LIVES. As you expand your abilities, you'll be contributing the maximum to your own growth and development.

Much of your activity revolves around your home and family. Your spouse, children and others who are lucky enough to be in your intimate circle enjoy your friendly and affectionate ways. They probably give you much friendship and affection in return. You're likely to be the one in the family who helps settle arguments and keeps everything running smoothly. Most people see your ability to create harmony, too. You're generally the one called on to help straighten matters out, both at home and at work, when the situation seems to be out of balance.


You have a lively imagination along with your creative potential. You may have some fine singing or acting talent or may enjoy writing or lecturing. YOU HAVE UNIQUE CREATIVE ABILITY AND CAN EXPRESS YOURSELF EXTREMELY WELL WITH WORDS. You may use your special capabilities to advantage in your work or career.

You're a cheerful and friendly person. You instinctively know the best way to present material and information. You'd be a natural at teaching, selling or entertaining. You have to expend some effort, at times, though, to keep from going off in all directions. Don't spend a lot of effort on relatively shallow or superficial ventures, either. When you feel critical or moody, be careful what you say to others. The optimism and enthusiasm that you usually display are far more productive attributes.


You haven't become very familiar with your inner self. You haven't devoted much time to spiritual matters, either. THE KEY TO YOUR GROWTH LIES IN GOING DEEP WITHIN YOURSELF SO THAT YOU CAN FIND FAITH AND PEACE OF MIND.

Get better acquainted with your intuition, your small inner voice. Although your intuition isn't directly related to your thoughts or feelings, it often contains understandings of considerable significance. Begin to trust your intuition more. The higher your level of trust, the better the chances are that you'll find yourself moving in the direction of personal growth. Spend some of your time by yourself getting in touch with the spiritual world. Learn the pleasure of spending time in searching for wisdom and hidden truths. Faith and peace will come to you as you better understand your inner being and the world around you.


IN YOUR EARLY YEARS, THERE WAS ONE PARTICULAR LIABILITY THAT PROBABLY GOT IN YOUR WAY. IT WAS YOUR FREQUENT FEELING OF DISCOMFORT WHEN YOU WERE SOCIALIZING. You felt shy and had difficulty expressing yourself. You may have stayed in the background at social affairs. You felt uneasy making conversation or just being yourself.

You probably get on very well now with other people. You have a gracious and charming manner and are usually a fine conversationalist. Don't scatter your energy in every direction, though. Avoid trivial activities whenever possible.

Don't indulge in gossip, either. Emphasize your friendliness along with your affectionate and loving manner. You'll feel particularly gratified as you see your earlier liability replaced by your current strength.


You have creative potential and an imaginative approach. You have a wide variety of interests, too. With all that going for you, you're likely to experience a great deal of delight. YOU NEED MORE TIME, THOUGH, TO EXPRESS AND APPRECIATE THIS JOY IN YOUR LIFE. You'll benefit when you achieve a better balance between your many activities and the time you have available.

Since you're often engaged in many more ventures than you can handle comfortably, expend some effort to slow down your pace. Drop some activities and leave enough time to comfortably take care of those remaining. Make enough space, too, to enjoy your friends in the time you have to spend together. When your life is relaxed and balanced, you'll have more time and energy to express and delight in your contagious joyfulness.


You're often affectionate, caring and responsible. When you choose not to give of yourself, though, as you sometimes do, you don't get along as well as you'd like with those close to you. AS A RESULT, YOU PROBABLY WANT TO IMPROVE YOUR IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIPS.

Accept more in the way of responsibility. Help to support those who cannot or will not help themselves. In marriage or parenting, show that you can straighten out situations which tend to interfere with the harmony in your family. Most of all, give freely of your friendship and love instead of holding back. The closeness you achieve with your increased show of affection and your improved handling of responsibility will substantially help your important relationships. It'll make a substantial difference in the way the immediate community sees you, too.


Your sensitivity to the world around you is reasonably developed and generally serves you well. You'll benefit, though, by continuing to increase your abilities in this area. AS YOU BECOME MORE RESPONSIVE TO THOSE CLOSE TO YOU, YOU'LL RECEIVE MORE APPRECIATION FROM THEM.

You'll find it worthwhile, for example, to show even more consideration and cooperation than you currently display. Demonstrate more of your ability, too, to cultivate peace and harmony in both personal and business situations. Exhibit more of the kind, tactful and diplomatic ways you possess. Your life will be greatly enriched as you demonstrate an increased awareness of other people's feelings and needs. As your relationships acquire new depths of understanding, people will show their appreciation for your increasing sensitivity.


You're a loving and compassionate person. You're generally there to help other people and often prove to be a kind and caring friend. WHEN YOU GIVE TO OTHERS WITH YOUR AFFECTIONATE AND GENEROUS WAYS, YOU CAN ACHIEVE A GREAT DEAL OF PERSONAL SATISFACTION.

You're usually willing to listen and empathize with friends and family. You express your own feelings comfortably, too. You give frequently of your time, energy and material resources. In return, you gain, among other things, the pleasure of many close friendships. You also benefit by receiving assistance, when you need it, from people repaying some of your own kindnesses. Your affection and generosity can help create a caring and loving environment both at home and at work.


You have an unpredictable nature. Much of the time, you may be erratic, arbitrary or inconsistent. YOU CAN MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR OPPORTUNITIES WHEN YOU DEVELOP A MORE BALANCED APPROACH.

People see you as an extremely resourceful and creative person. They also see that you're pushed and pulled in many directions by a great number of varied interests. It frequently seems like you're jumping impulsively from venture to venture with much less accomplished than you expected. To take advantage of your opportunities you need a calmer and far more reasoned manner. When you develop a more harmonious and responsible way of behaving, you'll be able to make good progress by capably developing the favorable opportunities you attract.


You usually stick with something you want until you achieve your goals. Your power, initiative and inner strength are generally apparent. YOU OFTEN EXPRESS A GOOD DEAL OF CONFIDENCE AND SELF-ESTEEM. On occasion, though, your accomplishments fall short of your earlier predictions, disappointing some of your friends or colleagues.

It'll help to develop your business abilities further. Check with your clear-thinking friends, though, to be sure you're being realistic in your objectives. More importantly, adjust your view of your own performance and accomplishments so that it matches your colleagues' assessments. Your friends and associates will recognize your growth when you can do this. Their appreciation of your development will certainly add to your sense of self-assurance.


You possess business talent. You have the ability to plan and organize and are good at details. You're generally ready to work hard, too, when it's necessary. TO BE MORE SUCCESSFUL IN YOUR JOB, THOUGH, A FEW POINTERS MAY BE HELPFUL.

Try to keep an open mind. Be willing to listen to other people's viewpoints even when they're different than your own. Replace your occasionally fixed approach with a more adaptable one. Be very careful, too, to keep the big picture in mind. When you get involved with the smaller pieces of a project, be sure to understand the relation of the various parts to the whole. Keep alert, too, to the implications when the big picture shifts. Don't let yourself be thrown by sudden or erratic changes.

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June 04, 2002
Bed Head

How'd you like to step out of the shower and find this waiting for you?

oh god, the eyebrow just does me in...

Thanks to Rhonda for sending this out to the DogstarFans group yesterday.

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June 01, 2002
Silky silky now
Passing his hands, of purple nails, through strong black spiky hair, recently reborn, Keanu Reeves meditates. "I started by the eyebrows. One day I shaved them, it was great." He opened his almond shaped black eyes: " The most interesting aspect was people's reaction. I talked to people and they turned their head in a certain way. I asked them innocently: What's wrong? Do I smell bad? What is it? It was very strange. I remember having spent lots of time thinking of this strange face in front of the mirror. It was the same person, but my personalty seemed ripped away, because I had no hair. It was very, very strange." ~From City magazine June 99

If anyone still manages to look completely exquisite, even without eyebrows, it's Keanu Reeves. I'm fascinated by his face with or without them.
In fact, it's kind of a turn-on.
But that's me.
I have a shaving fetish.
I said it.
One of the quintessential "hit-krix-below-the-belt (so to speak)" moments of any Keanu interview, is when he appeared on Jay Leno promoting The Matrix and talked about shaving everything for the pod scene.
"I shaved my arms... I shaved my legs..."
...all the while pantomiming the razor.

Guhhhhhhhh......hold me down.

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May 17, 2002

What non-physical aspect of Keanu do you admire most ?

My answer would be his dedication to his profession. He gives so much to the roles he plays. He fasted for Little Buddha, he bulked up and "became" a quarterback for The Replacements, I can't recall how many weeks he immersed himself in redneck Georgia culture before filming The Gift. That's just the things we know about. And of course, the intense and sometimes painful training that goes into being Neo. Anyone that's seen Revisited knows what I'm talking about.
And I like the fact that he admits he's still learning, still growing as an actor and that he works so hard at it. As I've said before, he makes me want to push my own limits.

What about physical attribute?

I like his hands.

I've seen those big paws up close and in the flesh as he played bass.
Yep, definitely the hands.....

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May 07, 2002
Keanu Foot Fetish

So, today is my father's birthday and yesterday I went shopping. I always ask him what he wants, since he's so hard to buy for. This year, he wanted new sneakers. Yeah, I know. Anyway, I go to get him some nice new adidas and I decide that I could use a pair, too. I find a pair that's close to the shoes that Ted wears in Bogus Journey only low top. I don't think they even make the hi-top model any more. Unfortunately, they don't have them in a size to fit me. Typical.
After getting over it I start to think "Geez, how nuts am I?"
Pretty nuts, actually. I adore Keanu's feet. I love them in those high-top adidas. I love them bare. I love the way he stands pidgeon-toed. And I know for a fact that I'm not the only one.
Then there's the boots.
The Boots.
We all know the boots and many of us LOVE them. Those old beat up Timberlands. The ones that made a print on the set list from my very first Dogstar show, making it that much more precious.
The Boots.
It seems like he's had them for an eternity. I always wonder if it's the same pair.
There's a site out there somewhere about the boots, I can't seem to find it, though.
Anyone? anyone?

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April 17, 2002

When my Keanu madness fully took hold beyond just catching the latest movie to spending late nights skipping 'round the Ring of Fire and lengthy email exchanges about just how dreamy and misunderstood Jjaks truly was, it was the pictures that sealed my fate. The first picture I ever saved to my hard drive was this one...

I think it's still my all time favorite.

Like most web-centric Keanuphiles, I have quite a few pictures of Keanu Reeves on my computer.
Some, I didn't even know I had, like this one...

click for bigger pic

I couldn't tell you how many picture files I have, just that it's way too many. My files are crazily unorganized. Subdirectories within subdirectories with names like "misc", "sortlater" and "stillmorekeanu". I've decided to start getting things in order. I've probably deleted more than 200 pictures since last night. Some were unfinished projects, some were duplicates, some were ones I just plain didn't like.
Like this one...

To me, this doesn't even look like Keanu. It looks like some guy who had plastic surgery to look like Keanu.
I've deleted quite a few pictures for various reasons. "Too skinny" and "making 'The Face'" being high among the list. Others because, well just because something in them didn't whisper "save me". The man has to be the most photographed actor out there. You've got to draw the line somewhere or get a new hard drive. I chose the former. One thing that helps to weed them out is that I try not to have pictures that, in my opinion, probably didn't have Keanu's blessing to be taken. I'm a bad lemur for even having them at all, but with e-mail, you have to download a picture to see what it is, and I have been less than dilligent about going and deleting the various news related and other pics that I get in my inbox.
I can't remember where exactly I read it, but I recall Keanu saying something in an interview or chat once about papparazzi and such. It was basically that there are times when "I wish you didn't take that Mother wishes you didn't take that picture." So I try and look at them like if it were a picture of me? Would I want copies of it on strange people's computers? And if not, I usually delete it without a second thought. Sometimes, I'll take a good long look at a pic before it goes to the bin, especially if he's doing something cute with his feet.
I can tell you one thing. I can't think of anyone that wishes that this picture was taken...

OK, maybe that's a bit harsh, but ....*shudder* I'm glad there aren't any pic's of me all Cyndi Lauper'd out from the 80' least I hope not.

| from inside the mind of krix at 12:41 PM
April 03, 2002
Dear Keanu

Dear Keanu,

I know you're very busy and working very hard down in Sydney.
I just want you to know that there's a lot of us, all over the world, that are thinking of you.
And about this whole Kiefer thing, I swear it's just a distraction while you're away.
He means nothing to me.
Last night? As I watched him run through a crowd chasing a bad guy?
I was thinking of you.
My heart belongs to you, Keanu Reeves.


| from inside the mind of krix at 12:29 PM
March 20, 2002
Still more on the Dressage

So, I open up my email this morning and find that Sparrowhawk is trying to kill me.

No, really.

Just look at these pictures she sent to contribute to the "Dressage" project...

Guhhhhh...*blink* *blink*. He must have been making adjustments as I previously noted, because this is SO to the right, I think I need to take a cold shower.

This one is inconclusive, but good grief....
Is anyone else totally enthralled by the belly scar? I would willingly eat aerosol cheese off of that tummy of his. And I hate aerosol cheese.
I also love all the pics from this shoot because he has that little paunch at his sides. I just want to grab him.
And of course, leather pants....rwowrrrrr.
Remember the No Foo Foo soaps I mentioned a while back?
Well there is one that is leather scented, and when I first used it, I was all "Whoa, this smells like porn."
(The good porn, the East German kind that you have to know someone behind the counter to get access to)
But I bet next time I use it, I'm going to be thinking of these pants..

Also in my inbox this morning, I got a neat link from Ana in Brazil.
She's a big anime fan and found this character from Samurai X, Saitou, that reminds her of Keanu.
I have to agree.

She sent me a page with a bunch of pictures.

Go check it out
and see what you think.

| from inside the mind of krix at 12:14 PM
March 19, 2002
More Dressage

I blog today with blackened fingers.
Printer cartridge ink refill kits?
Brilliant in theory, a damn mess in execution. And don't ever ever play ER by trying to hold the syringe upward and squirting out the air. Unless you're going for that dalmation look.

I have further advances in the Keanu Dress Theory, compliments of my new field researcher and honorary lemur, Lori (formerly known as L.C.). I quote:

Keanu is ambidresstrous, dressing either left or right as the need occurs or the situation allows.

She offers this photographic proof...

Ummm, Hi Conor. Going commando today? Niiiiice.
Definitely to the left here.

And what's going on here? Is he mid-adjustment? Have an itch?

Frankly, I don't care. This exquisite picture is to-the-left evidence.
Although it makes me wonder if Keanu ever has "Al Bundy" moments.

| from inside the mind of krix at 12:11 PM
March 12, 2002

In an effort to put off figuring out my taxes for another day, I've decided to occupy myself exploring the very superficial question...

Does Keanu Dress Left or Right?

This page says that typically, most american men "dress left". It's so common, in fact, that most men's suits are actually tailored with a little extra room at the top of the left leg. Isn't that an interesting little bit of trivia?

However, Mr. Reeves is hardly ever "typical" (I believe he's also considered Canadian, which may or may not be significant in this study).

==Exhibit "A"==

He's so sweet and young here. Now, there's a weird fold thing going on with these pants though, but it would seem that in his younger years, Keanu dressed right. But, so many things can change as one matures. I decided that more research was required.

==Exhibit "B"==

AH! Faded jeans are your friend. Positively...umm, compelling "to the right" evidence here...

==Exhibit "C"==

This picture from Rolling Stone is a bit too dark for research purposes, but damn, it's a nice one, isn't it?

==Exhibit "D"==

If he had a quarter in his pocket we could read the date. I find this picture further supports my original hypothesis.

So, my research shows, thus far, that Keanu Reeves dresses to the right.
Of course this shall be an ongoing study, and I welcome your contibutions of photographic or other (!?) evidence to support or refute this claim.

It's purely academic, of course....

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January 11, 2002

Hee! I love these.
*snark* He's quite a handful, eh?
Dude! Can I give you a hand with that?......please?
If you aren't already a member of Romeo's Pic of the Day club aka the Yahoo group KeanuPix, I recommend joining.

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December 30, 2001
Kenuwee Head

I can't contain the joy that this brings me.
Thank you to Beeb for sending the link my way, and to Ikea for her site.

Keanu, Kananoo, Kenuwee, Kanu-nu....

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December 21, 2001
Holy Jeans Batman!

I am always happy to oblige reader requests.
So here's a repost of the original pic from the top of the old blog.
The "jeans pic".

Is sexy, no?

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November 16, 2001
Not a Himbo

A question to ponder in the shower on a friday night...

Why DO smart women fall for guys like Keanu?

NOT a male bimbo

| from inside the mind of krix at 03:03 PM
October 31, 2001
This is what I'm talking about

In a recent article, Joel Silver has this to say about Keanu and the sequels:

"Having made a picture with Jet Li, I saw the level and amount of preparation he puts into his fight sequences. Staggering as it may be, I can say Keanu is 10 times what Jet Li has ever given to the screen," insists Silver.

"Keanu is a machine. Jet will shoot the fight sequences in small pieces.

"Keanu wants to do the whole fight with no breaks. He is absolutely relentless. Like the Wachowskis, Keanu wants to deliver what no one has ever seen before."

This is what I am talking about, people.
I am so proud to be a fan of his.
He makes me want to push my own limits.

| from inside the mind of krix at 01:22 PM
October 27, 2001

One of the many things I admire about Keanu Reeves is his physical dedication to a role.
I was going to say something about this when I did the crappy pictures from ET segment post, but I couldn't get a decent shot of the kick he did in the clip.
Anyway, this guy has got such a great......extension... is that what it's called?

It's really really nice....and are those special kung-fu booties?

I gotta get me a pair of those, they look hella comfy.

| from inside the mind of krix at 01:13 PM
October 26, 2001
Keanu Art

I've also come across a bit of Keanu-inspired art.
There's an oil painting or two on eBay, but frankly, I'm not that impressed with them.

There are other examples that range from the ridiculous

to the sublime

Oh yeah, I have no particular comment on this.

But, if you were the type to get a big-ass gaudy Keanu tattoo, this would make an awesome one.

| from inside the mind of krix at 03:11 PM
October 04, 2001
SEX and Music

I can play guitar but I'm hardly a musician

Have you ever dated a musician?

Have you ever noticed that the "really into the jam" face looks A LOT like a "really into the sex" face?

It does.

I'm just sayin......

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October 02, 2001
I Love This Guy

The best part of the AOHell chat with Keanu on 9/10/01:

AOLiveMC11: Well, since you're thinking back about when you were a kid, could you tell us maybe the most embarrassing moment from your younger or teenage years?

Keanu Reeves: No.

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September 30, 2001
The Name of Keanu

This was popular on the old site, so I think I will re-post it here. I got it from this site. I looked mine up and it's pretty accurate.


The name of Keanu gives you a very idealistic nature. Your desire for peace and harmony causes you to withdraw from situations where there is friction and acrimony. You are quite reserved and inclined to feel sensitive and self-conscious, even though you strive to appear poised and confident. Being rather secretive in many ways, and not liking people to pry into your affairs restrict opportunities for friendship; not until you feel you can trust others do you open up to them. The desire to help others and the generous side of your nature attract those who take advantage of you. You lack the necessary aggressiveness for business success. While you lack verbal expression and spontaneity under this name, you have a natural literary ability and writing comes easily to you. You also have a deep appreciation of nature and all the finer things in life.

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